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Stop the corporatism

Global capitalism tremendous ability to produce monetary wealth while at the same time an integral part of the so-called negative externalities poverty, insecurity, ecocide, resource-demanding are manufactured.

The destiny of capitalism is to destroy everything beautiful, manifest to grow or die syndrome, therefore as it matures it takes escape routes globally penetrating all spheres of human existence, become unstable, corrupt and leads to public disturbances, protests, riots, revolt and finally civil war.

1.7 degrees adds to the 1 degree last hundreds years, it is unacceptable. We cannot simply fix the problems without removing our addiction for accumulated wealth.

Human life, a commodity reduced to the cost of reproduction. 

The prophetic moment of capitalist restructuring is the kind of utopia celebrated in neoliberal theories of growth. Human life, the commodity in the outsourcing of manufacturing, life reduced to the cost of reproduction. The idea of capitalist transformation points to the dual nature of the debt relation: where capitalism promises one hand, it devalues on the other.

Words and illustrations by Kenneth Lyngaas


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