The Sustainable Jeans Revolution started at the end of the 90’s for jeans giant. Part Two

Megatrends 2000 Levi Strauss Co Europe, Middle East and Africa

In fact, we have moved out of the mechanized world into the electric world without especially understand the new dimensions of the new world. It is one of the involvements in the scene that people no longer merely spectators of processes; they are very much now involved in processes, and therefore, children love to get involved in making their own films and making their own programs. This kind of involvements is very natural to people in an electric world because an electric world is one of the circuits, of internal looping’s and feedbackMarshall McLuhan

D.I.Y Keywords

  • Street marketing
  • Art
  • Single Solider

In fact, we have moved out of the mechanized world into the electric world without especially understand the new dimensions of the new world. It is one of the involvements in the scene that people no longer merely spectators of processes; they are very much now involved in processes, and therefore, children love to get involved in making their own films and making their own programs. This kind of involvements is very natural to people in an electric world because an electric world is one of the circuits, of internal looping’s and feedbackMarshall McLuhan

Street marketing

The streets are pushing people to become individualistic. Street promoters are a good example of modern-day DIY, an excellent example of how modern marketing is working today; to sell a brand to this generation is to get the product into their hands, then they’ll drive it to wear it, or taste it- if they accept it. Street art moves away from traditional freestyle to stencil art Banksy will become a big name in the new art scene.

It’s all about control the brand’s impression on the street, street promoting will survive as the only true means of personally “spreading the word” to the niche market. The traditional ways of present your products might change as the social playground is also changing. By word of mouth isn’t possible, especially for products like books, media, electronics & movies to get popular extremely fast as the electric world has made the digital technology.


Art galleries move into “houses” and the new “in” places to socialize are the house, offer homemade food, music, local artists, however, in touch with the global world, with links on the Net. This is just an example of the interconnections and individuality. That characterizes the DIY. Is a silent escape from mainstream culture, from everything that is mass-produced and mass advertised? The new generation of consumers will be straighter ahead in their communication, adds that are direct, without an ironic or empty phrase will cut through. Add the overall changes are that the consumer insists on a larger role, creatively, and wants to become more and more a producer, at all levels. This means that we are increasing, insisting upon a do-it-yourself world, whether in decision-making or in consumer goods.

The future of art or art future is the new “Rock and Roll“, replacing to well know idols as pop stars, filmmakers, and writers. We will see a merging of arts, nature, and science. The underground art scene is one of the last fields that are still not overexposed by sponsors. And in fact, the young brand new scene of an artist is basically doing whatever they want, with no pressure of what is right or wrong, what the media, sponsors or audience like or not like. It’s just to take a look at all those new artists who choose to show their work away from the traditional art galleries, and instead, show their work in trendy fashion stores.

Watch out as the art will become the next big thing. Not only with the use of traditional materials, but with use of modern technology, new media. The art movement is going to be important because the art world is unique and personal. Globalization makes people want that. When a product is launched here, you can get it everywhere the next day; a movie opens here and the subsequent week it’s in Europe. Nevertheless, that sameness is something the art world has rebelled against.

Single Soldier

The individuality and the strong need for self-consciousness in life are growing strong. The anxiety of becoming like the parents’ divorce generation. Food for one person (how difficult isn’t it to buy food for one person), restaurants for one person, meeting places, holidays for single person places. Clothes to express, more money for self-marketing in life, high fashion, prestige brands and expensive products will gain (absolute modernists). Because of later settlement in life, more money will be used on personal consumer goods, traveling, self-marketing, etc.

Positive Anarchy Keywords

  • Symbols and codes
  • Sports
  • Networking

Symbols and codes

Symbols will be more and more important as faster the media works. Symbols of unity (peace, circles, Yin, and Yang) are mixed with the positive message like “seek the truth” and “one love” This movement is imported regarding the way we choose to live our lives, the way we choose products (nature, hemp, and Eco fabrics), travel, and services and for example, the S.H.A.RP movement, vegans against -animal-based based food, to become straight, disciplined, conservative and spiritual. To feel special, to be separated from the tribe, the brand E. Play from jeans labeled Reply has a very shamanistic philosophy, gathering images and design from all over the world, collecting the design exclusively through the e-mail.

To encrypt symbols for logos are creeping into the mainstream. A company like Nikes uses the symbol swooshes; however, it’s few companies which have no other name than a symbol. The symbol of the artist formerly known as Prince is one of the first examples in youth culture. The tags of the future will belong with the people in the streets who create a coded language, look for symbols and images that are representative of strength, unity, peace, sharing, collective consciousness, intellectual celebration. The word out -diic (“do it in code”)


Sports will remain the dominant cultural form of the coming years. Sport is driven by fundamentals trends of our time: the growing power of TV -people want to belong to big events, to share something in common. Like the World Cup in football. Alternatively, like belonging to a team, clan, it’s not any longer pure nationalism, is tribal globalism. The range of sport is exploding; today choice, differentiation, self-expression, creativity, fitness, health and body are the emphasis. Rather individual than the team influenced. As rock stars where the idols of the 60, 70, 80 and 90’s,

It’s now the time for sports-stars to become role models for the young generation. Not the traditional way, but in a new, fresh and funky way. Look at sports-stars like Dennis Rodman, Terje Haakonsen, Daniel Frank, Tony Hawk and Danny Way. We can refer to these funky athletes as modern Adrenaline Junkies or free sports. Free sports are excellent for television, and a good alternative to endless rock videos. For the Adrenaline, junkies are all about absolute overkill – to break the barriers, to experiment.

If at all possible, I would like to live my life to the fullest, with the biggest adrenaline rush possible. When you feel a surge of endorphins running through your blood, through your head – I don’t think anything can top it. Life should be just one big adrenaline rush. I don’t ever want to be in my fifties saying, Gee; I should have. I want to say, Yeah, I did that, and I had a damn good time doing it. I want to say. I did most everything – and did it with the pursuit of adrenaline natural, untainted adrenalineKenny Twenty, New York.


When it comes to gain respect and get entry into alternative distribution (as where the adrenaline junkies shops) you have to participate locally if you are a big brand, otherwise, they will reject you. If you, on the other hand, do activities to gain, help the culture, you will soon become a hero. As one of the best street skaters in the world, Christian Bronx has pointed this important message out to Levi’s Nordic Region. A good example of this was the sponsoring from Levi’s, of a video for a young skater in the Nordic to help him promote himself as a pro skater.

The investment was, at the present time he is a pro skater, with respect for the brand, and they now work together. The media is still reluctant to cover women’s sport, but there are signs of change around the world. As the number of the woman involved in sports rapidly increases, media attitudes will change. Women are boxing, men practicing yoga. The traditional boundaries of the sport are changing. In terms of design, there is a move away from traditional ideas of what is constituted “feminine” wear. The function is all.

Oneism Keywords

  • Minimalism
  • Rise of intuition
  • Comfort
  • Details in life


Just take a look at magazines like, for example, Wallpaper, where you can read and see pictures of minimalist, mostly cold Nordic architecture, furniture, and clothing design. This design had for a long time invaded the world of restaurants and bars around the world. We might see the top of the peak coming when it comes to minimalism as a trend today. It’s all about function. We might see this minimalism trend in the light in a world ruled by chaos. There will be a shift. From reason – based on chaos-based logic. Based on the movement away from consumption to stealth wealth and downward nobility; with its demand not for many things but a few good things, this is a signal of function and minimalism. Art moving into minimalism as a reaction to the endless choice we got.

Rise of intuition

In the real world, if you study all the information available to you that might help illuminate a single decision, you will go blind in reading. There is too much of it, and thanks to connectivity, it is as well instantaneously accessible. In the real world, if you ponder all the contingencies that might bear on a single decision, you will go mad about planning. The process is too compressed. The variables could fill the Milky Way. If you are going to succeed in chaos, you must connect with chaos. What does that mean? It means that you must trust in intuition, trust in self.


More into comfort, comfort is the millenniums’ newest code word, whether it means staying in for dinner, clothes made from fabrics that can be packed and unpacked without looking like it or tossing away conventions. Lee Edelkoort, a trend forecaster and consultant too many fashion houses, says no one has yet zeroed in on what she calls “soft wear.” “Comfort is the biggest concern for people” agrees Dee. Dee Gordon, who serves up her predictions quarterly in The L Report, Gordon cites the popularity of sports clothing and renewed chic for Birkenstock as examples of the trend. “People want comfort not only in terms of what they wear, but what they eat, how they smell and where they live.” Hip restaurants have also gone into the comfort mode. New York’s Babbo took its style cues from an Old Italian country trattoria, while Les Deux in L.A. boasted bohemian touches like mismatched antique silverware.

Details in life

Slow is beautiful. As an opposite of the 24 hours 365 days a year. Shopping-mania, there will be an alternative view of life. We live without a zap culture, zapping between TV channels, meetings, pressure deadlines and the twin demands of personal and professional life. We need to fight against the “burn out” syndrome by slowing down.

To pay attention to details in life; however, to details in everything we want to wear. The Italian academic Ezio Manzini is into selective slowness: “When I am working, I’m the machine and there is no way I can move slowly. But when I leave work, I try to switch off, slow down and do things that make me feel good, like go out to the country and relax

SDGP Keywords

  • Tattoo and body implants
  • Game culture
  • Techno-mania

Tattoo and body implants

Salvador Dali’s Garden Party – the world of surrealism; the fantasy world we create, and we want to live in. Role-play games and real role-playing games. In the UK and in Sweden, they’re having the playground for real role games, where they play for up to a week totally in their own world. The clubbers in clubland are an example of the modern-day surrealist. When their penchant for fun, they live out their fantasies in the clubs, the parties, and shows, dressing like cartoon characters, or whatever they wish. Underground parties have become galleries, galleries of fantasy. Salvador Dali was a surrealist, but he is actually making the image Meta’s psychic and indeed not just a funny character group of urban surrealist escaping into other forms of art, using a platform of new technology and traditional form (tattoo) to create the new form of visual hybrids between graffiti and futuristic graphics.

Game culture

Hello and welcome to Sim City. Congratulations on your election as Mayor of the finest Sim Cities in the entire Sim Nation. I’m sure you are eager to get your city started, but there are a few things you need to know before you dive in. As a Mayor, your job is twofold. You are charged with creating a city that brings your dreams to life, but you also have to provide a good life for your Sims. “What’s a Sim,” you ask. All the person that lives in all the little Sim Cities is that huge Sim’s nation, they’re all Sims, and you are they’re new Mayor. There are all kinds of cities that Sims are willing to live in. There are Sims, who’d like to live in a metropolis, or maybe an industrial town is more their thing. Since you’re the Mayor, you can build anything you desire, and you can count on them being some Sims that want to move in. If you want, you can even put together a little island out in the middle of nowhere and if you set up the place right, Sims will move to your city in their hundreds. What’s most interesting is that if you try to turn off the game, you are still in the game playing.


“In fact, we have moved out of the merchandised world into the electric world without especially understanding the new dimensions of the electric world”. Marshall McLuhan.
The development evolving in technology is going to change the way we interact with a product s and services soon. The“Bluetooth” technology means, for example, a whole brand new way of communicating through other objects than usual. The business of shades might change dramatically, if we see the glasses as screens, the new technology will be hidden in the frames as headphones, and glasses will be used as screens.

Think about the information with mobile phones plus online Internet. It will be possible to scroll any web pages you want across the inner eyepiece in your latest Oakley sunglasses. This is the future on the way to communicate, when images, map, important. The question is no longer the technology, but the way we choose to deliver our communication. By now, technology is far above communication models. The future is how technology chooses to interact with communication, the software to provide easy communication, and the comfort of using the material. Hope this will give you a few guidelines and focus where we should use our energy.

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