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A statement of an unbearable situation with governmental social office NAV in the lockdown

“I am 55 years old with disabilities inattentive ADHD who has been rejected and humiliated because of being ill, not able to task“.

First, my apology for writing in English published to my subscribers, who mostly are English spoking close to 6000 subscribers. Secondly, my status in social media and followers do not speak Norwegian but English. I hope that somebody reads the letter and can witness the struggle I am. The letter to be published officially as of the current, cannot wait for regular complaints to any authorities who should receive the letter in other ways, the official form.

It comes to my consciousness after a month with fear ends in two days without any medication. The worst nightmares I can think of occurred. In a lockdown, not able to do the tasks forced upon me by those who made the fear possible in the first place. I asked me several times if it by purpose or evilness of unheard. I do not know as I alone cannot under such circumstances answer. I said so on the telephone with those supposed to help me.

  • My first concern; avoid taking my life. My mother is desperately trying to help me bringing me food and the most essentials during close to three days of anxiety without anybody to help me.
  • Two, the unbearable pain I was in without anything possible to make it better. I am unfortunately born with inattentive ADHD.
  • Three, the unheard-of punishing, When sick, that I did not get my place since I did not follow-up with the lease and contracts of a new apartment did not seem to bother NAV.
  • Fourth, It was messages from the social office, helping me find a place. Not getting an answer back from the social adviser dated 18.02.2021

He did well as the helper as we found a place. I was about to sign the papers, and I got sick last two days before my pension arrived from 16th to 18th. He called me, and I said I was ill without my medication and could not even open my mails, unable to get anywhere and not could sign due to my inattentive ADHD. Without medication makes me helpless, something that is an issue long-time ago, my doctor knows. Considering the previous meeting looking for a pace, I realised that he most probably felt with me. I asked to talk with my social office-adviser NAV about the issues, and he said he would. She called me back late17th, and best, I could try to explain my problem.

In fear and pain of a half-done surgery, That NAV guaranteed. I got paid for one-third of the cost of emergency, breaking the back teeth. The dentist can confirm the situation. She took a necessary x-ray of the problem, decided to take the worst out of three teeth because the allowance not given by NAV to repair it. The social adviser replied that she did not understand what I was saying due to my painful jaws and talking in her mouth. I am sure I was in the desperation of explaining the situation. She said she would come back to me, and she did not.

The day after, as my pension in the account, I paid for my room and got hold of medications. Back in my room, I cleaned, so it should look normal as I do not know the difference when sick, then I called the social office and SMS what I should do? When talking to my adviser about a place to stay, he said it was too late. And, he gave the apartment to the next. You know, I was not able to, I answered. Ll, the last two days. He said I should talk with my social advisor at NAV. I asked him to pass the message to her because of the difficulties of not having or allowed having a number to call. Told she would call back, now it is 1900hrs, she has not yet called back.

Leaves me, I need to pay for my room tomorrow or leave the place. It makes me without any options of going the only place I got a room at Cochs, and myself without a home. I am 55 years old, diagnosed with inattentive ADHD and isolated from September 2020. It is more than anyone can bear. So, in case something is happening to me after 11.00 18th of March 2021, I am not responsible for anything that might cause me harm.

The letter will be in the locker of my attorney in case something happens to me. He is obliged to open and investigate what caused the situation. The emergence of my mum is sick, and she is asleep. My stepdad dementia forces him to a nursery home. He tells me, mum is not well and asleep. They both know me very well, including the incidents of being ill, as we have to live together for the last twelve years.

Best regards,

Kenneth L Oslo 18.02.2021

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