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Our Green Manifesto Updated

These guidance is a basic part of this website and how work towards a more sustainable life style and better fashion industry. Eco manifesto is a central part of  Buddha Jeans Company, however, from experience, the important philosophy behind our values needs to be repeated. It’s a great source of inspiration why we are doing business in a way that makes us proud and benefit people around us. Green manifesto is not a measurable tool, nevertheless, the fundamental basic and source of inspiration. Eastern religion and culture have since the 60’s change many westerners view on the relationship between materialism and spiritualism. We are not in balance as our materialistic desire unfortunately is far more important  and plays a larger role than spiritualism. This have of course  lead to an enormous growth economically and in many ways positive. However, the pressure on common resources are out of hand. In the last 50 years we have consumed more resources than Earth possible can sustain, some nations consume more than five times the limit of Gaia.

“The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.” Mahatma Gandhi

Nevertheless, the clinch to materialism keep us constantly hungry, the cycle ceaseless and impossible to fill the gap, we are never satisfied. The constant feeling that something is missing, we are seldom happy for a long time. What is this feeling? Even among the wealthiest nations Canada and Norway are on the top list taking happy pills. Prescription of anti-depressant and suicide rate among youngster’s are high, we can include other countries as Japan and USA to a list of the richest countries, the number of people taking their lives are larger than it should.

Seldom people from our western culture find inner peace, we tend feeling lonely even when we have better and far more advantage communication technology than most people, smart phones connected on Internet 24hrs., 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Fear, afraid of inactivity, fill the planner with activities, we are scared thinking. Make sure that we never have time to stop, around the clock entertained. It’s a world without end.

The bad habit keep us nonstop on a treadmill. Nevertheless, we need break the cycle to gain inner peace, because it’s the key finding comfort and happiness in life. We are unable to escape our desire for more, as we are lost seeking outside for happiness feeling never comfortable or secure. Real happiness comes from within, don’t seek outside.  Click on button below  reading green manifesto.

Check out new improved Eco Fashion dictionary, includes more than 1000 terms, diagrams, graphics and illustration

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