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Population control


I love Americans and still do. It is the secret societies and hidden agendas of shadow governmental organizations within the American political system that is wrong. I dislike how the 1% richest has manipulated the systems for their own benefit while others are suffering so they can become even richer. I meet Americans everywhere in the world and they are open-minded, positive and always welcoming. They could never do such things. It is a shadow regime of brutalist that is only causing damage in the name of greed that is now about to destroy everything I used to love about the great country. Because the Americans I know would never do such things. Ignorance is the worst enemy of critical thinking we must wake up. What happened really?

Economic growth vs the ecological crisis

The very first post in the series do we have a story crisis? Discussed how difficult there is in a complex world to speak the truth about the ecological crisis. Secondly the impact of global corporations in the 21st century that in one way have made enormous economic growth possible through inventions, industrialization, and innovations. Products and services we cannot imagine living without in a modern society, such as food supply, communication systems, infrastructure, and healthcare that has significantly improved human well-being and provides a comfortable lifestyle for some, while others barely survive on less than the cost of parking a car for one hour. In addition, the enormous amount of natural resources it increasingly demands from Earth cannot ever be sustained. The rest of the world will never get an opportunity to experience a decent life. This must change. Gandhi once said, “The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed”.

The truth and nothing else

To function safely in a complex world we tell ourselves ‘essential lies. We do this on many levels according to Goleman, from that of an individual level to the collective awareness within a tribe or our social environment. Very few people stand outside or even want to torture their minds with things that make us uncomfortable, it’s in the interest of psychological self-preservation. We choose to ignore things and fail to mention them because most people dislike conversations that bring up unpleasant facts that include all of us. On the other side, people can discuss other people’s problems especially if they are irritated about how they deal with it. One can recognize it when listening to other people talk on their phones about issues of others. We like to talk about other problems not our own.

Nevertheless, The ecological crisis is a common problem we all must face sooner or later we all get old and will eventually die. We are as little prepared for death as we are to the ecological crisis. We love small talk and mostly dislike serious conversations. Therefore, people that are concerned often become outsiders or avoided, because many feel the never-ending worries disturb their comfort zone and after a while, environmentally concerned citizens rather keep it for themselves, psychologically humans want to belong, be liked and included. Therefore, they stop mention such issues and pretend business as usual and construct stories we like to hear rather than the truth about whatever worries. In this case the ecological crisis.

Working-class television

There are of course many other reasons as well, some does not believe their effort will make any difference; others are employed in corporations and are afraid speaking up against strategies taken by owners, management or shareholders that are causing ecological damage. It is understandable that people are not willing to risk losing their job, a promotion or putting their families at risk of losing a good life and future of their kid’s education.

While most working-class people are at the end of the day tired and want just to relax as the complexity of a modern society concerned with never-ending news on terrorism, interest rates, diseases, hunger, war, housing prices, unemployment rates, corruption, traffic, oil prices and natural disasters. Simply information overload is far too much for any human being to consume.

Overload of information makes it difficult to think clearly

I hardly watch any news or read any newspapers to protect myself from being mentally insane. I cannot bear the sufferings of the world delivered in just a few hours nobody should. I lose my ability for compassion. I see the suffering all around me daily wherever in the world I might be. one does not need to travel to India to experience it. I see it in my neighbourhood, probably one of the wealthiest places on the planet the west-side of Oslo were most of the neighbour’ residences and very conservative people townhouses, big parks, tennis courts and swimming pools. I daily sense the loneliness of people, their emptiness and stressful way of pretending their life is perfect. They are unable to say they feel miserable, lonely, not loved. The elderly hardly get visited by their kids, results in drinking problems and irrational shopping patterns as the substitute for love and kindness we all need.

The mental diseases caused by information overload and technological progress is soon becoming our biggest problem. The loneliness and dehumanized societies caused by Artificial intelligence, robots, and machines replace humanity in banking to the automatized supermarket. We are addicted to digital media, the Internet, mobile phones, text messaging, e-mails, social media and partner websites. We are connected 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are not seven-eleven. Soon we lack the ability to see the beauty of nature (see Epigenome Eco Fashion Dictionary).

Do not dare to sleep!

We have created a world of overload in any sense possible. This is an ideal state for manipulation by forces stronger than any can possibly imagine. Capitalism is such a structure. Global Corporations has to grow in order to keep an advantage over its competitors, maximize profit and increase market shares. The speed of the consumer society forces a stress factor as we run like hamsters in a wheel. This stress-causing tremendous damage to human biology (Epigenetics) and around 35 million people die yearly of chronic diseases that could have been prevented if we lived differently. Greed demands more, it is never satisfied. We are entertained to death by endless numbers of TV channels keep the mind occupied with activities that prevent us from asking questions. We forget to wonder how things are related.

Historical data show increase inequality

Historically data of increased inequality, false promises, control of money and media, the propaganda, lies and, the fact that behind most crimes against humanity is not some small terrorist cells but the very state we all are a part of. It was not terrorist that killed Saddam Hussein and invaded Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom) in 2003 it was the president George W. Bush, source Wikipedia. The truth is that the President was involved in the oil business with his own company Arbusto Energy that was in business with Bin Laden family in the Arabic world according to American Free Press. The false propaganda claiming they had massive amounts of chemical weapons came from our own governments so we could justify invention. Have we turned the blind eye or is our ability to think critically taken away deliberately?

History show now how a few people driven by greed have made fortunes by supporting governments or delivered technology that leads to genocide without any regrets or bad guilt and not even punished for their involvement. This started with the Industrial Revolution. For the first time in my life, I am actually scared to continue my research into a problem of such a psychological character. I feel now that the difficulty speaking the truth even within what we believe is a ”free society”. How can a government keep secrets for their own people? Secrets do not belong to a healthy democracy. People that are telling the truth such as Edward Snowden, Julian Assange founder of Wikileaks and many others are punished by evil forces and get their lives destroyed by telling the truth, it shows clearly the dictatorship in a free world.

The human greed of a few is causing the ecological and human crisis

At the same time doing research finding root causes of our ecological crisis I became aware that is not the environment we need to save but humans from a disease that kills more people than any war, hunger or natural catastrophic named greed. The disease has since the beginning of the industrial revolution created a small elite of extremely rich families that have always made sure they are in control; they financed first World War and financed the second and are right now causing global genocide. They sell their services, give loans to both sides during conflicts and are responsible for a crime against humanity and does not care about anything else than their profit.

During the last years, research leads to study politics, sociology, monetary systems, banking crisis, capitalism, and corporations and for every book or documentary, my worldview became clearer and made me feel very uncomfortable about the situation. Why? Because like everybody else I could not believe it. The truth is that a few families and their members have been involved directly or indirectly in financing and building death camps, selling weapons and machinery that made it possible to kill millions of people even against their own nationalities.

Economics and genocide go hand in hand

During Second World War German tanks were powered by Ford from factories they owned, operated and controlled in Germany. They built engines for Hitler’s war machines. According to the well-informed newspaper Washington Post “General Motors was far more important to the Nazi war machine than Switzerland,” said Bradford Snell, who has spent two decades researching a history of the world’s largest automaker. “Switzerland was just a repository of looted funds. GM was an integral part of the German war effort. The Nazis could have invaded Poland and Russia without Switzerland. They could not have done so without GM.”

In addition German warplanes that got their special fuel delivered by Dutch Shell in Switzerland heavily bombed the Londoners. These war-planes could never work without their help says the newspaper, Independent Francis added that “everything is done for money” in today’s world and he criticised those who preach peach while manufacturing and selling arms.

American railway companies build railway systems into the death camps of Auzwitch in Poland, where Jews were transported to work before they were killed in gas chambers by gas produced by Faber I.G. a company owned by John D. Rockefeller. The website life news tells the following story: ” This was first discovered at the end of World War II. In fact, evidence was uncovered to indicate that Farben engineers had actually designed the gas chambers. This led to some of them being tried at Nuremberg for crimes against humanity including genocide and slavery. Interestingly, I.G. Farben was a financial partner with John D. Rockefeller and Standard Oil of New Jersey in a company called Standard I.G. Farben”. A group of 20 very powerful businessmen was responsible for the killing of John F Kennedy that has been covered up until recently because he was not a corrupt statesman according to the latest documentary Everything Is a Rich Man’s Trick

The slaves what made America rich

History speaks for itself. Slavery in the Americas complemented and the very first stage of capitalism as the growth of globalization force and capable of manufacture became real. Approximately 275.000 slaves were sent to America between 1500 and 1600 century. The next century the figures rose five times as many to more or less 1.500.000 million African slaves happened mostly because of the increased demand for sugar, particularly in The Caribbean.

Nevertheless, the golden age of human trade was the next century between 1710 and 1810 the applied number of human export from Africa rose to more than 6 million people and created the bases and an advantage of the wealth that today’s power structure is based upon, this foundation made railways, oil industry and so on possible for the future generation of the rich. The situation does not make any difference today.

They still got slaves working in central commodities industries that deliver through the hierarchy of their empires. The lowest in the food chain are peasants working in the fields of agriculture in India and elsewhere south that with the use of chemicals in fertilizers and pesticides increase production in one part of the earth system and destroys others. 250.000 Indian peasants are taking their lives yearly because of chemicals used in Agriculture. For example, only 1 per cent of all cotton produced yearly is made organically. The owners or shareholders are not interested in human values except their own; nothing is holy or valid pretend business as usual.

Indian agricultural workers paid peanut money

The workers that get paid peanut money as salary from their owners and risk their lives for nearly nothing compared to the chemicals are exposed. Mostly lives in remote places not to be seen or heard. It could be an unpleasant sight for members of an elite. Before they were seen and forced at the same land their masters owned, now invisible to the management.

Now they clear land for crop production elsewhere since there is no more of their own mark that are productive at least in North America. While trying to tell this story to any Indian or African farmworker is a waste of time, they believe this is the right thing and need to find out themselves by doing. They are like any human being overwhelmed by the western lifestyle that has given us many advantages and a pleasant style of living. Of course, they want it all!

The needs of humans in any modern society today is not sustainable with the earth system, for example moving from vegetarian based food society towards a meat-based needs approximately 10 times more land to produce exactly the same amount of energy. Proving sitting in the tree and eat straight from the source is the most effective. The entropy does not add up. Therefore, it will not enough space to produce a meat-based diet and people will die of hunger in places like India as they are moving from a healthy vegetarian towards a western lifestyle.

Wars are good for the economy and bad for the ecology

The wars came with the industrial revolution and causal connection between any conflicts was not a race or any other barrier it was the economic benefit. The industrial arms race came to a climax in the twentieth century (Cold War now War On Terrorism) and progressive global ecocide becomes absolute. Mostly, until recently ecological damage has been underestimated or not seen important by environmentalists in history. Nevertheless, the cold war alone is probably the worst ecological disaster in humankind.

The evidence for the eco-disaster is incontrovertible as vast areas of North America and Eurasia because of militarized actions have now become unhabitual and unfit. Because of weapon testing and nuclear radiation not suitable for human settlement within many thousands of years, the toxic waste, production, and deployment of chemical, biological as conventional arms include dangerous waste in every step, even preparation involves ecological damage. If one includes also the immense energy used to extract Uranium from the deepest Siberia and elsewhere these zones have become hidden national sacrifice zones whereof millions of people are casualties of genetically damaging for generations because of a cold war we pretend never happened.

An estimated landmass of 10-30 per cent of all environmental degradation is caused by military-related actions and activities. Compare cost United Nations environmental program UNEP is struggling to keep its annual budget million (during the following decade of the Rio Summit in 1992) while the global military spending is more than billion a day.

The annual military cost to society is more than billion while the cost of saving the remaining hotspots of biological diversity is estimated at a total cost of more or less billion. These 25 most fragile and uttermost important places could be saved with a cost of million annually over the next ten years. What should be feared most is the loss of diversity rather than the overpopulation.

Depopulation of Africa

The biggest problem now for humanity is happening in Africa, AIDS has infected and killed more than 30 million Africans, the western pharmaceutical industry has a cure, nevertheless, too expensive. AIDS is most probably caused by humans as a biological weapon (and by mistake came out of control) that deliberately depopulate Africa in order to take control over the largest natural resources on earth. Australia is also rich in minerals, nevertheless, got a white population and is protected by the English Royal Family.

Vaccines are now forced upon a population to reduce women fertility and making men less productive. Soon genetical passport will be forced upon populations, with no privacy about one’s health and it creates a society based on health status and lineage. The question is what is right that we ourselves that caused the problems are now forcing others to behave? And a poor family in Sudan with eight children has a lower ecological footprint than an American family with two children.

This is an extremely dangerous situation and exactly what happened in Nazi Germany before and during the Second World War. Now it is happening again, we must wake-up! The Norwegian poet Arnulf Øverland warned about the danger of genocide already in 1936, some years before the outbreak of World War Two he wrote the poem “Du må ikke sove” (Dare not to sleep!) His poem strikes hard and witnesses the same situation we are facing today. One of the most famous lines from his poem; “You must not tolerate so well the injustice that doesn’t affect you yourself!”


Earth is 4.5 billion years old and got approximately 500 million years left to live before its death. As the scientist James Lovelock puts it Gaia (In Greek Mythology, Gaia is the goddess of the Earth) has already lived nearly 88 per cent of her life. In human years Gaia is a grand old lady. Then, the Sun as it becomes older will naturally increase the solar radiant heat from the sun will be about 6 per cent greater than now, Gaia will become significantly warmer and life on the planet will end as we know it, Gaia will not be able to sustain its ecosystem. If we continue business as usual humans will survive another 100 more years before Gaia will wipe us out, or we can change our lifestyle and stay for the next 500 million years. 

The final post in the series Do we have a story crisis? will discuss alternatives to capitalism such as Gross-National Happiness and the Earth Charter. The most serious and sustained effort to date to state a compelling ethical vision for the future is the Earth Charter, which is gaining wide endorsement and support around the world. The series continues

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