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I am about to be a victim of the poorest that will not survive how the governmental are dealing with the lockdown

The variously issues such as the isolation forced upon me leaving me without enough food or money for ADHD without hyperactivity. The neurophysical test proved to it was there before I was seven years, most probably born with. Next week a crucial test as if I get sick without medications, the increased chance of suicide and the repeated patterns from long-time experience scares me, while I cannot do anything about the situation when sick, not having help around I will not make calls or ask for help. The same information is given previously to doctors, specialists and my old mum and stepdad who suffers from dementia.

I ask for no help, not misunderstood in case of the worst scenario

I ask for no help or solidarity, it is a message to pinpoint what can happen so afterwards nobody can misunderstand the causes of death. Or mix up any circumstances or falseness as since February every process of giving the dose optimization cancelled due to the Corona situation, the way it was handled by variously social securities such as NAV, help to find safe accommodation and how my pension was used mostly to cover expenses of living in a hotel, making last month without food for several days, my escape travel to my second home in India stopped by authorities in December.

I am caught trapped without the possibilities of survival. And people who know me know how hard and painful I try. hopefully others in the same situation will have a better situation in the future. Then if I am not surviving my life is not wasted, as I am not here for myself, but others. When civilisation forgets the rule it is ending as we know it.

My best regards Kenneth L

Previously posted on the Coronavirus outbreak

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