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In the 1970s  people started to wake-up even in the suburbs of America 

In the 1970s, people started to wake-up even in the suburbs of America. They understood we have to take care of the environmental problems. The Scientist James Lovelock had since the 1970s promoted an idea, he called the Gaia hypothesis. That Earth was alive; other scientists were sceptical. Therefore, Lovelock made a computer simulation and wrote a program; he called it Daisyworld. New environmental organisations such as Earth Day and Greenpeace made grassroots protests and marches such pollution by corporations often not telling the truth. These companies with their CEOs were more concerned about the bottom line than people. Lovelock succeeded with his experiment, and the Gaia theory ended with a thesis that Earth is a physical and chemical condition that is self-regulating; oceans and atmosphere regulate life itself. Gaia evolves according to Darwinian laws of self-selection, a fine-tuned, interrelated to create conditions conducive to the growth of the planet. Even if humans on Gaia extinguished, the Earth will self-regulate to maintain its own life, and possibly other forms of life within it. See Eco-Fashion Encyclopedia Gaia hypothesis and Daisyworld

Daisyworld Illustration

Earth Day and Greenpeace became root grass movements while the Deep Ecology Movement gathered those highly educated and more radical thinkers 

Earth Day and Greenpeace gathered millions of Americans to march for a better and safer world. Greenpeace started their battle against companies and countries destroyed life at sea. Sea Shepard, the pirate ship of Greenpeace, became one of the most well-known boats ever.  The eco-philosopher Arne Næss founded the Deep Ecology movement. Arne Næss was a Norwegian philosopher, climber, boxer, and Renaissance man.  His deep understanding of the environment came from many sources, his time in nature and as a climber, inspired by classic Buddhism, Gandhi nonviolence and European philosophers such as Spinosa. Always in the forefront, such as the environmental battle of Alta river in the north of Norway.

 The Alta river was on the aboriginal peoples land who had for thousands of years lived with herds of reindeer drifting across the tundra landscape. The aboriginals depended on the river. However, the Norwegian government decided to transform the river into a giant power station. The government placed in the city Oslo 3000 km from the place of the aboriginals (same), and without considering the needs of the aboriginals decided to dry up the river and build a dam.

The activist, Arne Næss of course, used tactics from Gandhi nonviolence philosophy, together with the protesters chained together with the natives. The Police needed heavy tools to cut them loose and remove them as they had learned to lay heavy. It made time for the press to film and did interviews and broadcasted on the Norwegian national broadcasting.

Arne Næss promoted passive resistance. The peaceful resistance on just lay down on the ground as heavy as possible and chained. I remember watching the television, the visuals powerful as well funny, and it took four police officers to carry one person. The heavy bodies carried into police vans, they had a hard time doing it as the officers looked embarrassed and shameful, and difficult.  I remember my parents, friends, and neighbours gossiped about the protesters (long hair and hippies style) as the compact majority said; “they are just lazy criminals, possibly unemployed, jail them”. Thanks to the people that started doing the dirty work nearly fifty years ago.  

  LSD gave a deeper understanding of what is important in life

Most of the environmentalist were highly educated people, many from the hippie communities experimented with hallucination drugs as Magic mushrooms and LSD. Arne Næss while lecturing at Berkley University in Californian said LSD had a major impact on his eco-philosophy. See deep ecology in the Eco-Fashion Encyclopedia

Deep Ecology Diagram

The 1970s was a very special decade

The drugs gave us psychedelic music, dressed up as mods, rocker, hippies or punks. Mike Oldfield released Tubular Bells album and a wave of pompous symphonic rock. The anti-establishment reaction came the year after in1977. The punks with the leading band The Sex Pistols created newspaper headlines and controversies ever experienced among the youth culture in modern times. Margaret Thatcher pointed “The Sex Pistols” to be State enemy number one of England, even a bigger threat to the empire than the Falklands. The people in England divided as anybody older than twenty hated punks while those below twenty loved it. Punks became an attack on the establishment as rockstars hired The London Symphony Orchestra on 7-inch releases while they wanted DIY.

The young generation took the opposite direction as they wanted to be a part of and create their own do it yourself culture. The punk movement itself lasted only for 18 months, nevertheless even today we are inspired by its culture as punk was more than just music, a lifestyle and very fashionable way of managing your businesses. The night when Queen Elizabeth officially held her silver jubilee The Sex Pistols with guest had rented a boat and played their political hymn and version of “God Save the Queen” at the River Thames. As Malcolm McLaren planned, BBC banned the song from being played at radio resulting in an enormous sale of the 7 inches vinyl and Malcolm proved his theory right “Cash from Chaos” worked. The Sex Pistols arrested and several guests among them some of the wealthy and officially decorated today (British Empire). One was Sir Richard Brandon and Vivienne Westwood. The recommended story about the Sex Pistols boat trip, Guardian 1977: the Queen’s punk jubilee Guardian 1977: the Queen’s punk jubilee

Ripped jeans and customising the heritage from punk culture

Radical new fashion ripped, customised, studs and stencil art Fashion turned 180 degrees, and designers and youngsters started to the trash and customised their outfits with creative DIY stencil art, studs and painted leather jackets, high Dr Martens. The leading designer and couple were Vivienne Westwood, and the manager of Sex Pistols Malcolm McLaren as their shop Sex in Chelsea was the trendy shop in the UK and probably the world. Everybody started to play music in bands away from the slick symphonic rock, pure three grip guitar sounds, and a drum. Girls and boys stack pins in the nose, Levis 501, doctor Martens, ripped tees and spiky hair with heavy black leather jackets was the code. Image Reid,  above taken from the 1970´s punk fashion lookbooks and youth culture

The style of the environmentalist’s garments based upon quality garments, especially the anorak was branded Fjällreven, Bergans, Norrøna, Millet, and Moncler, with high mountaineering climbing boots. Timber hugger shirts and quality jeans,  Levis Flares, front pockets style, denim and heavy corduroys.  Double stripped and comfortable worn-out brown and earthy coloured corduroys. Authentic and original brands often with roots in climbing and mountaineers equipment.

Mods dressed up in Carnaby Street

The Mods culture in Carnaby Street ruled street style with brands such as Fred Perry, Levis 501, and Ben Sherman. The hippies used Batik colours and psychedelic patterns made my head spin like a kaleidoscope.  From the hippies to terrorist cells like Baader Meinhof, The hippies were a part of a culture vanished in the mid-seventies as the punk scene took over.  Today the hippies are in charge of ruling the society far from their ideas as youngsters.  Finally, the Vietnam War ended, but a new era of violence happened. The image above: The 1970s mods revival and fashion lookbooks

The terrorist cell Baader Meinhof managed to rob three banks in Berlin in less than ten minutes. Ulrike Meinhof and Andreas Baader were university students that in reality I believe intended their first actions into a no way back as the rope tightened around their neck, they just became harder and more violent as their actions progressed and in isolation from anybody else than themselves. In the end, it became a monster they could not handle and whatever happened to them after their arrest if they killed by German police, CIA or did they get any change to commit suicide inside heavy security and isolated from each other? Nevertheless, terror escalated into an uncontrollable beast;  terror and the killings of Israeli athletes performing in the Olympic Games in 1972  it not only out of control for fractions of different terrorists soon passenger planes hijacked and now was directly linked and trained by powerful anti-Israeli and fundamentalism in the anti-Israeli and American imperialism. The police and governments realised they were not equipped or trained for urban terror, as bombs exploded in cars, supermarkets and malls. They started training and got budgets to kill it once and for all. However, it was too late as terrorism should attack the twin towers in New York.

Mark Spitz won seven Olympic Gold medals

Mark Spitz won seven Olympic gold medals and turned the world upside down. In the Olympic game, Mark Spits finally won seven Olympic gold and too all possible world records. In the last race, as his hand reached the goal, he realised and understood that the world would never be the same again. He did not ever swim again as it was unnecessary to prove that the most arrogant swimmer of all time finally got paid for the hard work he had done under the hard discipline of a crazy that turned him into a swimmer we had never seen before.  Nobody trained more than Mark after training 10 hours a day, 365 days a year he knocks them all out as he promised long before the Olympic games. But sadly he could not do anything else in life than swimming, so his performance on TV and interviews turned very bad out for him. He was an extremely good-looking man as he posed in the bare body, round his neck were seven gold medals.

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