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Our Green Manifesto Updated

The guidance is a significant platform of the philosophy we work towards for a better sustainable fashion future. Eco-Manifesto is the foundation of the company. However, from experience, we believe it is essential those values need repeats. A manifesto should contain great words of inspiration to feel proud of what we are doing and benefit partners and people. The declaration is not a tool of measurable values.
Highly inspired by Eastern religion and culture, notably Buddhism has since the 1960’s change many westerners view on the material vs spiritual values. Our culture is, unfortunately, putting to much weight on materialism than spiritualism. The focus on materialism has given enormous growth economically and in many ways, positive inventions. These inventions have only been suitable for the very few living in the Western part, where some nations consume more than five times the limit of Gaia.

The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.Mahatma Gandhi

Materialism keeps us hungry for more

Nevertheless, the clinch to materialism keeps us always hungry for more, the cycle ceaseless, and it is impossible to fill the gap, never satisfied. There is a constant feeling that something is missing and are seldom happy for a long time. What is causing this feeling? Even among the wealthiest nations, Canada and Norway are on the top list taking the happy pills. We tend to feel lonely despite the advanced communication technology and social media. We believe we are connected since most people spend most of their times online on smartphones 24hrs a day, seven days a week. Our fear of the inactivity, we desperately fill the planner with activities. Make sure that we never have time to stop or break the cycle. We continue our around the clock entertained. It’s a world without end.

Nevertheless, the cycle needs breaking. Otherwise, we cannot find inner peace, comfort or happiness. We are unable to escape our desire for more, as we are lost seeking outside for pleasure, we will never find support or feel secure. Real happiness comes from within, don’t seek out. The Full Eco-Manifesto click button.

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