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Big Oil, Wars and Nuclear Energy


“The third editorial “The Final Warning for Humanity” talked about how a small group of people have constructed a false. Nevertheless, savvy media strategy of which terrorism is the enemy of any western capitalism state, propaganda to create anxiety among people and win their opinion. War on Terror, War on Iraq, War on drugs, cold War are all constructed, increase business by fear, make laws to protect people from terrorist, drug users, Communism, fundamentalism, Arabs, Islamist, black power and so on. When people are in fear, they doubtless agree on new legislation that should protect them from danger. When laws implemented, governments can legally control the masses by brutality. Use of police, military, homeland security to keep control if someone has a different opinion. Thereby making military inventions plausible the War in Iraq is a good example.

The strategy War on Terror is a cost-effective strategy, take control over the most significant oil resources all located in the Arabic region, first Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, and Kuwait. The oil corporations are the most ruthless, violent and inhumane institutions without respect of laws they do what it takes to never run out of Oil. Expand territories, drilling deep sea, north or south pole, tar sands etc. their hunt for Oil non-stop. The tools of corruption, lobbying, support regimes, pay, organise, and finance political institutions, World Bank, IMF etc. America has nearly pumped up the last drop of Oil. Nevertheless, the horsemen of oil rides on, do not care about renewable energy sources, in fact, perceived enemies of oil”.

Big oil carbon emissions

Let us talk about fossil fuels and the oil industry, did you know it takes nature more than 300 years to produce 4 litres of petroleum; the effectiveness of global corporations’ economics is less than 3 per cent. In a single day, the industrial world consumes the equivalent of ten thousand years of bioecological activity, a ratio, roughly, of 3–4 million to one (source The tyranny of oil the world is most powerful industry-and what we must do to stop it by Antonia Juhasz. Published 2008 by Harper Collins e-book). The entropy ads up, the heat increase earth’s temperature by carbon emissions. The Fossil fuel Industry illustrates why capitalism is wrong, it destroys social structures, corrupt governments, and turn once honest men into bad ones. The recommended book Tyranny of Oil contains insight and inside information, research into the non-renewable industry and the true story of political tyranny staged by Big oils pow. “The four horsemen of banking” established Federal Reserve’s 1913, as owners of the four largest banks (Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Wells Fargo), also known as “the four horsemen of oil” controlled the four largest oil corporations 1913 known better as the four horsemen of Oil.

Standard Oil

Rockefeller established 1870 Standard Oil (Exxon Mobil) within ten years the company controlled 90 per cent of all refining in the United States, Exxon Mobil, Dutch Shell, BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips and Total (Big Oil) regulate illegally price setting of petroleum via a cartel also known as the “seven sisters”. Big Oil spends vast amounts of money to silence local societies, involved in tax fraud, fund organisations to become oil-pro friendly, corrupts governmental institutions and employees, place people from the oil industry in decision making positions. George W. Bush administration put 30 people in the staff from the oil industry.

CASOC and ARAMCO relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Big Oil and Saudi Arabia has a long history. The Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO) was the engine that pulled the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into full participation in the world economy. It was the California-Arabian Standard Oil Company (CASOC), discovered Oil in 1938 ( the Eastern Province). After World War II ARAMCO unfolds what confirmed to be the largest reservoir of Oil (sources History of World Trade since 1450 John J. McCusker, Editor in Chief published 2006 by Thomson Gale).

The King SaEud family wealth rapidly boosted by arrangements and profit-sharing with the U.S. consortium CASOC (Chevron and Texaco) paid the king a modest fee on the production. When ARAMCO (Exxon and Mobil) included in the partnership with CASOC, a new contract negotiated (fifty-fifty revenue split) with the king in 1950. The following years took the Saudis ownership (1973, 1974) and in 1980 full control. It did not mean Big Oil lost any control over the resources as ARAMCO invested money under a policy of gradual “Saudization”, included in the policy schools and offer employment to thousands. ARAMCO introduced work camps (the same discriminatory practices as in the U.S. before the 1960s Civil Rights era). The segregation included far more than living quarters, such as the marking of the water fountains in the American Camps as “For Saudis Only.” It was a strategic and proactively policy of the “Saudization”, including training of skilled workers such technical and administrative middle class to provide the king with pro-American staff heavily involved in kings economic and political life, despite many riots and strikes by Saudi workers in the 1950s.

The shift in ownership was a part of the higher plan to control oil prices. Saudi Arabia took now command of the price set on behalf of the “seven sisters”. With a leading role in OPEC (the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) and after the massively rise from US2 in 1970 to US40 per barrel in 1980, caused economic harm in the industrialised countries. The Saudis ARAMCO boosted production in the mid-80s this led to a massive fall in the worlds commodity price of petroleum. Saudi Arabia rethinking the OPEC policies (restricted) happened for many reasons, one besides the oil addiction of the industrialised nations was the fact that the Saudis invested most of the oil wealth in those countries hit hardest by the price (U.S.).

Big Oil control price-setting with the swing producer

After 1986 Saudi Arabia have more or less acted as a “swing “producer keeping the market relatively steady. ARAMCO helped secure Saudi Arabia an excellent relationship with the most important trade and security partner, the United States. U.S. growing interest in Oil led to Saudi Arabia offered Lend-Lease Aid (an American program for selling the Allies war supplies such as weapons, machinery and food under flexible terms of payments already in the beginning of the 1940s. A basis of a military relationship that steadily grew during the century (including U.S. military support and security assistance of the vast oil reserves against any threats from any states tempted to lay hands of its tremendous oil wealth. Troops were stationed more than a decade after the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. During the period allowed the Saudis to buy advanced military technologies for the U.S. When the U.S. troops withdrew in 2004 the ties are stable due to the primary architects behind the relationship CASOC/ARAMCO, carry on playing the distinctive role in the world oil trade and price setting.

Big Oil and Nuclear energy

Big Oil used any tool necessary to influences and makes sure every elected president is pro-oil friendly; they start wars (George W Bush) when needed. Big Oil involved historically in fraud, corruption evading. Each of the seven sisters spending more money than any other company on lobbying federal governments, presidential elections, get access to America’s public lands, oceans, subsidies, tax breaks, corrupt politicians, control democracy commonly by using a bit of their vast profit. Big Oil is the most profitable corporations globally, among the largest ten in 2006, with a total profit of 167 billion dollars (source The tyranny of oil the world is most potent industry-and what we must do to stop it by Antonia Juhasz. Published 2008 by Harper Collins e-book),

You might have by now, a more precise understanding why atomic power is hated by most people worldwide, why the fake “environmentalist” movement, established, financially supported by the Club of Rome, was called upon to wage war on nuclear energy. Nuclear energy generating electricity in cheap and abundant supplies, third world countries would gradually become independent of U.S. foreign aid and asserts their sovereignty without the cost of non-renewable resources of energy (source Tyranny of Oil and The book The Vanishing Face of Gaia: A final warning by James Lovelock. Published 2009 by Basic Books). According to scientist James Lovelock, the only solution left. Nuclear generated electricity is the “key” bringing the Third World countries out of their backward state, a state the Committee of 300 ordered to remain in position.

Who dropped the bomb?

Why most people accept America rights to deny sovereign states rights to build nuclear power stations is for people who have a critical mindset a question mark, since the only nation that dropped the bomb twice. The last part of World War II, nuclear weapons wiped out Nagasaki and Hiroshima (death toll 75,000 Nagasaki and Hiroshima 150.000), and the U.S. deny other sovereign states access to cheap and safe energy? Big Oil, the seven sisters will never compromise reduction profit, any means necessary even War will stop free or low-price energy.

War on terror is an economic strategy

The creation “War on terrorism” is, in fact, a financial strategy. The first issue control of global resources by military inventions and war at the same time create angst among people of other nations, control social, making laws by fear of the foreign enemy taking away the freedom, the right to protest, to be different, spiritual, and, all the things we love is actually bought by mirrors and false pearls. It must always exist a treat in society. Otherwise, the state cannot control the standard room or make laws for various reasons such as protectionism.

The government cannot tame a civilisation since we all are a part of the state. The masses cannot control, fear of the mind is the enemy of freedom, keeps the millions of lives lived and times of endlessness, emotionally imprisoned, first when the ordinary people understand the illusions and lies disappears the jailkeeper, without fear, pleasure nor desire, the wall will melt never to rebuilt again. Today another War on, now terrorism increases global sales of military technology, secure American technological inventions. Force NATO and other countries to increase military budgets of a threat that is not true.

After the Cold War

After the Cold War and collapse of Soviet Communism the risk of any conflict close to zero. On the other hand its more likely chance of a new U.S. civil war, caused by increased inequality, poverty, racism, unemployment, violence, low labour wages, unfair legal systems, poor distribution of education, increased pollution, expanding the growth of chronically diseases by human stressors, environmental pollution, toxic chemicals etc. Capitalist systems cause all the above issues since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Which began in England in the middle of the eighteenth century and spread across the globe by the beginning of World War II, shaped a new world with the introduction of new technology (source Industrial Revolution: Almanac James L. Outman and Elisabeth M. Outman. Published 2003 by The Gale Group).

Today they are manufactured by more than 64.000 global corporations without a soul. America is one of the most fragile systems, and Empires does not last forever, it will disappear. Regarding the creation of a non-existent enemy, the “evil religion of Islam” and their terrorist’s network is one false issue. America control of energy resources is the biggest worry purely economic, not humanitarian.

Propaganda works

Do not believe the stories told by mass-media promoting hedonistic, consumer-friendly culture, brands, luxury, privatisation of health and prison systems, don’t think that Islam is any worse than Christianity or Catholicism. Fear sells and controls the masses, global corporations, a sophisticated marketing campaign promotes lies, a well-organised strategy. According to the book Infinity’s rainbow: the politics of energy, climate, and globalisation, the author Michael P. Byron writes “This has made it even more difficult to interpret the news as it fed to us. The so-called “War on Terror” is a war for control of Oil and other resources and their geostrategic transit routes, as discussed above (source Infinity’s rainbow: the politics of energy, climate, and globalisation by Michael P. Byron. Published 2006 by Algora Publishing).

Furthermore, “The wealthiest and most powerful corporations derive their wealth and power from extracting, refining, and distributing hydrocarbon derived products. Accordingly, any threats to business as usual, such as declining reserves of hydrocarbons, are direct threats to the elite accumulation of wealth and power. Consequently, the big energy multi-nationals who controlled Bush Administration subjected a sophisticated marketing campaign promoting War because of Iraq possession of chemical weapons, the real reason control of the world’s remaining energy reserves.”

The statistics do not lie; it is 13 times better chance die from a traffic accident in the U.S. than terrorism (include figures of death toll 9/11 and Iraq war casualties) acknowledged by the book Global Catastrophes and Trends The Next 50 Years by Vaclav Smil published 2008 MIT Press. The secret societies invisibly oversee energy resources. Following the stream of Oil and soon detect U.S. controlled military installation along the route.

Protectionism by the Intellectual property rights

The American defence contractor’s sale of advanced weapons follows the footsteps of fear and anxiety. The sales increase with the creation of fear and, make it possible for defence contractors such as Lockheed Martin Corporation (Total sales 2010: €39.77 billion), The Boeing Company (sales 2010: €27.23 billion) and General Dynamics (arms sales 2010: €20.79 billion), these corporations establish military zones, raise military budgets by the strategy of fear (now War on terror). These corporations spending on R&D develop advanced technologies is far more extensive than compared with the cost to end global hunger, give 800 million people access to clean water and sanitation. The advanced technology innovated is protected by the phoney law on property rights—supposedly the ultimate trump card in the American economic arsenal—are severely compromising modern science.

In recent decades, intellectual property rights have become so excessive that they seriously threaten the flow of technological and scientific progress (source Encyclopedia of global justice Editor Deen K. Chatterjee published 2011 by Springer Science and Business Media). The work of a madman or a capitalist, who agrees voluntarily to ratify such laws. Theoretically, the right to obtain a monopoly on the fruits of scientific research should create a strong incentive to delve deeper into the secrets of nature. This idea might make sense if we think of science as a product of a single individual. However, technological and scientific advances build upon a complex stream of ideas and information. Each breakthrough of technology depends on work by many others.

The Spirit Level Why Equality is Better for Everyone

It reminds me of the original work and long-time research by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett “The Spirit Level Why Equality is Better For Everyone published 2010 by Penguin books“. The evidence from the book published is hard to dispute; an equal society is better off on all issues; in this case, innovation. It is a simple yet powerful strategy, the fear created by storytelling and mythmaking, control of media and opposite of the truth.

American Petroleum Institute

Big Oil gives massive funding to the American Petroleum Institute (API), the leading trade group representing interests of the petroleum and gas industry. In 2006, API’s annual budget exceeded million, annually spends around million on federal lobbying. API work to eliminate barriers to oil production. Use of lobbyists, economists, statisticians, policy analysts, and technical experts to undermine rapports and scientifically studies. Against research by the international climate panel, delay restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions, API funds studies by various organisations, the agenda is to create doubt about scientifical data regarding global warming, finance leading pro-oil politicians with research and studies an argue for Big Oil.

Big Oil policy “Nothing is holy”

Furthermore, the American Petroleum Institute pave ways on a global scale to control oil production around the world from Iraq, Nigeria, and the Gulf of Mexico, methods such as fracking, tar sand recovering, drilling in the Arctic, Alaska and deep-sea exploration with new technologies. API work against “policies that restrict our ability to develop foreign resources as efficiently as we could,” such as “Outright unilateral sanctions—for example Iran or other countries” against which the United States exercises full sanctions.

The Big Oil policy “nothing is holy,” deny climate change, emission restrictions and steal resources from foreign countries. API defends the use of toxic, heavy metals while the science of epigenetics is proven harmful metals, and chemical such as benzene causes tremendous damage to human health (source Chasing Molecules: Poisonous products, human health, and the promise of green chemistry by Elizabeth Grossman published 2009 by Island Press). Issues only perceived as technical hurdles without a notion of human suffering and social tragedy. When accidents happen such as oil spilling protest from local villagers about environmental damage, chronic diseases, toxic waste, habitat destruction etc. API hire best law firms with unlimited budgets; trials go on for years wearing out protesters. Big Oil is a great, example, how corporations by capitalist ownership exploit and destroys humanity. Big Oils unforgiven way of doing business applies to nearly all corporate sectors such as Big Pharma, Big Banking, and Big Food.

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