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Pop culture is a result of totality; ideas, perspectives, attitudes, images, philosophy, music, design, art, and creativity gain popularity across the world in a faster way than ever before. Things and ideas become the standard of mass consumption in real-time. I have never in my life seen so many talented and skilled people around the world than on the net. Every day, I learn something brand new. And it seems like we are a little more helpful and friendly on the net as if we got a new chance to make up for something bad we might have done in the past. So before I say the serious stuff watch my eye candies this week.


We live in the Electric Age

We live in the electric age where the simple numbers of zeros and ones make the pattern of a spider web so fine-tuned that I can present today my favorite hand-picked stuff around the globe to be shared with someone who likes it. And this friendliness and positive vibe will just increase being shared, and the web is moving like a train that speeds into a night. I feel that this global university of teacher and students are constantly evolving, and I believe this is the solution for a planet in bad shape. Information and develop wisdom.

What is the exact mixture? I do not know. However, I talk about what I like and know the most of the; jeans, sustainability in fashion design, eastern philosophies and to develop happiness trough spirituality. Every day more and more people sign up a green lifestyle, making a wave of Eco culture to more than just a fad. It is new times were we repair the things we own, sell, share and trade in our clothes, prolong the lifecycles of products, lowering our carbon footprint. It is no longer a trend to own as many things possible, rather the opposite. Cherish smaller things, and develop a lifestyle more in harmony with nature and ourselves; balance our life between overwhelming clinch to materialism in trade for a life with spirituality.


The Internet is creating the largest movement in history

To reduce is art. It’s up to every one of us to take responsibility, from every singular household, politicians, scientist, religious leaders, teachers, creative people, mega-corporations, you and me. If we can change our consumer habits, develop sustainable products and lower our consumption of goods and reduce it with 10-15 percent we will go in the right direction. Nevertheless, companies must also take responsibility; develop strategies for a sustainable future. We must learn to simplify our lives and learn to maximize quality, share, rent and swap products, demand fashion and products that are made to last, designed to reuse, transform and recycle.



I believe that quality will replace price as the main driver for consumer products during the years ahead, increased consumer demand, less raw materials, increased transportation and production cost will make quality preferred more than low-price. Try not to follow all trends simply because somebody told you. When a product demands unnecessary processes that make the huge negative impact of the environment, it’s finally the consumer who decided if it’s hot or not. Wear-in and not worn-out jeans, do not buy brand new clothes already worn-out by design processes.

When designers develop and design brand new jeans, think of a concept with a mindset that is connected, to understand that every action and performance around the world are interconnected is most probably the most important (design tools are interconnected) for the future in sustainable design. We as consumers must take our part as well, learn to share what is no longer used, repair and stitches a jean. Share the knowledge we have with others in the blog-sphere, share the secret of making jeans that last three times longer and worn into the finest looking jeans.

Sources and Useful Information (Click and Open)
  • Artwork and schoolboy Fergus J. Purcell the Vipers Fang Published by P.A.M 2002 Fergus, Perks and Mini with permission on six artworks. Australia.
  • Thanks to all the bands and musicians, DJ’s, parties, places and creative people who have made my life happy, keep on spreading your energy all over the planet

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