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Private central banking


The massive damage root in a narrow traditional way of doing things in a modern world, technology increases speed and demand vast resources. It is a visible needed of a paradigm shift. Ideas that highlight the importance of nature survival, respecting all sentence beings, let go of material grasping and focus on the benefits of spiritual values. With great emphasis on compassion, loving-kindness, happiness, and generosity for all, not the one per cent of the population as now. The solutions for human survivals the next 100 year could be secure. However, shown difficult since the consumers easily attached to material wealth in a monetary system. Capitalism makes a “desire for more” poisoning the mind, hunting around the clock furthermore take more lives than war and hunger combined. ‘

The Monetary measurement of human well-being in the traditional Gross Domestic Product (GDP) does not work anymore; money is false, corrupt, poisoning of the mind and trigger desire for more. For example, a high GDP has nothing to do with social welfare, because terrorism, diseases, war, drug use, alcohol abuse, cancer, environmental disasters, suicide, hurricanes etc. creates a higher GDP, these issues mentioning is not beneficial for human happiness or well-being, nevertheless looks good on a spreadsheet and bottom line. A corporation does not have a soul; it is a system who does not feel pity, compassion or accountable. The capitalist Elite accumulates incredible fortunes only for their benefits; this increases the gap between rich and poor people rising to heights never before experienced. The intensified speed of society and monetary measurements is worst for the lower part of the human society, manifested in the rise of violence, drug abuse, crime, and chronic diseases to mention only a few issues“.

Bank of England and Federal reserve

There is hardly a part of the United States where men are not aware that secret private purposes and interests have been running the government.” President Woodrow Wilson“. Privately established central banks started with the Bank Of England established initially as a private banking organisation in 1694 to manage the country’s national Debt. It Became nationalised in 1946. However, the bank became independent once again in 1997 and is now responsible for maintaining the United Kingdom’s Debt and foreign exchange reserves (source Financial Lexicon A compendium of financial definitions, acronyms, and colloquialisms by Erik Banks published 2005 by Palgrave Macmillan). The US banking organisation Federal Reserve’s established as a private organisation in 1913 by the four largest banks with the support of President Woodrow Wilson, it is still a private organisation.

These institutions are in the hands of greed destroys human societies of which people become a commodity, a working currency that the capitalist exploits in the race for “more“. “Money is becoming increasingly homogenous but also unstoppable. Look around you. Money is turning all aspects of social life into marketable commodities—blood, babies, organs, courtship, funerals.” writes V. Zelizer in the book The Social Meaning of Money. Money should no longer be valid, as corruptions have destroyed its structure, meaning, and value, left millions of people with debts created out of nothing (source The incredible hoax is stealing you blind. The nature of the beast “666” and all that madness, man and money by Fred Kirkman. A Fascinating Alternate Look at History).

Corruption of money

Paper money has since the 1970s printed without any value exchange, President Richard Nixon took the US off the gold standard August 15, 1971, when he announced that the United States would no longer convert dollars to gold at a fixed value, thus altogether abandoning the gold standard (source FDR takes the US Off Gold Standard ). Since then the US dollar value due to printing money without a standard fixed cost, the US dollar devaluation, in reality, lost more than 95 per cent of its original amount and resulted in an on-going currency war (source Currency wars: the making of the next global crisis by James Rickards published 2011 by Penguin Group). The Debt created out of noting cannot create real value. The corruption of money is the greatest hoax, in my opinion, people and nations with loans from various financial institutions (World Bank, IMF) and private loans given by banks should promptly stop paying the Debt. Include the US Government that has a liability of 19,8 trillion dollars to the Federal Reserves a private company with a licence to print monopoly money. Its casino capitalism for the insane and since every American is the government, it is your Debt in the end.

The digital zeros and ones

The cost to the state of issuing new money is only the cost of producing banknotes and coins, now only zeros and ones in a digital world. The cost to the banks of issuing new money is virtually zero. The state receives public revenues from issuing cash, but banks make private profits. The benefits of the monetary systems captured by the financial services industry and innovated in different unethical capitalisation with various investment instruments most people hardly understand what the product is or the risks involved such as Equity funds, Commodity Future, Future Derivatives and Hedge Funds (private investment partnerships open to institutions and wealthy individual investors, high substantial risks). If approached by banks or financial institutions selling an investment, a good rule is to ask how much the bank or the institution have invested in their portfolio in the product. If not, the chance high that it is a marketing scam or high risk of a loss. However, has the bank invested a considerable part of their portfolio at least they believe in the product and risk loss. The digitalisation of money is invisible instruments for global transfers turning it into streams of megabytes only controlled by private and governmental banks, finance institutions, and stock markets.
The ordinary peoples pay to lend their savings to the banks for various services including cash machine withdraws of savings, what seems like a small fee for a person or a family adds up, if a family pay average of in monthly payments and a bank have one million customers the turnover 2.4 billion is, in reality, pure profits. For Marx, the creation of money from liability represents “the most insane form of the capitalist delirium.” Call it casino capitalism, as a global instrument for monetary trade-in systems, corrupted, false and manipulated. They seek a new world order or benevolent dictatorship in the frontline of planetary disasters is The US. Secondly, the UK and Putin. His regime has corrupted mother Russia and opened up the market for American trade flirting with President Trump, who is an errand boy for his masters, the real power of the filthiest rich, for Putin sells Russia for his economic profit.

Private organisations within the state

Many believe that the international community established organisations such as UN, WORLD BANK and IMF (International Monetary Foundation); however, this is wrong. Elite of capitalist has created these organisations to gain total power, also known as the new world order. The control of money supply and resources worldwide. These organisations are making greed legitimate for the capitalist, that historically, with their wealth established the same institutions mentioned above. Add other beneficiary private organisations by the general public perceived governmental organisation, for example, Council of Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA) (source Final warning: a history of the new world order by David Allen Rivera. Published by conspiracy books).

The United Nations (UN) vague rules and regulations, human rights, rights to water etc. They do nothing to prevent neither global corporations nor the capitalist exploitation of people earth’s natural resources; they make the opposite forcing economic progress upon third world countries via loans from the World Bank creating a debt strategy of which the interest rate is payable with natural resources. Add pollution, and the industrial disasters cost to the environment and human misery such as the Exxon Valdez oil spill outside the coast of Alaska 1986. In Bhopal India 1984 a pesticide plant owned by Union Carbide exploded and released toxic gas (methyl isocyanate and several others) According to Indian government estimated the number of deaths 15.000 besides 200.000 to 300.000 suffered respiratory and other health issues (source Do we have a story crisis? Part twelve Epigenetics Science is it the saviour for human survival?)

Capitalism fall

No economic theory or social philosophy can explain inequality, human suffering and ecological meltdown, without taking into consideration the unknown factors. The lack of understanding the reality and truth, economic failure missing out parameters such as corruption, propaganda, hidden agendas and money control. Mostly controlled by a small elite of capitalists, that trough a system of private organisations within the state such as the Club of Rome, Bilderberger’s Club, Committee of 300, Federal Reserves, IMF, World Bank manipulate global democracy, helps presidents win elections with substantial amounts of contributions for their benefits. In addition to bribery, corruption and lobbying. Without the knowledge of such damaging structures, infiltrating and poisoning humanity, no economic, social, or biological theory and laws of nature can’t explain why.

Therefore, the capitalist actions are far worse than any crime ever experienced; they are indirectly responsible for most genocide happened since the industrial revolution started. “Every state has as many criminals as they deserve” is a German saying. America is an excellent example of how the capitalist greed turns human society into a class system, inequality, violence, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, diseases such as cancer, asthma, bipolar disorders, ADHD to mention few, criminality and poverty, what could be a paradise have now become hell. Capitalism is human slavery and responsible for the widening gap between rich and poor. Capitalism praises technological progress for the replacement of human labour with cost-effective machinery and automatization. Leaves workers unemployed (happening right now with robots, digital automatization and artificial intelligence) Capitalism is class, labour and capitalist (Karl Marx and Engels wrote about the labour exploitations in the extensive works Das Capital) exploitation, alienation of labour class, nature of man of which; fairness, freedom, equity, solidarity, human rights, compassion and sustainability are enemies

Human God complex

Capitalism worship money as God, members of the bourgeois class (capitalist), perceive greed as success factors = money used as a measurement tool. Evaluating commodities and branded goods. Capitalism does not create social value, its disguise the phenomenon of exploitation, which, in the earlier regimes of slavery and feudalism, was understandable for all. Capitalism and corporation occupy vast eras of land belongs originally by natives, who on the other hand, cannot own land as it connects to everybody. Therefore, use the property as they want and respect. Land and natural resources such as water supply was becoming a commodity bought and sold on the free market by the capitalist. First of all, water is something that cannot own ” as everything in the universe contains water; humans close to 70 per cent, even a stone in the hot dessert includes 14 per cent water”. Take it back, despite any law made by the capitalist to protect it. Capitalism demands increasingly faster a more significant workforce (lowest cost is preferable) as it expands globally, penetrates new markets; it is the destiny of capitalism grow or die syndrome.

Humans reduced to a commodity

The last 100 years the vast increase in money supply is the manipulation of inflation and deflation when the interest rate is low simultaneously money supply high, it easy to get loans and people’s desire for material goods increase and speeds up consumption. Increased wages despite, people need to work more hrs now than 50 years ago then one income was sufficient for the family. Today families usually have two incomes; people tend to believe they work less; it is not right as the total hours close to 50 per cent higher than previously. In history, one income was enough to support a good life for the family. They could spend more quality time together while not having time- saving technologies, babysitters nor fast food. Today a family need income from not one but two people working. They increase the effectiveness for their shareholders, however, forget to subtract the cost of paid services such as kindergarten, housekeeping, washing etc. from the salary and does not increased human well-being and happiness.

More things and consumption

They are just becoming more useful for work, earn less without seeing the whole picture. It is a contradiction as most families want to spend more time with the family. Because of the fastness and continually newness of products and services grow their consumption, one income is not sufficient. As families increasingly work more hours totally, they believe it benefits with a higher salary to defend the desire for “more things” as it should make a happier lifestyle.

Nevertheless, the opposite a fact as the happiness and well-being decrease. Since it is not creating benefits for 99 per cent of the global population, why do we accept to continue the old path? The capitalist uses his money to develop human conditions approval effectiveness; they do so by media manipulation and propaganda, bribery of politicians, officials, governments, laws, police and military, 24 hours to avoid awareness and allow people to think. Manipulated that materialism makes a happy life, while according to research on what makes us happy give not materialism answers but spiritual Raskin describes the future precisely this way (source Great Transition The Promise and Lure of the Times Ahead Paul Raskin, Tariq Banuri, Gilberto Gallopín, Pablo Gutman, Al Hammond, Robert Kates, Rob Swart. Published 2002 by Stockholm Environment Institute – Boston)

A Revolutionary storm is coming

However, words without action are pointless. Since early 1970′ scientists, environmental philosophers, sociologist, biologist, chemist, geologists, historians became aware of the tremendous damage, fear of ecological crisis made them publish books of environmentalism The hundreds of books published hardly made a difference, even people clean up after the corporations, the manufacturing is always a step ahead, it is like a dog trying to catch its tail. Besides, when things do not work out, we have to do it differently. Otherwise, we are insane as Einstein so wisely said about insanity; “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Therefore, actions required by revolution, violence would be avoidable. Each day numerous people understand the massive consequences of a neo capitalistic system that breaks down of democracy. Soon or later survival humanity face will be left with one option starting a massive violent revolution, large numbers of casualties, However, “Dying for the right cause is the most human thing we can do“. History somehow always finds the truth; no empire lasts forever. The fragility of large totalitarian systems become unstable and vulnerable. A few examples why Empire of Capitalism as any other classification will crack up. Empire of Rome, The Muslim Empires such as The Ottoman Empire, the Transcontinental Empire of Chinggis Khan, The Making of the European Global Order by industrial revolution, capitalism and colonialism and United States as Sole Superpower disappears and replaced (source World Civilisations: The Global Experience 6th ed. Published 2011 by Pearson Education, Inc.).

Eco-terrorism as solution

Eco-terrorism and Alter globalisation (also known as “alternative globalisation,” alter-mundialization – from the French “altermondialisme” (global justice movement) is only self-defence for human survival when the capitalist does not follow legislation or laws themselves has created. The capitalist causes far more human sufferings in the world than any other group of people in history. Eco-terrorism might be the only option to stop the lunatics. The fight for humanity is defendable, but greed is not. The capitalist kills more people each year than any war, water sanity, and starvation combined. The capitalist is often highly respected members in their socials communities, nevertheless, responsible for the death of millions of people yearly. Their actions cause considerable environmental damage. However, seldom punished for their crimes. Eco-terrorism it’s the final frontier against a future of darkness for humanity. These more radical actions might be the start of a revolution for a new and better world, rather than the disasters happening right now. Eco-terrorist defends humanity, nevertheless, considered criminal elements by governments and mass media in control by the capitalist. The removal of shadow governmental organisations and secret societies is critical. Downsize all nations’ military operations and weapon systems, full stop in the global weapon industry.

A brave new world rises

After the revolution, a brave new world rises, hopefully in the spirit of humanity with decentralised small anti-fragile communities, without monetary systems, happiness, and well-being measured by equality, compassion, helping others, love and kindness. A system free from greed and desire, global resources shared, protected, and sustained by human needs, not desire. A rising global sustainable society founded on respect for universal human rights, nature, economic justice, and culture of peace. Humanity decides their future stand at a critical moment in Earth’s history. Finally, quoting one of the greatest men ever to walk on Earth Mahatma Gandhi: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world“.

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