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10 reasons why drugs should be legalised

    1. Washington legalised it , and removes the distribution for organised crime. Who should sell it on the street level then.

    2. Addict’s, a devoted sales force since they are depended, they sell until self-sufficient.

    3. The drug business the highest level of corruption. It started in modern times when Bush and Regan signed the Law War on drugs.The reason were:
      1. Protect pharmaceutical industry so they could have monopoly on new medicines and ban generic medicines.
      2. In order to do so more control systems needed such as DEA, customs, weapons, police, increase prisons etc.

    4. Economics, the deal following and protect pharmaceutical industry, control sales of illigal drugs. The secret however, most significant strategy of social control.

    5. Afterwards safe plant based medicines and drugs that everyone could produce safely banned, it gave no economically benefits. Opium marijuana are safe, no damage on DNA for future generations, mutation or disturbing natural selection of human evolution. 25% of all prescribed medicines comes from Amazon rainforest (more than 100000 different medicines in the market on prescription).

    6. The people making the laws are the same leading the organized crime, therefore propaganda and misinformation the strategy:
      1. Create fear among the people.
      2. Stigma of users.
      3. High penalties
      4. 1 of 100 Americans in prison for drug related crime

    7. Their strategy is doubt. The same strategy used by tobacco industry on health, and oil companies on climate change.

    8. One key to protect and other to drive prices on commodities up and establish a market. For example CIA protecting the president and simultaneously make large profit on drug trafficking, used for operations without Congress approval or budgets.

    9. The same people owns the pharmaceutical companies, and decides the policy for drug use. Rockefeller Foundation healthcare decides US Healthcare politics while owns approximately 50% Of the global pharmaceutical companies.

    10. There are no economic benefits for Big Pharma to find any cure for cancer, diabetes or addictions, it will reduce the ROI and shareholders profits. However, history always find the truth. These owners are evil and only care for the profit and not humanity. And controls everything from Banking, Oil and Pharma industry

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