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Big Pharma and Healthcare


“Lao Tzu was a Chinese Philosopher. One of the most famous passages from Tao-Te-Ching, the book clearly illustrates the route according to ancient history website: “Yield and overcome, Empty and become full, Bend and become straight.” The passage has awakened many studies and schools of anti-authoritarian minds as a way of solving conflicts peacefully. The sentences remind of “The Middle Way” in Buddhism and illustrate order and disorder in nature, which a wise man refuses to interfere with the natural flow of things in every way. The wise man always has to pay a high price dare telling the truth, not what people want to hear. Reminds me of Galileo to explain the Catholic Vatican superior chosen the foolish one that Earth is going around the sun, not the other ways around. A discussion was ending with non-grata for the scientist no longer wanted in Italy. This post is the second about Big Pharma and Healthcare.”

Big Pharma and patenting

Big Pharma invents new medicines only for patent reasons, as soon as a patent no longer are valid and medication generic other pharmaceutical companies are free to produce the same drug with a lower price. Since patenting, create a monopoly, the maker’s price-setting high and hardly affordable without governmentally subsidised. At the same time pharma, untruthfully communicate unethically, since Pharma employed scientist is not objective, the result not valid or junk science with a variety of non-plausible arguments such as addict able, ineffective and dangerous side effects. Considered smart people as psychologist and doctors naivety and noncritical thinking buy the cases without asking. Mostly because doctors’ concerns are their checking accounts, not people.

It’s a fact the more extended a medication has been on the market-proven safer long-term usage, new drugs unknown long-term risk factors are high. Older medicaments work more effective and most cases better as or than modern replacements. For example, Valium works better for anxiety and depression than SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) medication.

MDMA for depression

The best-prescribed drugs for depression are MDMA (known as Ecstasy but not the same as its often mix out with other medicines) concluded by Dr Alexander Shulgin. A pharmacologist and chemist who for more than 30 years study, actually tested learning from real experience, Shulgin is the only pharmaceutical scientist and researcher in the world to synthesize, then evaluate himself mind-altering drugs, review of human mind and psyche (source Pihkal A Chemical Love Story by Alexander Shulgin and Ann Shulgin. Published 1992 by Transformed Press). Describing an experience from the molecular level, chemical structure, technical data but personal explaining what how it works in the consciousness with words not a movement of animal testing. Alexander Shulgin published Pihkal; A chemical love story is one of the most valuable books of medical research compounds effects on mental disorders, depression, anxiety and mind-altering substances.
Since all the experiments described scientifically, chemically and with his word experienced the impact. He stopped years ago using animals of many reasons, assays such ass nest-building among mice, disruption of conditioned response, grooming, maze running or motor-activities have no value of determination the psychedelic potential of a compound (source Pihkal, A chemical love story by Alexander Shulgin published 1991 by Transform Press)

SSRI, antidepressants are potentially dangerous

SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) antidepressants are potentially dangerous; peoples ability emotionally feeling of sadness and sorrow disappears. SSRI antidepressants mute anxiety; however, the side effects high and long term risks unknown. SSRI antidepressants turn users from active to passive, the gain of weight amplifier the depression. Said not to be addictive and safe by Pharma, however not, the extended risks cannot be predicted. SSRI is highly addicted able at a psychological level, the fear getting emotionally therefore tricky ending. According to SSRI antidepressants statistics by OECD, In every single country looked at, SSRI antidepressant use was on the rise. Global SSRI users per 1000 people interesting data shows the wealthiest countries who still believe money = human well-being (high GNP) are on the top list of users per 1000 people. For example, Norway considered wealthiest country worldwide number 12 with 58 users per 1000 people, Canada also wealthy number 4 with 96 users per 1000 people. (source Business insiders most significant anti-depressant users)

Big Pharma, the hidden cost

Big Pharma incentives of travels, seminars are well-known, doctors whose ultimate interest in their checking account. Makes Life a hell when it could be a paradise. I fix medication improving quality of Life, and they can’t. Healthcare interference, iatrogenic, being a cost-benefit situation, usually results from the treacherous condition in which the benefits are small and visible—and the costs very large, delayed, and hidden. And of course, the possible prices are much worse than the cumulative gains the opposite of saving Life. “Doctors kills ten times as many people as car accidents in the U.S.,” writes Nassim Nicholas Taleb (source Antifragile Things that gain from disorder by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Published 2012 by Random House)

Heroin, for example, works much better than Subutex and methadone, less dangerous the long-term effects of Subutex and methadone is unknown. Heroin is generic, and anyone can extract Heroin from the plant with a little knowledge of chemistry. In 1898, Bayer released Heroin. It was available over the counter and still the bestselling medicine in history. Less dangerous than Subutex or methadone, while Heroin works effective for those needs self- medicate for underlying mental diseases never correctly diagnosed or from abuse at an early age, what is known as epigenetically factors. Without medication, users become the first abstinent, then isolated, not dare going out or socialise, travel by bus or subways impossible with intense anxiety.

When a blind becomes seeing

A new mental state experienced while drinking or taking drugs, a brave new world of freedom breaks the emotional prison, the consciousness quickly distinguishes the substitution and progressively seeks back to the stimuli that give the needed reward. People who wake up every day with anxiety and go to bed with fear is unbearable over long-time, results in Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and suicide mostly by overdose. People without mental diseases that use drugs for recreational reasons, seldom get addicted, and naturally, stop using. People do not become alcoholic because of a few beers but of an unstable mind and mental defects. Subutex nor methadone removes the anxiety the pain; therefore, side-use needed to make Life liveable. The massive profits from selling opiate-treatment drug Suboxone generated more than €0.87 billion for its annual sales, or 20 per cent of the company’s Reckitt Benckiser’s (source The US. joins lawsuits against Indivior, Reckitt over drug Suboxone who holds the patent.

Overdose is far from random

Heroin is a much better treatment option for addicts. Big Pharma wants to keep it or increase numbers of addicts the create profit for example Drugs that treat addiction 2014 the U.S. sales €1.22 billion, drugs that treat overdoses (also false) estimated annual sales €1.13 billion should know they kill and harm more people by refusing prescription of Heroin and meta amphetamines. Overdose is far from random. The deaths come from repeated stressors showing scientific facts from the United States (sources Are Fatal Overdoses a Form of Suicide?) The experts who found the lifespan of older white males was shrinking say’ deaths of despair’ are not All accidental. Its suicide,” said Oquendo, a former president of the American Psychiatric Association and Head of Psychiatry at Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. (The United States had 60,000 overdose deaths last year). Probably approx. 80% conscious suicide, prescription drugs would lead to a decrease in the number of deadly overdoses by 80 per cent, so doctors are responsible for the death of eight out of ten lethal overdoses. Testing by big Pharma is junk science, neither scientifically correct nor objective since they work for the pharmaceutical corporation. Long-term effect not researched the damage takes 30 years before known.

Big Pharma Profits on opiate related drugs. Diagram shows profits from different sectors. Graphics Kenneth Buddha Jeans

Dose-finding or dose optimisation

Medicines for mental diseases tested on animals are a joke since they cannot explain the impact. Ask the mouse how he feels after taking the medication human, on the other hand, can. Every person reacts differently to chemicals; every dose is individual, toxicity level acceptable varies with extreme differences, depending on many factors such as metabolism, the body ability to break down chemicals etc. (source Topics on Drug Metabolism Edited by James Paxton. Published 2012 by InTech). From the book, The making of the Fittest Sean B Carroll writes “Just as the sequence of each’s DNA is unique, the sequence of each species’ DNA is unique. Every evolutionary change between species, from physical form to digestive metabolism, is due to—and recorded in—changes in DNA” (source The making of the fittest: DNA and the ultimate forensic record of evolution by Sean B. Carroll.—1st ed. Published 2007 by W. W. Norton)

The generalisation of dosage makes medication not work at all for many (according to research studies between 40-60 per cent of the more than 100.000 drugs on prescription doesn’t work), while others benefits, no wonder some are scared of going to the doctors since statistically more deadly going to one. Doctors have signed a contract The Code of Medical Ethics means if needed, civil disobedience if the law conflicts with the ethical principles. If they want to help the use of civil obedience against the law, the doctor might lose his licence or get a fine, however, never dare taking risks for others only getting the upside is a result of modernity, historically taking risks for others seen as a noble act, respected. However, most doctors only want the upside of a good life, highly paid, without any responsibility believe they are lifesavers while in most cases doing more harm by interference and makes many suffer in the lack of non-understanding the concepts of compassion, humanity nor loving-kindness, only the figures in their bank accounts. My standpoint is as follows,”a doctor or any other person who experience, see or know of people clearly suffer, committing suicide without doing the right thing whatever human law (no rules without exception), fear of being punished in any way, and avoids taking action is a part of the corruption and human misery”

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