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Biography Florencia Salvioni

  • Name: Florencia Salvioni
  • Birth Date: Unknown
  • Nationality: Argentinian
  • City: Buenos Aires
  • Country: Argentina
  • Location: New York US
  • Agency: Dotto Models (Argentina) and New York Models
  • Modelling: Debuted when she was 18
  • Hair colour: Blonde
  • Eyes colour: Brown
  • Media
    • Cosmopolitan magazine, 1968 Magazine, Remix Vintage, Luz Magazine, Clarín Mujer, Fashion Laws magazine, Para Ti magazine Cerini trends, Playboy Playmates, La Nacion Revista, Mustique magazine, Gente Magazine, MAN Magazine, D-Mode, Las Rosas Magazine, Maxim Magazine
  • Brands
    • Alexander McQueen, Caro Cuore (Argentina) Naima Fashion Brand, ASH Fashion Brand (France) , Silvana Lingerie, Jane Pain Lingerie (Argentina), Gloria Jeans (Russia), MaggioRossetto (Buenos Aires) Kosiuko Denim (Buenos Aires), LeMar Swimwear (Florida), Zingara Swimwear, Kosiuko, MEL0C0T0N, Fabian Zitta, Regina Cosmetics, Blaque. Superga, Giesso, Maia, Martina di Triento, Le Pink Lingerie, Andressa Underwear, Frany&Zoey, Flor Salvioni, Cardón Meristem
  • Websites
  • Illustrations: Florencia Salvioni by Kenneth L Buddha Jeans

Short biography

Argentinian Florencia Salvioni debuted as a model at the age of 18. In Buenos Aires Dotto Models, staff discovered her. Florencia firstly became the face of Argentinian brands such as Kosiuko Denim Brand and Ricky Sark any. She like any other girls dream of a successful fashion-modelling career. Florencia passion for travelling often with colleague and friend Alessandra Ambrosio
Florencia extensive exercising makes her highly attractive as a Lingerie and swimwear model. Nevertheless, nothing comes for free. Florencia’s perfect body makes her highly attractive as a Lingerie and swimwear model. Nevertheless, nothing comes for free. not the fear of gaining weight. Her great body a result of practising Ashtanga yoga for more than seven years. Highly recommend training yoga works on a meditative besides the soul, besides yoga she keeps fit by running on a weekly basis. In addition, Florencia is careful with greasy food admits having an oily skin

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