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For the last 2-3 years, we have published a separate newspaper on sustainable fashion around the world. The news delivered from different writers, newspapers, blogs, fashion organisation and people who love the style and care for the environment. The paper out daily with lastest news on sustainability within the fashion and textile industry. Every day edited and stories controlled by the editor

The top stories delivered seven days a week on sustainable fashion design. Ask yourself first of all, when purchasing a new garment or any other consumer goods. Do I need it? We cannot fool ourselves to believe that there are technology or any new type of textile fabric that’s better or worse? First of all, we need to change our mind on consumerism and reduce and change the shopping pattern. We have during the last 100 years used more of Earths resources than since the first human walked on Earth some million years ago. The pressure on the planet is just at its tipping point. We changed the world one garment at the time.

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Editor Kenneth at Buddha Jeans Company

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