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Eco-Fashion Encyclopedia updated with new terms

Eco-Fashion Encyclopedia is a part of the Denim Encyclopedia and Diagram Library. It contains more than 1200 illustrated terms.

Contaminated soil.Eco fashion dictionary buddha Jeans

Contaminated soil

Contaminated soil is the presence of pollutants density above background levels that pose a potential ecological or health risk. Humans can contaminate soil by its many by actions, including the discharge of liquid and solids pollutants surface; pesticide application; subsurface releases from leaks in buried tanks, pipes, and landfills; and deposition of atmospheric contaminants such as particles and dust containing lead. Often, the soil is contaminated with a mixture of contaminants like benzene, toluene, ethylene, and xylene also named volatile hydrocarbons.

eco-fashion-world. Eco fashion dictionary buddha Jeans

Eco Fashion World

Eco Fashion World’s guide is your essential resource to sustainable designer brands and online eco fashion stores. It is a good starting point to explore sustainable and Eco fashion brands, designers and organizations. The websites also contain a green dictionary like this one, only not as many terms or terminologies, however, other keywords found in the Eco-Fashion Encyclopedia, nevertheless, without any images.

Emission.Eco fashion dictionary buddha Jeans


Natural or human-caused processes release of material into the environment. This term is used particularly describing airpollution for suspended or volatile contaminants that result burning fuel in an engine, for example. This pollution can be both of human and natural origin. Poisonous gases can be caused by volcano’s acid mists, hydrogen sulfide or forest can naturally fire release smoke, soot, carcinogenic hydrocarbons, dioxins, and other toxic chemicals as well as large amounts of carbon dioxide.

Environmental design. Eco fashion dictionary buddha Jeans

Environmental design

Environmental design is a new approach in planning consumer products and industrial processes that are ecologically sustainable and intelligent, and healthy both the environment and humans. Environment design is based on the work of innovative thinker’s chemist Michael Braungart, business Swedish physician Dr Karl- Henrik Robert. The industrial revolution 200 years ago, raw materials such as minerals, clean water and timer seemed inexhaustible; nature was regarded to be tamed by us as it was a hostile fore, to begin with.

This old philosophy and approach have given us an abundance of material things but has produced massive pollution and environmental degradation. These approaches are besides very energy demanding and lead to an incredible waste. By this means, a car might that only 1% burned in a car moves the passengers while all the rest is used to vehicles itself. It produces nitrogen oxides, unburned hydrocarbon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and rubber waste. The car life cycle is short, and all its parts need to be recycled or ending up as landfill. Therefore, a brand new approach to design is following new guidelines to use the energy for its purpose. For example, in living systems, almost nothing is discarded or unused. The wastes from one organism become the food of another. Industrial processes, to be sustainable over the long term, should be designed on similar principles, designers argue. Use of renewable energy and nonpolluting materials, reuse, recycle, energy-efficient is keywords. Evaluating a new economy based upon productivity by how many people are gainfully and meaningfully employed. It is a very interesting fresh concept, of how we see the environmental design in the future.

Environmental-education. Eco fashion dictionary buddha Jeans

Environmental education

Environmental education is around the world and in the United States a fast-rising and most important discipline. Merging the ideas and philosophy of environmentalism with the structure of formal education systems, it strives to increase awareness of problems as well as to foster the skills and strategies for solving those problems. Environmental issues have traditionally fallen to international policymakers, academics, scientists, legal scholars. The issues (often referred to simply as “EE”) shifts the focus to the general population. In other words, it seeks to empower individuals with an understanding of environmental problems and the skills to solve them. Read also the post sustainability starts with basic values.

Organic-cotton-org. Environmental-education. Eco fashion dictionary buddha Jeans

Global organic cotton

The global organic cotton organization is a web platform of the organic cotton community worldwide, where knowledge about organic and fair-trade cotton is exchanged, and relevant information made available. A discussion for an about topics such as the organic and fair-trade cotton sector, they have comprehensive information about organic cotton by linking existing websites in the sector. It is joint cooperation of HELVETAS Swiss Inter cooperation, ICCO (Dutch Interchurch Organization for Development Co-operation) and SECO (Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs); managed by the Organic & Fairtrade Competence Centre of HELVETAS Swiss Inter cooperation and by Textile Exchange (formerly known as Organic cotton Exchange).

Green packaging

In 1999, it amounted to 33.1% of solid waste as measured by weight in the United States, the packaging is the largest form of domestic garbage. In marketing, packaging has been seen as one of the four tools also named the P’s, (product, price, promotion and place). People value products not only for their content but also for it wrapping. In particular, expensive consumer goods as perfume and healthcare product packaging have been maybe the most important element in the branding of a product.

It gives products a to a greater degree feel, more luxurious and appeal better. However, today as the market is so full of consumer products there simply is not enough room in landfills or incinerators for all the excess packaging the industry produces. Today as raw material prices rise, transportation of goods become more expensive and a more environmentally aware consumer this seems to change a lot regarding future packaging. For strictly economic reasons most packages are becoming lighter. Aluminium cans, for instance, are 45% lighter today than they once were. Shrinkwrap film and a plastic base are increasingly taking the place of corrugated boxes. Fast food restaurants in the United States have stopped using polystyrene boxes to package their food, turning instead to paper wraps. Other innovations in packaging are also happening. For example, the giant company Procter & Gamble is no longer printing on packages using metal-based inks.

Made-by org. Eco fashion dictionary buddha Jeans


Made By is an organization with a mission to improve environmental and social conditions in the fashion industry and make sustainability common practice. MADE-BY was launched in 2004 in direct response to rising consumer concern in Europe over public and environmental issues in the fashion industry. It is founded by Solidaridad, international NGO from Nederland that has been an innovator and driving force in fair trade and environmental issues. Driven by a commitment to sustainable fashion, we work with fashion and textile brands which want to improve sustainability across their entire supply chain, from raw materials through to finished products. Their combination of expertise in the fashion industry and the approach to assessment is valuable for fashion brand around the world. The brand Kuyichi has their out spring of made-by as a result of the big brand no to buy organic cotton in 2000, they simply started the Dutch denim jean’s brand. Read the post-Kuyichi a sustainable brand to admire.

Tailor-made. Eco fashion dictionary buddha Jeans

Custom made

Demi-couture or made to order is probably a better term to use. The best example is men’s tailors who measure a suit so it fits the consumer uniquely. These ways of making products consumer-like and wear it better and longer. Therefore, it is a form of Eco approach to design a certain garment.

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