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Our personal consumer choices have ecological, social, and spiritual consequences. It is time to re-examine some of our deeply held notions that underlie our lifestyles“, David Suzuki

Environmental quotes David Suzuki

Biography David Suzuki

  • CATEGORY: Environmental quotes
  • WHO: David Suzuki
  • DATE OF BIRTH: March 24, 1936
  • WHERE: Vancouver BC
  • NATIONALITY: Canadian
  • OCCUPATION: PhD in zoology, broadcaster, author, scientist and environmentalist
    • Dr David Suzuki is the main founder of the David Suzuki Foundation, his remarkable work as a scientist, environmentalist, author, broadcasters honored with several awards important both in Canada and internationally.
    • Suzuki’s programs for radio and television is avidly known for his inspirational and easy way to explain the complexities of the natural sciences; not only, in his home-country Canada but all over the world. In 1979, he became the program host of the award-winning television series, “The Nature of Things” with David Suzuki” and “The Secret of Life”; honored with awards for their broadcasting excellence. However, the most important recognition for his work as one of the top world leaders in sustainable ecology.
    • He received the widely important UNESCO’s Kalinga Prize for Science, UNEP’s Global 500 and in 2009, the United Nations Environment Program Medal and the Right Livelihood Award (seen as a less important but alternative Nobel Prize).
    • Dr Suzuki has published more than 50 books, whereof almost 20 books for children.


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