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Open letter to the Norwegian Government and the Prime Minister regarding Julian Assange’s case 

In April 2019, Ecuador ended Assange’s diplomatic asylum in violation of the Geneva Refugee Convention and invited British police to the embassy. Assange was immediately arrested at the request of the United States. He had at that time served more than 50 weeks in prison for bail, and the sentence in September 2019, not released. Julian Assange continues to be remanded in custody at HMP Belmarsh, now exclusively on assignment from the United States. Norway, which is a close ally of the United States, has chosen to remain silent, a bad sign of friendship in what we consider open democracies. Friends should criticise each other and allowed to express their opinion.

Host of the Nobel Peace prize

Norway host the world’s most prestigious Nobel Peace Prize, one of the most important principles of peace is truth, the stories often comes from the speechless, and at the same time protect them, Julian Assange has gained a unique trust, he upholds the principles that journalism is built on, precisely to protect the sources. Julian is journalism.

The role of freedom of press

The role of freedom and the press is strongly recognised in Julian Assange, who have the status of freedom fighter. h@he is in company with people such as Gandhi, Mandela, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, John F Kennedy and Thomas Kennedy, and grows in step with the injustice he inflicts, the strategy of silence working against its purpose. Julian Assange is getting stronger for every day, it strenghtern every day governments and the media are being asked to shut up. You yourself have created an icon of freedom and injustice. Norway in its time did not recognize Gandhi who was nominated for the Peace Prize three times, it was a political decision, and so far the biggest mistake in the history of the Peace Prize, that Julian does not get it gets even bigger. Freedom advocates have two things in common; can not be silent about injustice. Imprisoned, state power abuses of non-violent actions and civil disobedience. And conveys the truth, the injustice, the abuses, the war crimes, the corruption, the torture and the surveillance. And they do not fight for their own cause, but for the injustice of others. And gives people the opportunity to experience freedom and dignity. Freedom does not come for free, it is won by battle and defended to keep.

Norway’s role as peace preserver

Norway’s role as peace preserver It is embarrassing for Norway not to realise the importance of Julian Assange’s investigative journalism and editor in WikiLeach which is actually more important than newspapers such as the New York Timesand tthe Washington Post, such as revelations of war crimes. How can Norway tacitly accept such? If so, we are also responsible. This is in line with our reputation and the Nobel Peace Prize, which is losing credibility.

Dialogue with Christine Assange

I meet with Christine Assange and have a dialogue with Julian Assange’s mother, Christine who is an award-winning journalist. She  approached me a year ago, she hoped that Norway would make a statement about the imprisonment of Julian. I agreed, wrote on behalf of Christine to the then members of the government to contact her who knows Julian’s case. No one in the government Erna Solberg responded to the inquiry. It testifies to a one-sided angle of the case. Before the lockdown in the UK and Norway due to the coronavirus pandemic, Assange has been kept in strict isolation, more than 22 hours a day in the cell. It is an unacceptable humane ethical act and contrary to the UN’s attitude to isolation. In 1949, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was adopted by the UN General Assembly. Although the declaration is not binding, the basic human rights described in it have served as the basis for the ordinary trainee.

The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture visited Belmarsh in May 2019

The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture visited Belmarsh in May 2019 During containment measures, the measures have become stricter, Assange has not seen his own children for several months. Gained very limited access to his lawyers and documents, which severely hindered his ability to participate in his own legal defense. Nilz Melzer The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, accompanied by doctors, visited HMP Belmarsh Prison in May 2019. Nils Melzer stated that Assange had endured mentally unjustifiable pressure and concluded that it was irresponsible to continue the psychological pressure of Assange until the hearing in September.

The coronavirus has already killed at least one inmate at HMP Belmarsh and continues to spread through prisons. It puts the health and well-being of Assange, who suffers from a chronic lung disease that makes him particularly vulnerable to Covid-19, and in addition creates fear. The continued persecution of Assange contributes to a deterioration in press freedom in all countries, including in particular the United States and the United Kingdom, but also the tacit behavior of all the other countries destroys the perception of our democratic values and image

Reporters Without Borders on the verdict against Assange .

Reporters Without Borders quoted the following about the verdict; A scandalous verdict, the journalist Assange has been in prison for 50 weeks for violating bail. The Home Office’s decision to give the green light to the US extradition request and Assange’s continued imprisonment in the UK. The case is a significant factor in the fall in the press freedom index 2020, ranked 35 out of 180 countries

On behalf of Julian Assange’s family, friends and all freedom fighters in Norway and the rest of the world, I urge the Norwegian government to issue a public statement on Julian’s case and ask the British government for release without further delay, as well as block extradition to the United States – a measure that saves Assange’s life and preserves the freedom of the press that Norway has committed to fight globally. Those who are silent are complicit in actions Norway dissociates itself from as war crimes, the Norwegian people have the right to know the truth. Three things are rarely kept hidden for long, the sun, the moon and the truth.

By Kenneth Lyngaas


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