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The environmental condition it is just a symptom


“The four first editorials published in the series “do we have a story crisis,” discussing the root problems of the ecological and human crisis. The final post provides plausible solutions to save humans from extinction, Earth without us become soon a reality as Earth or Gaia (Greek mother) is approximately 4.5 billion years old and undoubtedly will continue for another 500 million years with new passengers. The ecological problems are not the environmental threat, that is just the symptoms, it is a question of survival of the human species, we are ourselves the worst enemy an intelligent predator at the top of the food chain eating more than sustained, doomed starving to death while knowing at the same time.

A lion when hungry kill and eat his master unknowing the master is a source of food, starving and dying as well. The difference of instincts is human intelligence. Our mind lives in a three-dimensional time-space, learning from past experience, wisdom handed over, from one generation to the next, the memories, consciousness in the present like meditations, yet capable predict the future based on past experience and emotions. We are interconnected, future destiny understood and still not stopping, turning, changing the course of direction. Is it the evolution, the avoidable, even not interfere, accepting we are no more than the piece of the puzzle, filled our time, space and not crucial in any biodiversity system, we have played our part and dies out. Acceptance. This is not strange, in the Amazon rainforest De alone 137 species lost daily out of 5 million different lifeforms (source Amazon Rainforest Deforestation, today’s action tomorrows karma) Nevertheless, they want and urge, our suffering, the human power to survive? Taking the last breathe of air, still dreaming of those things never happened in Life. One story begins another end”.

Number of global corporations 1990-2010 diagram. Graphics Kenneth Buddha Jeans

The man-machine

The more than 64.0000 global corporations fight over the same resources, markets and consumers. The first post discussed the rise of global corporations, their tremendous environmental damage, and human health. Furthermore, how corporation and media make it difficult to speak the truth, a structure where nobody is responsible and the capitalist control of mass media (controls approximately 80 per cent of mass media). Now, is not enough to speak the truth but communicate it (Edward Snowden, Julian Assange WikiLeaks). A global corporation with many thousands of workers is led by a small group of capitalists, they organize, acquire power, wealth and control politicians, anonymously and without accountability for any damage. The book Epigenetics and Chronic Diseases: An Overview Rebecca Smith and Jonathan Mill. Published 2011 Springer Verlag confirms that more than 35 million people die (representing 60 per cent of worldwide mortality) of chronically diseases yearly caused by environmental issues, stress factors at the foetus, and pollution in the modern high-speed societies. The endless hunt for “more materialistic” goods, money, houses, yachts, cars, fashion, information overload, media such as the Internet, digital and social media are environmental stressors and speeds up consumption and accumulate consumer goods (mostly junk), families today rent extra storage space for their belongings that is sick. People consumption is unstoppable “trying to fil a hole just become bigger“. More information Do we have a story crisis? Part One the Corporations

The growing emptiness

Use of SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor or antidepressants) dramatically rise in the wealthiest countries) The ego is never satisfied. “According to RSSI antidepressants statistics by OECD, In every single country looked at, RSSI antidepressant use was on the rise” (source Business Insiders ) We want spiritual values, nevertheless choose materialism. Almost any study on what we want out of life is spiritual, such as I want more freedom or time with friends, people seldom choose a bigger house or a new car, however, choose differently. We understand reality and wish for the opposite, spending more time with your family and children, nevertheless increased focus on the job, work more hours. Since most families today, two-person incomes needed to support the family, previously one income was enough. The abstract values or spiritual, many uncomfortable with spirituality, however nothing to do with religions. Spirituality is universal, feelings like loving-kindness and compassion are alike wherever you are in fact, researchers found in the brain a centre of empathy and helping others. While the high-speed society created by driving capitalism need productive workers.
Therefore, people increased focus on work, buy fast food and renting babysitters to become more effective at the workplace. Getting promotion and the recognition you deserve. GDP does not measure human happiness. Diener Seligman, together with other psychologists such as Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman at Princeton, thinks it is time for a radical change and new alternative ways of measuring welfare. “Economic indicators were critical in the early stages of economic development when the fulfilment of basic needs was the main issue. As societies grow wealthy, however, differences in well-being are less frequently due to income, and are more frequently due to factors such as social relationships and enjoyment at work.” Nevertheless, despite recommendations by Seligman history show that every decision made in our societies is purely for economic reasons.

GDP does not measure human happiness

Bill McKibben writes in his book “Deep Economy, the economy as the world mattered. Published 2007 by Oneworld Publications” “new research from many quarters has started to show that even when growth does make us wealthier, the greater wealth no longer makes us happier” Never forget economics is not a science. A high GDP, for example, does not correlate with human well-being, economic theories unable calculating system complexity, nor include unknown factors such as corruption, lobbying, bribery, tax fraud, and cartels. Therefore, economics provides non-sustainable solutions and increase inequality. Aggregate economic growth such as a high GDP not making us better off anymore, worse as the equity gap increase, socially, psychologically, and environmentally problems accelerate.

So why do we continue?

The daily stressors, the endlessness of entertainment and non-stop routines prevent thinking people barely remember generally nothing, their minds always overwhelmed thinking past or future, rarely present. The second post “Do we have a story crisis story” address the power structure of the wealthiest families such as The House of Rothschild’s, House of Rockefeller, House of JP Morgan and House of Carnegie, families regulate America with the influence of Governmental functions. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, these families built economic empires and global domination. Often monopoly on several commodities, sugar, cotton, human trade, natural resources, labour forces, money supply (federal reserves), oil supply and distribution (Exxon Mobile the largest of the seven sisters in control of oil reserves), they control around 80 per cent of mass-media and established secret organizations influence governments and control international trade. Via international organisations such as the UN, World Bank, IMF, Club of Rome, Council of Foreign Relations, Tavistock Institute and Bilderberger group (source, Final warning: a history of the new world order by David Allen Rivera. Published 1994)

Slaves made America rich

The fortunes made because of free labour, the African slaves together worked in the fields, picking cotton, cutting sugarcane, harvesting tobacco and corn. Slaves working in oil fields, mining and along with Chinese built across America railways the foundation of wealth could not happen without the slaves. African slaves made America the wealthiest country during the 17th and 18th centuries, the advantage of the Americans accumulated vast fortunes, invested in new industries invented during the industrial revolution, primarily within banking and oil (source The Cambridge world history of slavery. Published 2011 by Cambridge University Press). They have many names; The New World Order is the most well-known name. Their ancestors were members of secret societies such as Illuminati, the order of skull & bones or Knights Templar whatever name they have one common goal world domination by a single global government, destruction of religion and removal of sovereign countries laws and freedom to choose. They use international organizations such as U.N., World Bank, IMF etc. legally access and create new markets, turning other countries into free markets, control population and if needed use police and military forces to protect and control their profits (source America’s secret establishment an introduction to the order of Skull & Bones by Antony C. Sutton. Published 2002 by Trine Day).

Rockefeller, Healthcare and cancer

These families are funding different organisations, schools, universities and research such as the Rockefeller Foundation of healthcare (Rockefeller controls by various ownerships approximately 50 per cent of the pharmaceutical industry). Protect investments of Big Pharma, makes specific laws and regulations benefit the pharmaceutical industry, cancer, addiction and mental problems are goldmines, why should these companies find a cure for cancer and companies such as Coca Cola is suitable for their business not bad (add diabetes two medication). Furthermore, they control the money supply by establishing the private company Federal Reserves in 1913 with a licence to print money; it is not a governmental organisation (source The case for gold by Paul Ron, published 1982 by Cato Publishing The Ludwig Von Mises Institute). Since they contribute and fund various organisations (peace, environmental, poverty, build hospitals, etc.), most people believe these great families protect their harmony, freedom and fair labour conditions. The greatness of the biggest lies is that everybody assumes it, hide the truth, the fact a strategy used slowly gain world domination, labour forces a commodity traded just like sugar, oil, cotton and steel.

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