Happy birthday Earth Day, chronological environmental happenings 1970-1980 Part Two

Chronically environmental happenings 1976 – 1980 part two

We were hippies in 1970’s

We were hippies in 1970; my hair was long; worn out, and my brown corduroy boot cut jeans and Tunica from Greece looked good Late 1975 my hair was cut and shaved into a Mohawk, 501 jeans and lengthy DR Martens. My leather jacket painted with punk slogans in white car paint, and my nose got a pin in it. Gone were the drugs and flowers, we replaced it with pints of lager and stones. The alcohol made us mad about anger as we somehow needed to balance the love we gave as hippies. Sex Pistols was larger than life and when the band song; “God saves the queen” on the boat at the river Thames that night when the queen celebrated. We ruled Britannia, and punks ruled the world. Punk was soon over for me, in 1977 came a band which called themselves Clash. Their music was intelligent and style genius. Never before in the history had music changed the world as the punk movement, we woke up from a dream as we listen on the radio that played California dreaming.

The Clash, Baader Meinhof, mods, and amphetamine

By the end of the 70s, the dark reality of terrorism, fear, and violence ruled. Nevertheless, The Clash changed my look and the way I dressed for the first time I started to spend money on fashion. In 1979 came the film Quadrophenia with the mod revival, the pills got different names but made everything go fast and it made me into a superior version of me; my Parka was two sizes too big covering not only me but my Vespa as well. Read the post about punk tees and how to make them. Tees’s icon one of the punk movements, the fashion revolution started with Vivienne Westwood, Sex Pistols, and the Clash. The Jam made us go “down to the station at midnight” and as the song” “going underground” played the decade was over; I felt thousands of years older. She woke me up and said; do you want to marry me? Then I realized I was no longer a teenager but a man.

What happened in 1975?

What happened in 1976?

  • Passive resistance logging in Brazil’s Amazon region, rubber tappers would form a human chain in the forest against the oncoming chainsaws which displaced them.
  • Regulate leaded gasoline US phase out 1979. The lead phase-out in summer 1979, half of all US gasoline is unleaded.
  • The catastrophic man-made failure caused the damage of millions and death of 14 in Idaho.
  • Chemical explosion Milan spreads dioxin, 30 injured & 300 schoolchildren chlordane skin disease 300 schoolchildren.
  • The explosion of gas Trichlorophenol in the Swiss factory owned by Hoffman-La Roche chemical & drug firm. The gas cloud spread, hundreds of rabbits, birds, cats, dogs, and chicken died in an area and many plants had withered.

What happened in 1977?

What happened in 1978?

What happened in 1979?



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