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In the middle of 1970s pop and rock, the artist reached their highest in history, and their records companies made big money. Selling music on three different formats (two is nice, but three is heaven) The LP format “holy”, then cassette and soon a new slick format; small plastic crap named Compact Disc CD (less costly artwork and creatives) A technology that sounds rubbish, nevertheless. Claims clean (CD’s are girly, no holds, utterly boring presentation of an artist and takes away the edge of rock stardom, and killed the music industry. CD’s are very 1980s, studio apartment, Bang & Olufsen stereo equipment, Wall Street etc.) However, for a while transformed plastic into gold, a money machine for artists and management.

Punk was anti-establishment 

In the 1970s rock stars did not know what‘s going on (drugs, party, and stardom), their record company management didn’t have a clue what their artist was doing. Their goldmine, swimming in money rock stars had their butler drive their Rolls Royce, private jet, owned football premier league teams, lived in castles, and hired London Symphony Orchestra when recording vinyl 7 inches. Everything became established, high society and artist took the wrong direction away from the genuine original rock star. It had to come something new, the anti-establishment punk movement happened simultaneously, in the UK and America they did not know. Punk as a youth cultural movement lasted fact, very short.

The Sex Pistols divided England

The Sex Pistols divided England into two parts: they under 20 years loved punk they older hated it. Margrethe Thatcher while in a war with Argentina about Falkland’s, she was more concerned about Sex Pistols, regarded state enemy #1 of the British empire.

Malcolm McLaren, the Sex Pistols manager, made sure using a simple business idea “Cash from chaos” was the modern version of Adam Smith “invisible hand”. In America, raw music was the key driver of punk culture (Velvet Underground, Ramones, Iggy Pop) and legendary clubs as CBGBs in New York. While in the UK managed to make a total creative concept. Punk fashion made in London, and the Kings Road. One boutique dictated fashion trends, not any catwalk in Paris or New York. Malcolm McLaren and his business partner legendary fashion designer Vivienne Westwood opened their store with different names; it started as Let It Rock in 1972, Too Fast to live in 1973 and finally the store became Sex in 1974.

Vivienne Westwood legendary fashion rebel

Vivienne Westwood sews zippers into worn-out pillowcases, shopped and sew inside-out, everything was DIY. The environment around the Sex Pistols and The Clash created the fashion DNA of the punk culture. Everything DIY clubs, venues, studios, record companies, clothing, hairstyle and still today punk genes heritage and influence fashion, art, music, and design. Punk made it possible for our generation to wear jeans with holes, Simple as that!

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