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A story about the risks of short-term thinking vs long-term part one.

“A shoemaker is a shoemaker when he gives away his knowledge, he is no longer a shoemaker. he is a teacher.” Quotes Kenneth L

The story of the long term thinker Robert D Haas on the short term vs long term market is a story I started long ago. The recent events of my former employer Robert D Haas who took it off the stock market in 1985. And recently back on the market. “Levi Strauss announced Wednesday afternoon that it would sell at least 36.7 million shares at €14.14 apiece, raising about €518.57 million at a valuation topping €5.41 billion. I know his intention well and want to include why? The other more significantly vital matter. The Levi Strauss & Co. honoured to rank No. 3 in the apparel industry on Fortune’s list of the world’s Most Admired Companies’ in 2021.1853 when German immigrant and tailor Levi Strauss moved from Buttenheim, Bavaria, to San Francisco for the gold rush and supply the miner’s workwear. Nevertheless, when a Nevada tailor Jacob Davis wrote him a letter in 1873, a patent invented the rivets placed in the pants strong point. Second post: The discontent of short-term thinking of manufacture outsourcing vs long-term

The original blue jean became the story and humanitarian recognised.

When I was new to the textile industry in 1995, my employer was Levi Strauss Co, the American jeans-wear corporation. A private company owned by the president and Chief executive officer Robert D. Haas. Robert D Haas is no ordinary leader. He was the outstanding leader of a corporation of which in my seven years not once did anybody talk badly about a colleague, the aspirations and trust. I saw it myself. With my later in life struggle diagnosed ADHD without hyperactivity. A place I got the credit I deserved, and grow with confidence.

The way aspirations did, was in my first mentor Country Manager of Norway Claus Nissen Riiber. In the finest most demanding years, creative director Caroline Parent CDT Levi Strauss Europe. And visiting Levi Strauss owned factories such as the one between Glasgow and Edinburg. I knew the humanitarian issues we take for granted home is taken care of with respect. And not without trouble ahead, I did as Haas my work with the drive of a team of the best colleagues, the right tools and leadership. In the finest moment ever 1999 Excellence Award Levi Strauss Europe, Middle East & Africa is honoured and proud to recognise the achievements of Kenneth Lyngaas.

The corporation first time on the Big Board 1971, company went public, but the Haas family took it private in 1985. In the 1970s, Mr Haas finally understood the value of the original story more than any other. He did not like how the story unfolded. The stock market and its shareholders piss such as market shares and ROI, in a future of derivatives, private equity, false and empty. The short term of the fast cycles a dead end. Mr Haas walk out of the imaginary into the real. He stood in Valencia street, the factory pipe of bricks, the smell of his labour force and factory workers sweat and indigo-coloured hands carry the blues in piles.

What is a story without the things we love?

The dead to all the things we love original, American, built to last, the bat-winged red devil and the force might be with you vanished as gold into dust they used to serve. In contrast, the parasites watering out the idea of the original. The Levi trademarks faced on everything from pillow suits, boots, and dresses. In the shoemaker’s mind, he knew to stand with the makes. The NY times 1985 wrote “The San Francisco-based Levi Strauss & Company said yesterday that Robert D. Haas, the 42-year-old president and chief executive officer, and other descendants of Levi Strauss, were exploring making a -a-share leveraged buyout proposal, valued at billion, which would take the company private. Mr Haas is a great-great-grandnephew of the founder“.

In the 1980s, as the first brand ever evaluated only for its immaterial values the brand equity study of Levi Strauss Co, is a landmark as nothing else that the Levi Strauss story of and the trademarks measured the value by Millward Brown. The study did not include the value of factories owned, landmasses, head offices just abstract. The banks gave Mr Robert Haas the most extensive private loan in return the story and trademarks as security. And Mr Haas took the brand off the stock market at risk of losing it. The loan remarkable fast down paid.

The story of a brand with a cause

He did what every brand with a cause make of an original story into jeans and related denim wear. It might come as a bitter pill for many analyst, politicians, economists, militarists, presidents, and governmental departments. However, when the final chapter of this story told, even a child will understand the consequences of short-term thinking vs long in a global market.

Or as their new European advertising agency Bartle, Bogle & Hegarty said, when first meeting with representatives from Levi Strauss Europe 1982. The heritage of the 1970s sadly lost shareholders youth market trends of corduroys pants, flat front pockets and boot-cut. The flagship the original 501 jeans, not a pair sold as the country manager refused, because of the washing, denim took a twist. Nobody besides a few promotion managers did. In the meeting with Levi Strauss, John Hegarty placed his zipper on the table and asked “what is this? A zipper replied, and Hegarty corrected “A Robson zipper”. Then John took his coat off and put it on the table and asked again, “a coat replied, and once again he corrected A Burberry coat.

All the good stories end with the number three.

At last, he buttoned down the pants. In the underwear, the third time placed his worn blue denim jeans on the table. He did not ask. The representatives in the fight to find the words first “a 501 Levi denim jeans”. John did not correct the answer. Knowing the account was in the hands of the agency, soon to be the blueprint of any advertising campaign after that, “product integrity” he said. The sales took a jump, 800 per cent rose yearly. After 28 years of remarkable advertising concept, a pair of 501, add water and music. A girl meets a boy, 50 million pairs of Levi 501 jeans sold annually in Europe. It ended with seven number one hits, Nick Karmen and the 1995 famously puppet flat Eric. As the brand is entering the stock market again with the value, the history deserves, I assure you it never leaves the blue jean behind. There is always room for other tales not yet told—part one end. Next post the darkness of industrial outsourcing

Second post: The discontent of short-term thinking of manufacture outsourcing vs long-term

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