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The 1970s Hippies fashion lookbooks and style

In 1950 came a new generation of young creative actors and musicians and changed youth culture forever, stars as James DeanMarilyn Monroe, Elvis and Marlon Brando gave the teenagers stars they could identify themselves. However, youth culture developed in the 1960s and became what we call modern pop culture. The most exciting decade of the last century was definitely 1970s; popular culture became a political tool used to fight war, hunger, and violence. The previous post was about American highways, freedom, motorbikes and biker culture, today the hippies.

The Hippies activist peace and love

A movement that actually started in the early 1960s and exploded with summer of love in 1967; exuberant hippie fashion, as youth culture led by rock idols such as Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin expresses individuality with bohemian style, feathers, fringe, beads, tie-dye, and a rainbow of eclectic ethnic influences. Nevertheless, hippies in the 1970s were vast; music festival was the big thing, four to five days dancing in muddy fields became Utopia for the massive hippies’ movement.

The many youth movements in the 1970s

Published post on youth culture and fashion lookbooks in the 1970s lookbook; 1970s dirtbags; “In 1970s, a group of young people moved from Southern California and up in the mountains of Yosemite only to climb. They revolutionised climbing and created a new youth culture admired all over the world. Read the story and fashion lookbooks, recommended”. Skateboarding; “skateboarding 1975 California; Z-boys, Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta revolutionised skateboard and created a brand new youth movement. Last the 1970s American biker culture, fashion lookbooks

Girls Modern Hippies Lookbooks

Hippies Fashion Lookbooks Boys

Hippies Fashion Lookbooks Mixed

Hippies Fashion Lookbooks Boys Style

Hippies Fashion Lookbooks Girls Style

Hippies Fashion DNA

  • Event: Wight festival (1970)
  • Fashion: Paisley prints, leather sandals, DIY clothing, denim jeans decorated, embroidery, multi-colored stitching, bell bottoms, long hair, peace symbols, natural fabric, beads, and fringe-dye, patchwork, fare out prints, long hair, peace symbols, headbands, leather jacket with fringes, flower prints, color Levi’s jeans, blankets, bohemian, rainbow prints, platform shoes, tie-dyed, bell bottoms, flares, wooden shoes
  • Transportation: VW painted, bicycle, walking
  • Music: Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, John Lennon, Pink Floyd
  • Place: India, San Francisco
  • Drugs: LSD, hallucinogens, psilocybin, and mescaline, pot
  • Attitude: Eastern religions, peace, love, nomadic, experimentation, theatricality, the sexual revolution, personal spiritual experience, folk believes and freewheeling.
  • Websites:
  • Website images: VintageNow Pinterest

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