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” That publicity works upon anxiety; the sum of everything is money, to get the money to overcome anxiety.”


“Voyager spacecraft took the image of Earth on Feb. 14, 1990, from a distance of approximately 4 billion miles and about 32 degrees above the ecliptic plane. The image shows Earth as a point of light, a crescent only 0.12 pixels in size. Gaia (Gaia from Greek “mother “Earth) caught in the centre of one of the scattered light rays resulting from taking the image close to the sun. (Source The Vanishing Face of Gaia by James Lovelock. Published 2009 by Basic Books) This image downloaded from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory web site. As far as we know this, a little point of light is our only home, so why are we destroying it. Earth is 4.5 billion years old and yet 500 million years to live before the radiation from the sun will make Gaia significantly warmer and not able to sustain Life.

A human life span just a spark of the light of eighty years, during a short time we fill our minds with hate, anger, greed and violently alienated blow-up bombs, start wars and make Life miserable for others and the coming generations. What is the point? When could we have used this precious Life to compassion, loving-kindness and enlightenment? The battle we fight soon forgotten. First, today can we understand the past, history and time find the truth. Have a few manipulated us in the name of greed? The time is right now, not tomorrow for a revolution, creating a liveable society of which human well-being measured in spiritual values, not in money nor materialism and desire. Find a better way to learn to live with global warming and end the benevolent dictatorship of neo-capitalism before it overgrows itself. I decided to prolong the series. Do we have a story crisis? With several additional issues telling truthfully about the causes of the ecological and human crises.”

Why write about the unavoidable?

With more than 20 years of research gained vast experience in future studies, predict the future what will happen next, impossible yet understand the now describing the outcome is obvious. bThe description gives essential information about potential known factors, yet unpredictability, small events of the disorder cannot be accounted or measured, we know nothing. The things that gain from disorder turning safe into fragile and complexity megatrend that could harm the business, forcing a change of strategies to benefit business profitability rather than continue into bankruptcy, the conclusions a result of perceiving present patterns recognitions (source Marshall McLuhan on the future is the future present). Without financial support, personally, gain nothing from my opinions in positive or negative ways, objective criticism, firmly focused on humanity, global equality, truthfully as much as there is one.

Dare not sleeping!

Critical thinking cutting through patterns, falseness, misinformation, propaganda, newspapers high-speed society and production factors superficially articles without deepness nor any investigation, accept prefabricated research, slowly transform politics, laws, and monetary systems into a new global world order without humanity. Dare not sleeping! With a low grade of Academic background (thank you) nevertheless forced me to study international economics. A few years later fashion design in London, furthermore after travelling for a long time, dedicated University studies of eastern culture and religions (after my Buddhist Refuge, the teacher was cutting a small piece of my hair and gave me a so-called refuge name, an auspicious name indicating the beginning of my Buddhist life. I am a slow learner, however, managed understanding the interconnection of any action, a wake-up seeing the world as it is, my curiosity and revealingly asking question to the master (more than any other student he was forced to use simple anecdotes, he never was angry, other teachers would have recommended doing something else. It made me realise seeing the whole picture, the interconnection, rather than digging deep into a hole, I started to flick.

Later after leaving my master for the University Studies I, dropped out bored with a pre-set school agenda accepting without own opinions other classic philosophers, just reading without asking questions or developing a personal opinion is meaningless. Many books coming out of the universities is only a summary of what they learned; however, seldom a strong own view or meaning. You become a result of given syllabus. Einstein said, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school“. The same opinion how we educated has the eminent thinker and author Taleb, Nassim. I highly recommend his books, particularly Antifragile: things that gain from disorder — published 2012 by Random House.

Diagnosed ADD without hyperactivity

Diagnosed ADD (Attention deficit disorder without hyperactivity) recently, however, born ADD (source Attention deficit disorder: practical coping methods by Barbara C. Fisher and Ross A. Beckley. Published 1999 by CRC Press LLC). My ability to concentrate is mainly on things that interest me, and I tend to overdo stuff. Therefore, I read what interests me and throw away boring books after a few pages. As a young boy, my fear of authorities at school forced me to hide back the biggest boys in mathematics (dyslexia), hoping the teacher should not see me and ask questions. While subjects interesting, for example, history and geography only need to look at a page to memorise text and images visually. Classes with interesting topics I always sat by the window and flicked the chair while staring out of the window daydreaming. How many times a teacher needed calling out my name is countless, at least three or four times of shouting my name before I was back in the real world. In her attempt to check my attention, the teacher-tested me by giving asking difficult questions. To the teacher and generally rest of the class laughing, as a surprise always gave a precise answer, including when, how and where. The teacher, therefore, never had a reason to send mom letters of my difficulty to pay attention. Mum scared me her authority ranking undisputable. My most valuable knowledge is how everything is interconnected (Buddha), therefore perceive pattern recognition and mostly able to predict future trends not precisely; however, the direction headed.


My lifelong ADD gives massive anxiety and without medications not been able to function correctly. Nevertheless, also a gift. Specialists doctors rather than the patient decides dosage, type of drugs and combinations making me worse, therefore forced to self-medication successfully for the last 15 years, not without problems. The self-medication makes it easier to focus and freedom from anxiety, participate in normal activities. Of course, I am addicted. Otherwise, I cannot function properly; people forget that we all are addicted to many things. It makes no difference, medications such as lowering blood pressure, Cholesterol, SSRI antidepressants people take daily (source Anti-psychotics and their side effects by David M Gardner and Michael Heenan. Published 2011 by Cambridge university press).

We are addicted to food, otherwise starving, water, breathe air, and so on, what kind of addiction does not matter when needed. In my opinion, Big Pharma rules and regulations are only made to avoid being sued, since in 40-60 per cent subscribed drugs don’t work, simply because of not measuring the optimal dose. New patented medicines, in most cases, work less useful than the older versions. (sources Antifragile: things that gain from disorder by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Published 2012 by Radom House) Doctors should, for example, give prescriptions to drug addicts. Humanity, the suffering mentally causes people to self-medicate. The biggest lie ever “war against drugs” a war not meant to win or lose, but maintain, its a business like everyone else. The market has divided into a generic and patented. Drugs that have worked for centuries become illegal since it does not bring pharmaceutical companies any profit. The newest patented drug not tested on the long term effect (30-40 years). Without knowing the long-term impact on DNA mutations can be a dangerous path, remember the drug thalidomide? Or the recent settlement and lawsuit of The anti-psychotic drug Zyprexa

Big Pharma is gambling with our future and the coming generations

We are as much addicted to breathing air and drinking water as we are to brushing our teeth. Mentally we do not have the confidence or capacity to recover from anxiety, because of its a result of the stressors. We feel the emptiness inside, causing isolation and social phobia. Epigenetically diseases (sources Epigenetic Aspects of Chronic Diseases editors Helmtrud I. Roach, Felix Bronner, Richard O.C. Oreffo published 2011 by Springer Verlag London Limited) caused by environmental factors and the aggressors from the high-speed society, War, hunger, violence and abuse develops underlying mental diseases. The mechanism to read DNA (epigenetics) is “survival of the fittest”, according to Darwin (source On the Origin of Species fifth edition of 1869, at Wallace’s suggestion, added the phrase.) The protection, such as anxiety is very painful. However, those who have are survivors and can take a lot of pain and misery; ordinary people would if it happened to their Life commit suicide, Life could be a paradise, compassion, loving-kindness, acceptance, diversity creates innovation, changes not machinery or alienation of humanity. Living in an emotional prison is far worse than psychical doing time behind bars.

The legal and the illegal market of pharmaceutical products, biochemistry, synthetic patents vs natural generics, the danger of laws such as the intellectual property rights, viewing the world narrow as the human eye able seeing 3% of the actual spectrum of energy, lights, radiation or electrical impulses. We are blind to the fact that nature is far superior in any way, interference and resistance is not only the way of the fool, but the arrogance of ego thinking perceives only a tiny fraction of the complexity of nature. Modernism seems to believe the environment and biological Life is here for us when it is the opposite.

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