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Its impossible to develop a sustainable lifestyle unless actions are based upon compassion

We live in a challenging time; we cannot survive the next century continue as we have.  The years ahead require a fundamental change towards a sustainable lifestyle;  it will maybe take 20-30 years before an outcome is seen. It’s hard to believe what science tells us unless experienced, we think about it,  however, soon forgotten. We live in the matrix whereof we do not take time for deeper reflection. When people get asked about the main reason for environmental involvement, the answers mostly are issues such as global warming, the rise of the sea level, toxic waste, air pollution, etc. These issues are technical and only symptoms of the real problem. Seldom people give an answer on a deeper level such as global unfairness, compassion, equal sharing and so on. A big change is impossible unless the foundation is rooted in spirituality because ego grasping for material wealth is a powerful addiction.

Eco from fad to a brand new way of living

Fashion and sustainability are the opposite, fashion defines as fast, passing and related to a certain style, mostly last for a few months or a year. However, occasionally the trend is influenced by more underlying changes in a society. Those fads become longer lasting, and most probably a result influenced by several drivers. Punk culture was, for instance, a result of high unemployment, unfair political decisions and the huge generation gap in the UK, whereof a lost young generation struggles against the establishment. Punk created a new way where DIY and performance did not need to be perfect or professionals, still now have influence. More seldom does a combination of politics, brand part to the society and our life.

The growing interest and concern for the environment started in the early 1970’s and the outcome of their actions is manifested in a greater awareness, acceptance and measurable results of actions done today more than 40 years later. We are at a crossroad, if we shall be able to make the important step towards a sustainable society the answers why caring about the environment must be rooted deeper than just technically, global warming can only be solved on a spiritual level, without it will not be possible achieving a sustainable lifestyle.

A change starts from within, and we cannot always leave the problems to somebody else to deal with; it’s not me – the politicians,  the landlord, the car industry, European community to blame, not me. You might be right.  However, the odds of a change will be very small by thinking this way. We are responsible for our own future, what can I do to be a part of the change? Your contribution might feel worthless, nevertheless; everything starts with small steps and its only by baby steps the impossible become possible.  Gandhi long walk started with a single step and ended by concurring Britain, an empire.

“What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow. Our life is the creation of our mind” Early Buddhist teachings

The small actions performed; recycle paper, stop driving to the supermarket, walk to school to create a variety of favorable effects.  Everything we do produce its own result a positive action will have a positive result; negative performance will lead to negative consequences; this is called Karma. The law of Karma, which, is actually the law of independence can be stated this way:  positive actions lead to positive results and a negative action will have negative results. The interaction of all the actions we take is complex, no one acts in a totally positive or negative way, therefore, the fruits (not a predicted result). Nevertheless, our karma is a product over the past and what we see now shapes us and set limits of what we are today.

We are limited but space is ours, and we have the choice to act in a certain way or not. Our future is in our hands and what we do now will create it. Besides a personal, karma is also a collective accumulated karma and the world we live it is the product of this. Therefore, many small things performed will accumulate karma, which can have a tremendous impact on the future. Small steps for a better sustainable future lie beyond the ability to grasp that small actions make as much impact as the big.  However, it’s not easy because we are clinched to the idea of our ego, which not always wants us to be generous, grateful or less attached to things.

More interesting What is karma? The most important issue to care for the environment is the ability to develop compassion.“Increasingly numbers of environmentalist, science, and philosopher agree with the Buddhist view; everything is interconnected and impermanent. Therefore, central in the teachings is the individual development of “compassion, love, and respect for all life, avoid killing of living beings include trees”. The more practice a deeper understanding of these issues over time will reduce Ego and grasp for materialism. It will be easier to give without receiving, to help without being asked and act without any advantage in mind. Suddenly, actions happen with the intention of creating a better future, and a new deeper foundation for a sustainable lifestyle evolves. The state of mind will not be affected by fads or a passing trend.

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