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“A borderless world? From Colonialism to Transnationalism over the decline of the nation-state”. “That under capitalism, money is life, it is the token of, and the key too, every human capacity, that under capitalism the power to spend money is the power to live”.

“That the industrial society has moved towards democracy and then stopped half-way and mutated into consumer society of envy and that the individuals feel powerless. And live-in contradictions between what he is and what he would like to be. A dreamt future balance the present of meaningless working hours and non-stop entertainment”.

Global warming is caused by capitalism struggle to survive and forcing the majority, whom it exploits and define the capitalist sick own interest as narrowly as possible. And that it continues to grow into the developed world by imposing false standards of what is and is not desirable”!.  

“And that people have not come to the consciousness of these false standards. That some still live in a dream that creates hell for others”

Written and illustrated by Kenneth Lyngaas. The tanka “Everything is interconnected” artist Kenneth Lyngaas, ink on paper 70cm x100cm original. Poems and words for the g20 meeting on global warming.

(Inspired by the Flags for Organizations: List of Axioms published 1978 (source documenta x-the book published 1997 by Cantz Verlag)””

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