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Celebrate Earth day

Yesterday on Earth day the weather was beautiful I decided it was a perfect opportunity to celebrate the day in the right environment “nature”. Outdoor spending time without digital stuff is liberating, the true value of being without twenty-first century largest addiction opens another world to creativity, curiousness, thoughts and staying in the present. I remember my birthday in 1975, only ten, growing up with a brand-new world of electronic calculators, Atari TV games, digital wrist, and most of all a devoted green activist, dad. Two years later I should be faced with the dark reality happening in the en last years of 1970’s political environmentalism. Most activist back then was seen as criminals, left winged communist, university students.

Earth Day comes to the suburbs of America

At beginning of the decade when Earth Day was born (Earth Day April 22, 1970), the movement was more seen as a part of flower power. The days when hippy culture finally come to the suburbs of America, Earth day moved the masses out into the streets and became an icon of environmentalism as we know it now. The once seen criminal is now the true heroes of a new environmentally conscious youth culture, and history repeats itself.

One day, I never forget happened in the autumn of 1977, as my mom on the phone got the sad news, dad and two of his friends, and green activist was killed in a direct green action. When they barricaded themselves more than 100 meters above the ground, climbing on the top of a factory pipe, they somehow suspiciously fell off (they were rather experienced mountaineers) was at no time investigated properly. Nevertheless, later I came to know they did not fall down accidentally they were killed. The activist mission getting the media’s attention towards what they claimed was one of the largest polluters caused the killings of people, animals and massive areas of nature in Northern Europe. The continuing full story; The 70s, green political activism was hard-core; my dad got killed in a green direct action 1977.

A turning point

This day became a turning point as I realized it takes more than protest songs, peace signs and long hair to change the world. And the simple fact that those who got the money rule the world, make the rules in the benefits of few.  I came to understand why Amazon deforestation, population growth, the war, battle against terrorism, society vast drug problems happen in name of raw capitalism. That’s why it is difficult to love America. However, the love of Earth day, Greenpeace, WWF and most important the people behind, members whom every day by small actions changes the world deserve a big happy birthday. And it is those people I love in America.

Gandhi was right “you must be the change you wish to see the world”

We need a global, strong, devoted leader bringing the pioneering actions of 1970s Earth day one step further. Humans are the most dangerous animal, opportunistic, as all higher animals, and characteristically greedy. Our intelligence confers the capacity to manipulate others to accumulate power or resources. We are quite easily trained in violent forms of aggression. Now that we have accidentally acquired the capacity to destroy the climate of this planet, what will we call upon to restrain ourselves in time?

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