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Does the Coronavirus create conditions for life changes?

The emergence of the heavy burden is a story the future whereof many rethinking the past into a new set of values. A new suite of hopes and dreams makes foundation of fundamental paradigm shifts in life.

Rethinking those values as are ever important, changing and forced upon daily, however, now the options synchronised, in time and space. The understanding that actions closely linked with Gaia.

The sense of fragility

It gives a sense of how fragile we are and that our actions in the past gives effects in the future. Simply, human biology is the struggle of duality; Humans are energy, materialised by the ego perception and desire, and while, interconnected by streams of energy fields. Invisible yet visible, humans are a part of nature, not superior compared other lifeforms, despite the glorification of humans in most religions We are sharing the same DNA and a part of the universe, not separated but interconnected. We never need to feel alone. On the other side of the scale our eco constructed by concepts on being. And the dangerous path of belief that we are separated and not interconnected.

The paradigm shift towards a spiritual path is closely observed in the empowerment of the female

Consumerism, individualism, and domination of nature—the dominant values of yesteryear—have pawed way to a new triad: quality of life, human solidarity, and ecological sensibility.

The human solidarity’—expresses a sense of connectedness with people who live in distant places and with the unborn that will live in a distant future. It is a manifestation of the capacity of reciprocity and empathy that lies deep in the human spirit and psyche. It is the basis for the democratic ideal and the great social struggles for respect, tolerance, rights and, equality.

We got the power, however, not the responsibility

Gaia is testing us, she takes one step back, and two steps forward. If we fail, blinded and do not turn, Gaia will live on without us. Can we learn in time? Here lies the largest paradigm shift. We are witnessing right in our time, it is a crucial moment whereof the historic Event take place. However, most significant what we choose will stand in the books of the future or not.

A paradigm shift towards the natural world

People today hold a deep reverence for the natural world, finding in it endless wonder and enjoyment. “Love of nature is complemented by a deep sense of humanity’s place in the web of life, and dependence on its bounty” (Rankin)

Happiness or human well-being is a long-term benefit of life change such as career shifts

Happiness is subjective and cultural dependent, variations on individual and socio-cultural levels, the first thing is to examine what is causing joy? Hold on to what causes happiness in your own life.

We seek a mental state of well-being, biology is painful, and when we get hurt, we learn not to hurt others, commonly by experience

Knowledge and wisdom to understand the difference between changeable and not changeable events, follow the natural flow without resistance towards processes in nature. Show compassion for other people sufferings even if you have not experienced the same. Never respect human-made laws that harm or make life difficult for others”.

The paradigm shift towards a new measurement of human well-being

The industrial revolution created a need for new linguistics’, such words as effectiveness, schedule, time-use, production, capacity and led to a high speed-up of society. Adopting the same way of thinking in life. Time suddenly became the limited factor whereof separated time spend work Vs family. In the past, we mostly lived together in larger family structure, maybe even with grandparents and cousins.

Surplus-value in moments of crisis is devaluation of human life

Karl Marx’s developed the fullest analysis of surplus population in his third volume of capital. He argues that there is a structural relationship between the capital’s moments of crisis, debt creation, and the periodic devaluation of human life. Money withdraws from the present investment relocate into the future. He identifies two primary tendencies at work here. On the one hand, there is the process of temporal revaluation, the movement by which capital withdraws from investment in the present and relocates in the futuristic realms of financial means.

When human life is reduced to a commodity

The prophetic moment of capitalist restructuring is the kind of utopia celebrated in neoliberal theories of growth. Human life, the commodity in the outsourcing of manufacturing, life reduced to the cost of reproduction. The idea of capitalist transformation points to the dual nature of the debt relation: where capitalism promises one hand, it devalues on the other.

Time is the only limited factor, use it wisely

Factor as being treated with respect and having friends and family one can count on in an emergency was a natural part of our value system. These values undisputable unreplaceable and abstract became a hindrance for economic progress. Modernism replaced it with symbols of false wealth mostly communicated in advertising and PR.

The new values became achievable with hard work or increased income. The illusionary forces massive, a blind consumer culture measure success with symbols; such as expensive cars, watches, yachts, fashion and look of the day. We admire successful people. However, it is a myth, because of media only writes about it, what about the 99.9 per cent that tried and failed.

The paradigm-shift of asking what causes joy in my life. Make the list and compare with your present situation

Life is unpredictable, it makes turns like a labyrinth, cannot control, we are close to death of without knowing. Life is risk, 100 per cent deadly outcome. Therefore, rethinking those values that causes joy in your life should be the first step and secondly make a plan on how to make them a reality in your own life change.

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