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1970 – 1980 was The Most Exciting Decade of Pop and Youth Culture

The 1970s were probably the most exciting decade of the last century, both in politics, youth culture, music, and fashion. It was the decade we got introduced to a digital new future, the first home video games as Atari became a youngster biggest wish for x-mas, all we wanted was a digital watch, and the electronic pocket calculators made math easy at school. During 1the 970s, we experienced the flower power culture, in California, a group of surfers named z-boys revolutionized skateboarding, and up in the mountains of Yosemite, another group of youngsters invented modern sports climbing. They were called dirtbags and should become heroes and icons for people who wanted something else out of life than a regular nine to five job

The Anti-Establishment Punks Fashion Lookbooks

In New York and London was a subculture developing at the same time; a movement culture should be one of fashion and youth culture lookbook she most crucial happening for music, DIY fashion and creative communication in pop history. It exploded in 1975 when the Sex pistols discovered by a journalist and overnight became punk music and attitude the most talked about issue. It was impossible not to have an opinion about punk, those over twenty-two did not understand, those under soon got a safety-pin through their nose, and a black leather jacket and spiky hear. One of the punk bands should become not only the most crucial group musically but fashion-wise; they called themselves the Clash. Never in history did music mean more for fashion than in the 1970s, punk changed way forever and the Clash took it into the future with their DIY style, stencil art shirts and juxtaposed of rockabilly, Teds, punk, and mods.

New-Wave and The Mod Revival

During the punk years, another new musical direction evolved, new-wave with bands such as Joy Division and Magazine created a style that was inspired by graphic design, art, and minimalism. The band the Jam should be one of the influential groups for the mod revival happening at the end of the 1970s. 1970-1980 was another youth culture developing into a massive trend as disco music, nightclubbing and cocaine created the most hedonistic subculture into pop history. However, in 1980 was the party over as AIDS became the most talked about and deadly disease for disco party culture.

1970s Biker Culture and Fashion Lookbooks

In 1953 came the film The Wild One starring Marlon Brand as the rebellious, Triumph-riding Johnny Strabler. The Wild One became a landmark for American motorcycle culture. The revolutionary style was soon being a symbol of freedom, living outside of civilization riding the highways across the USA. The film Easy Rider made a tremendous impact on the young generation, it came with a soundtrack featuring songs by the Byrds and Steppenwolf, and their rough music fitted these bikers uniform of black leather, boots and denim jeans.

1970’s Hippies Movement and Fashion Lookbooks

Hippies as a movement actually started in the early 1960s and exploded with summer of love in 1967; the colourful juxtapose of hippie fashion led by rock idols such as Jimi Hendrix, and Janis Joplin expresses individuality with feathers, fringe, beads, tie-dye, and a rainbow of eclectic ethnic influences. The link between music and fashion has always been active, nevertheless; it grew even stronger with the hippies and their playgrounds; the festivals.

1970’s California Dirtbags Youth Culture and Fashion Lookbooks

In the 1970s at the same time as the skateboarders pushing their limits using the dried-out pools in L.A as the playground, another group of young people from California escaped the city heat and headed for the mountains. These youngsters should soon be named dirtbags. They lived in their cars, tents or next to the campfire and when the money ended, they sold whatever they had to focus on one thing climbing. Their lifestyles made them legends in the United States and beyond. Their lives were full of camaraderie, freedom, and nonconformity; they climbed hard and most spectacular routes with the minimal use of gear and revolutionized climbing.

1970’s California Skateboarding youth culture and Fashion Lookbooks

In the summer of 1975 came an arid and long period without any rain in Los Angeles, California, combined with the warm climate it forced the government to make a water restriction. Most pool owners forced to close their pool, and it wasn’t long until hundreds of swimming pools across L.A fell prey and was drained to conserve precious water. A group of surfers known as Z-boys crew should revolutionize and create modern skateboarding one day in 1977, his name was Tony Alva.

1970’s Punk Youth Culture and Fashion Lookbooks

In 1975 came punk one of most important youth cultural movement since the 1950s, in only 18 hectic months punk should change music, fashion, and politics. The punk movement became incredibly large in America and England and was the young generation voice against the established, bands as Sex Pistols manage to shake up England and divided the country.

1970s the Cl

1970’s Fashion Lookbooks the Clash, the only Band that Ever Mattered

The Clash was more massive than punk, more fashionable than the Sex Pistols, and took the best of punk; juxtapose of reggae, working-class protest songs and Spanish guitars. Their DIY style of fashion and music changed the attitude of rock and roll forever the night as Paul Simonon smashing his Fender Precision bass against the stage at The Palladium in New York City on 21 September 1979 during the Clash Take the Fifth US tour; their musical style, featuring elements of funk, soul, jazz ska, pop, soul, jazz, rockabilly, and reggae with lyrics that brilliantly described the life of streets and fear of a young lost.

1970’s Mods Youth Culture and Fashion Lookbooks
The second wave of mod culture also named mod revival happened in the late 1970s. It started in the U.K. with thousands of mods attending scooter rallies in places like the Isle of Wight and Scarborough. At the same time, a new-wave band such as The Jam became new indie music stars, and the most crucial cause for the mod revival was the British film Quadrophenia released in 1979. It became massive among the younger. People started wearing the stylish 1960s mod fashion as they were tired of punks, black leather, spikes and DIY tee.

1970’s New York Underground, Disco, Youth Culture and Fashion Lookbooks

In New York juxtapose of culture, nationality and language made young people pulse to beat of the music; small clubs appeared such as Circus, Xenon and Paradise Garage in 1976. Disco was made for dancing, and the traditional 7-inches vinyl grew to 12 inches as D.J.s mixed songs to make dancers absorb with the beat. The Gay movement and women’s liberation progressed, made people open up and proud. Village People, Grace Jones, Gloria Gaynor, Chaka Khan and Bee Gees made disco popularity grew and together with one of the greatest musicals from last century Saturday Night fever made it massive. D.J.s and doormen became brand-new stars, and club cultures grow strong, when Studio 54 opens their doors in 1977, it soon became the playground for celebrities. The party was wild; however, nothing lasts forever; the terror of AIDS made people scare, and the club closed in 1980; the decade was over. Sign up and get reminded of my latest post on sustainable fashion design by buddha jeans.

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