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The final warning for humanity


“The first post in the series Do we have a story crisis? Discussed the Corporations and the difficulty of speaking the truth freely when involved in powerful institutions such as The Corporations. The fetish addiction for economic growth, privatization of social services such as health care, Prison and even corporations with the license to operate on the foreign ground during international conflicts and unbelievable Wall Street investors can forecast, speculate, and invest in prison stocks. The more criminals, the better, people treat their pets more human than people doing time. Corporations are the most effective tool of capitalism to make as much money as possible, fast and nearly without any consequences for the environmental damage legally in a monetary system. Global corporations have become a greedy parasite of modern society in an almost possible way. There is hardly any space or place left where people can just be themselves without the pressure of buying, Have you ever walked into a shopping mall without the intention of buying? The shopping malls have become a place only for people spending cash, it is not a place to meet people. Advertising billboards visually rape the landscape, and the local environment makes it hard to concentrate. The public parks were intended to be a place for relaxation now contain instant noises from music played on stereos, radios. And visual pollution from advertising messages makes it hard for many people to meditate and think clearly.”

Global corporations

Corporations are the most effective tool of capitalism to make as much money as possible, fast and nearly without any consequences for the environmental damage legally in a monetary system. Global corporations have become a greedy parasite of modern society in an almost possible way. There is hardly any space or place left where people can just be themselves without the pressure of buying.
Even water has become a commodity just as sugar, tobacco, oil or corn. Water is filled into fancy plastic bottles labelled to believe it was the man-made product. It’s sad and unbelievable that many people think its safer drinking bottled water that’s been stored in plastic containers. Plastic transported thousands of miles by boats, trains, and trucks. Instead of drinking water directly from the tap freely. The constant advertising messages repeatedly brainwash, we tend to believe their stories. And advertising agencies hide the fact that plastic bottles contain many toxic chemicals and are a petrochemical product made from crude oil. How did it go so wrong?

The power structure and global justice

The second post discussed the power structures behind the intricate system of Corporations, and how difficult it is to find the people that have the responsibility on an individual level. The globalization creates an environment for crime and human disaster. The corporations using several thousand different contractors in rural places manufacturing at the lowest cost. Nearly impossible to trace back where, how, and who made it. How come that people do not care when crime against humanity happens far away from and not with your colleges? How come that slavery is still accepted by corporations when they use contractors in the production of their own branded products? Corporations that use contractors mostly close their eyes and ears and pretend business as usual. The employees that do not speak up when they know the situation of the contractors is committed the crime against humanity. This is just another example of how corporations create climates that make people lie and not tell the truth. If the same thing happened in the U.K. or Norway, most people would regard these employees mentally unstable and would have risked spending jail time.

250.000 Indian farmers commit suicide yearly due to hazardous chemicals

For example, 250.000 Indian agriculture farmers commit suicide yearly because of the heavy use of hazardous chemicals in pesticides and fertilizers. The corporations behind the promise to increase food productivity. And cotton farmers use conventional cotton for the same reason (the textile industry used 25% of all the chemicals globally) Only to make more t-shirts. Instead of using organically grown cotton and other agro products without hazardous pesticides. Nevertheless, they still produce cotton conventionally. This is decided at board meetings and with their investors. Because Corporations such as Monsanto manipulate and pay for research to get the local Indian farmers to stay loyal. These local farmers believe they benefit economically, better profit margin, and so on. Anyway, they do not have any choice as Monsanto Indian market shares for G.M. cotton seeds are 99%.

Has anybody asked nature how it feels about pesticides? Or the families that lose a son or daughter because of the hazardous chemicals used? In any other social structure making chemicals that each year makes 250.000 farmers commit suicide would not just get a fine. However, when it comes to corporations and investors, they are admired and respected citizens of their communities. The opposite is the result. It seems the more significant the crime, the more respect from other members of their society, often these people are spokespersons, interviewed by media for their merits, and so on.

The four horsemen of banking have a license to print money

Behind the crime are a few influential and wealthy families, they control the money supply by established federal reserves in 1913, as owners of the largest banks. They control everything from sales of commodities such as cotton, oil and sugar, and even have the power to select presidents. They are identified as the House of Rockefeller, The house of Rothschild’s and the house of Morgans, called The Four Horsemen of Banking (Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo). They are known as the Four Horsemen of Oil (Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch/Shell, BP and Chevron Texaco). These families established The Federal Reserve Bank in 1913 and have a “license to print money”. Furthermore, these families control and own 85% of the Fortune 500 most powerful and wealthy corporation. The same people have historically been involved in every business for the last hundred years. *First, particularly commodities such as cotton, sugar, oil, tobacco and of course banking as the central pillar.

The new world order

The new order has another purpose besides dictating, who is in power with their influences, lobbyists, money contributions and stops Democracy working. They tend to believe that they are superior to regular people, and that is for the best of everybody if a small elite not only runs America but the world. David Rockefeller said that the only thing needed to establish a new world order is the right major crisis, since there, in reality, isn’t any. The war on terror is a constructed artificial well-composed story to gain ultimate control over the masses and oil reserves. The four horsemen try right now to take control of oil energy resources geographically by fear, a false idea that terrorism is an issue making people scared and therefore accept laws that take away your freedom. The last year’s media pressure and high coverage of terrorism is a strategy they use since they control most media.

Terrorism is created to make you fear and its danger is a lie!

By creating fear among the population, they have now managed to pave the way for new laws (the anti-terrorism legislation or act) to stop people from telling the truth. These laws would never be accepted without fear created first-hand, not by any nation or by international law, Congress or any other institutions. Now, The Terrorism Act of 2000 also includes provisions for the arrest of persons suspected of involvement in terrorism and provisions regarding search and detention powers. The law authorizes the seizure, before serving an indictment, of persons accused of involvement in terrorism for up to 48 hours, which may be extended by a judge’s warrant for another seven days. Simply you can be arrested without warning or suspicion of any planned crime or hypothetically protest or demo. Terrorism is created to make you fear, and its danger is a lie! Modern terrorism started in the late 60ś and early 70ś. In the 1960s at the universities in France began to French thinkers (Michel Foucault, Jean-Paul Sartre, Julia Kristeva, Phillipe Sollers, and Jean-Luc Godard. ) a revolution inspired by China’s Cultural Revolution.

Baader Meinhof and new political tools of resistance

The younger generation in West-Germany was inspired by the same ideas. However, in West-Germany highly educated university students, politically left-wing, anti-imperialistic view of the younger generation without an identity, angry, and emotionally imprisoned. They felt unable and handcuffed by the Americans that got large military installations because of the cold war when Germans were not allowed even to defend themselves. Terrorism was an urban, effective way to get medias tension, a new political tool that just happened, it was not planned. Across the English canal, another long-lasting conflict caused by the British Government and the political and religious situation in the Northern Ireland, the militant group IRA was from the start a conflict not by words but weapons.

Talks between students at universities at parties and meetings among friends. These talk especially between the journalist Ulrike Meyer and Andreas Baader. Andreas was an idealistic young man, action-oriented and without fear. They were both intellectuals, and able to argue, write and stand for their views in a way most Germans understood and felt like. Their popularity despite their use of violence was high among the West-German population. They wanted as many others to create a new German Identity, nevertheless impossible because of the political situation. It’s started with flower power hippies in early 1960 only to end in a tragedy.

In 1968 the group was involved in an action against consumer capitalism, inspired by a similar movement in Belgium. On the night of April 2, 1968, two fires were set in two department stores in Frankfurt. Baader, Ensslin, Proll, and Söhnlein remained in Frankfurt and were arrested three days later. In October 1968, they were sentenced to three years in prison for arson. After being released pending an appeal, as the rope tightened around their neck, they just became harder and more violent as their actions progressed. In the end, their efforts created a monster they could not handle. And whatever happened to them in the Stammheim Stuttgart prison that housed the primary Baader-Meinhof defendants during their trials, if they were killed or committed suicide was a political decision.

Social control by the massive debt burden

The same terrorism we are presented today is a strategy, constructed and false. The strategy behind terrorism is population control. The final step towards a planned Genocide and second gain control of energy resources. Terrorism is not a real threat in any western society is used to gain access to resources geographically since they could not use the debt strategy. The World Bank and IMF could not use monetary policy to gain control over resources in the Arabic world, therefore created terrorism as a reason.

Nearly all countries have been slowly tapped for their natural resources using a debt strategy. The poor credit ratings given makes the interest rate high. The high prices make it impossible for most countries to pay off their loans. IMF and the World Bank allows these nations to pay off their interest rates by “lending” their natural resources to global corporations. Terrorism is not a real threat in any western societies, its two times a bigger chance to die from the Peanut allergy than of terrorism in America. Some of the countries have paid as much as ten times the loans. While loans to America have a shallow rate because they believe they can be able to pay off their debts. Is that the truth? Americans have a debt of 19,8 trillion. The U.S. Treasury manages the U.S. debt through its Bureau of the Public Debt. The manipulation of creating value out of debt by letting the Feds prints money in exchange for U.S. Treasury bonds is the monopoly for the insane.

The foreign debt of the US €17.18 trillion

Americans have a debt of 19,8 trillion, The U.S. Treasury manages the U.S. debt through its Bureau of the Public Debt, Since the U.S. Treasury needs money to run different agencies, they issue bonds for cash with The Federal Reserve. The federal reserves are controlled by the four horsemen of banking. so they are in control of the money supply, they have manipulated the interest rates and in cycles since 1920 caused by regulating rates and withdraw money from the market so the prices go up and people cannot afford to pay their loans. The same thing happened ten years ago when the American financial crisis started.

The Federal Reserve creates the economic crisis

The Federal Reserves with the four horsemen of banking were responsible for the economic crisis in 2008 that also happened in Europe the year after. Value cannot be created out of debt. Since the Fed was established in 1913 by the four horsemen of banking, America has no less than nine times collapsed both economically and socially because of the banking crisis. Their cruel way of this planned money supply and demand cycle happens like this. At the beginning of a period The Federal Reserve’s print enough money and overflow the market with cash, the result creates low-interest rates and easy for people to get loans. This stimulates production combined with advertising, soon people start buying consumer goods, cars, boats, holiday-houses and invest in homes.

This is good for the economy as it stimulates production, creates jobs etc. and make more money for its owners. Nevertheless, soon, people have debts in various ways. Much more than they can handle if the interest rates increase. At this point, The Feds starts taking money out of the market, and money supply drops and interest rates start rising. Now people begin to lose control over their financial situation and panic increase, so they begin to sell. What happens when many people start to sell, the prices go down? In a short time, regular family’s materials assets such as houses, cars, consumer goods are less worth than their total debt. Banks become aware they might lose money on loans without security. The story ends with families that after paying off their investments does not have a place to live and are in debt. The four horsemen of banking profit from the cycle, increase population control as they become debt slaves (See circular consumption illustration).

David Rockefeller: “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order.”

The final step is for the new world order is to reduce the population by Genocide. The global transformation has already started, the last warning is the new world order plan of population control, and with the Terrorism Act of 2000 in place they soon control police and military. I am not paranoid; I see and analyse the present just as Marshall McLuhan said “A friend has said the future is the present. If you really are curious about the future, just study the present. Only those who have learned to perceive the present can predict the future. They need only predict what has already happened by being the first to see through pattern recognition. For the future of the future is the present.”

Most people are now time nearly asleep and will not believe. During the second world war, the same thing happened, even Jews transported like animals on trains to the death camps thought they should be working, not eliminated. A few people did warn about the danger of Genocide, such as the Norwegian poet Arnulf Øverland, already 1936, some years before the outbreak of the Second World War. Arnulf was a very famous poet and warned by writing one of the most important one “Du må ikke sove” (Dare not to sleep!), the poem strikes hard.

Dare not sleeping!

People in our society is asleep and more concerned about how their lips look after Botox filling and the latest gossips and T.V. show. It’s about time we act and wake up people. Honestly fill a few million user dosages of LSD into the drinking water. LSD was a significant factor that made people in the ’70s realize the Vietnam War was wrong. Unfortunately, today, many people are fuelled by endless entertainment from T.V. and digital media, creating a polluted mindset. For many, the shopping centre is preferred more important than the art museum. Spending money on short-term consumer goods is better than reading books and work-out inside a gym is just a result and substitute for not having sex or human contact.
Humans have never in history had any needs to work-out. However, the new work routines force us to. Genetically food invented by large corporations such as Monsanto, are most probably the source of many chronic diseases. The menu contains more sugar than needed and results in obesity and diabetes two. Arne Næss, the Norwegian philosopher, wrote a book once with the title “Does it hurt to think?” I think most people today are afraid of being bored and less critical about what improves our society and way of living. Dare not to sleep!

Blind for the suffering of the world

100 year ago, one needed to go to the circus to watch a fat person and even pay for it. So, is, in fact, our diet better now? The endless entertainment makes us less able to feel empathy or compassion for others, our world becomes limited. Blind for the suffering, we all do the same things, buy the same products and watch the same shows. Think if Prozac were invented 100 years ago the artist’s greatness would not be any great poems, books, art or philosophers. The need for being effective has made us alike hardly anyone understand or care how important the variations in natures the biology of different meanings creates dynamic societies. Therefore, more and more people do not feel they fit into the system. Left a small group of active people accepted. The same thing happened in Germany before the outbreak of the Second World War. It did not take long before no other than Nazis were allowed (handicapped, mental patients, homosexuals, and Jews became unwanted elements).
Next post in the series will discuss the Genocide throughout history has eliminated more people than any other events, war hunger, earthquake, Tsunami combined. Genocide and crimes against humanity are not merely historical phenomena. It is estimated that more than 250 armed conflicts have occurred since World War II, with casualties numbering upwards of 170 million people.

Genocide crime against humanity

Genocide (comes from the Greek word genos (race) with the Latin word cide (killing)) and is a term used to describe crime against humanity. Defined by the international community, by the Genocide Convention on December 9, 1948, and adopted by the United Nations. The definition is very broad and simultaneously extremely narrow. Therefore, the discussion of the work of scholars vary, many means that both political and social groups should be included in any definition of genocide today but defined in 1948 as follows:

The Genocide Convention defined genocide means any of the following acts committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial, or religious group, as such:

  • Killing members of the group
  • Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group
  • Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part
  • Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group
  • Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group

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