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The Silent voice

The silent voice.

“Right now, inside me, it feels like something is somehow dying. I think if every one of us stopped for a minute, we might feel empty and afraid. Instead of listening to the silent voice inside each and one of us, this voice is our compass, which makes us who we are, what makes us human. Instead, we speed up and move in artificial landscape’s, up and down elevators, metros, and trains breathe in air conditional as we fly across the landscape, seas and building an infrastructure of roads, lights, bridges, tunnels, and industrialisation of nature”.

“We tend to believe business as usual is far from the Truth. We are no more confident of the Truth than anyone is. But we often know an untruth when we hear one. Many falsehoods are deliberate, understood as such by both speaker and listeners. They are put forth to manipulate, lull, or entice, to postpone action, to justify self-serving action, to gain or preserve power, or to deny an uncomfortable reality”.

“The story forgotten as the creation of living in a dream for some becomes a nightmare for others and future generations suicide. People have forgotten the basics, the natural laws of dancing, being naked, and we are becoming strangers to each other and nature. We are living life as non-existent, erasing memories in the productivity race grasping and forgetting that we are all part of the same family, share the same DNA. We do not need to feel alone”.

Words Kenneth Lyngaas


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