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Casino capital for the insane printing money without value

The crap talk of corporations such as the Lindorff (Intrum) owners Jersey Equity funds by Nordic Capital who asset capital base of 17.000 million EUR (180 billion NOK) (source Funds of Nordic capital). Supported by the Norwegian government, who voters give trust. With karma as Putin, the prime minister Erna Solberg and crew hand-out freshly printed money to selected corporations, institutions and well-off people. Taken the role as Robin hood stealing you blind as they let the poorest in desperation and take the middle-class tax and give to the well-off.

Right now, governments transfer the debt to regular people. Those with little or nothing become slaves, not in chains, but debt. The debt slavery continues for years, and following generations. As we speak, the Norwegian government are forcing debt on Norwegians by print money. (money an instrument of social control) and like Santa Claus hand out to their allies, friends and hand-selected people, banks and industries, while increase debt, interest rates and debt collection fees upon the majority of the Norwegian population (source SSB Corona consequences for consumer price index (KPI).

Money handed-out without any compensation for the poorest

  • The right-wing government lead by Erna Solberg gave sports, volunteer organisations, artists, musicians, authors, actors and filmmakers 1.85 billion, the track of money the print-house. Furthermore another 100 million given lost work during the Coronavirus breakout
  • Norway proves once again polished the look for the outside, providing 3.6 billion to move towards a “greener” economy (track of money the printing house) Why giving the money to Big Oil witness the falseness and greenwashing policy of Norway? The Big Oil policy “nothing is holy,” deny climate change, emission restrictions and steal resources from foreign countries. They are against renewable energy and use research spending on deep-sea drilling (source Big oil wars and nuclear energy)
  • Furthermore, two billion NOK given the Australian agency Enova wind energy to support a never climate economic projects of windmill parks offshore (source It is a meaningless project, the corruption continues (track of money printing press). In the case of letting taxpayers assume the risk of a project. It will cause an environmental, economic negative
  • Other research projects are given one billion NOK among the Abelia (track of money the printing house)
  • Abelia, the national organisation for technology and research firms given 600 million NOK (track of cash the printing house)
  • Organised sports and volunteer organisations offer 850 million NOK (track of money the state oil fund)

And everything else done to harm the weakest.

  • Grocery. Norwegian retailers are raising prices during the Corona crisis. Five per cent is higher than one year ago, according to state statistics bureau SSB.
  • Banking and Credit cards. Forty per cent decline in money paid with cash (sources Nokas, the cash-transport company.) Banks have used the situation to their advantage and increase fees when cards used for small amounts. Banks are dirty and the most corrupt branch, it is unacceptable, please use money as the one who controls money controls everything.
  • Consumer price index increases 1.3 per cent according to Dagens Næringsliv
  • Inflation rises, Norway’s core inflation rate, not include the price of electricity and fuel, rose three per cent May tells state statistics bureau SSB.
  • The poorest have less money, no support. It’s a crime of the real state and stops by any means necessary.

Money flow in regular times vs money flow since convid-19

Stop any Norwegian governmental activities pulled over the heads of its inhabitants

Stop it now, before new laws and regulations pulled over the heads, these laws include increased funding’s to authorities, military and police to restore the disorder they so deliberately have created, without disturbance no order. It is behind closed doors right now. I remind those old enough what happened in the bail-out of bank clients who lost their savings in the 1990s banking crisis when the market collapsed. The largest Norwegian banks bankrupt did not have the capital to pay their clients. The Norwegian state nationalised the banks Nordea and DNB and bought them, the price one krone and afterwards paid most of the regular banking customers their savings.

The Norwegian government corruption of money and support of trade war

The Norwegian government has withheld several reports, notes and letters tied to the Coronavirus crisis, pulling them from the public record “out of consideration for internal handling. According to the newspaper “newsinenglish.noThe administration and government lead by Erna Solberg is now responsible for more death by debt burden than the non-existing threat of Coronavirus. The Norwegian government support the dying US empire that now punishes regular people all over the world economically as they have lost the trade war with China. It is closely related to the Coronavirus (source

China is the leading economic superpower who loses the most from the trade war, and the US will not succeed. Then there is only one last scenario left to keep the empire is WAR. The US presidents have openly said several times the previous decades the US will go to war to defend the realm and Norway dragged into on the losing side. The government cannot possibly see it, as they are bureaucrats and do as their told. Unable to think critically, lost the Norwegian sovereignty, deliberately hide the news from the public and put a silence on departments, universities, statistics to come with statements or interfere with the propaganda machinery.

Erna Solberg and Siv Jensen was against the anti-racism demo of the American Embassy two weeks

The prime minister was concerned and expressed concerns over the thousands of people who gathered for demonstrations on Friday two weeks ago. Several subway stations were closed so that people could not attend or had long walks, who made it difficult for many. Solberg got support from the Progress Party’s leader Siv Jensen called the anti-racism “unacceptable and irresponsible. The demo was long discussed behind closed doors whether all the thousands of people taking part in demonstrations against racism and police brutality should quarantine themselves for the next 14 days. A reminder, a demo is the right in the democracy, by making it difficult for protesters such as elderly, handicapped and parents with children the state is breaking the freedom (source news in English website).

The state brutality against drug addicts and people in jail

Drug addicts have been arrested and put in prison and forced to stay in quarantine within the prison. It is not about the virus, is to remove troublesome people. Many of the weakest have no protection from any organisations, the police brutality seen many places, especially more than average the last days before social welfare money given, the police active arresting people when they are most vulnerable, unacceptable. The police failure to ask critical questions upon the tasks give, they are blindly following orders the results increased deaths from overdoses, violence between addicts and worsen health status who live without any support. Many addicts feel threatened by the situation and carry weapons these days in fear of any actions by the state.

Why authorities muzzled Statistic Central Agency (SSB)

Regarding the Corona outbreak, Norway Public Health Institute (PHI) lied because told what to say by the authorities. The Norwegian Statistic Central Agency (SSB) scientist with calculation research, datasets, stochastics and general information suggested helping with an alternative Corona strategy, muzzled by the government fear of interference (sources

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