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I’m so happy because today I found my friends – they’re in my headKurt Cobain


    • CATEGORY: Happiness Quotes
    • WHO: Kurt Donald Cobain
    • BORN: February 20, 1967
    • WHERE: Aberdeen, Washington, U.S.
    • DIED: April 5, 1994
    • WHERE: Seattle, Washington, U.S.
    • NATIONALITY: American


    • American musician and rock icon Kurt Cobain, one of the most promising songwriters of its time
    • Kurt Cobain was the lead singer and songwriter in the band Nirvana founded in 1985
    • The band Nirvana debut long-player Bleach released in 1989 on the indie record label SubPop
    • Nirvana was one of the leading band of the Seattle music underground scene, together with bands such as Mudhoney and TAD, mostly signed on the legendary record label SubPop
    • 1991 Nirvana signed a contract with a large contract with DGC record company. The same year Nirvana released the album “Nevermind” with the smashing hit single “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Nevermind the album is one of the bestselling rock-album of all times, sold more than 50 million copies worldwide
    • Kurt Cobain lead singer and songwriter became a legendary rock icon and the face of Grunge culture and Generation X
    • Kurt Cobain did not handle the success at ease, he felt trapped in an uncomfortable situation, intense media stress, concerts and becoming an icon of his generation made him depressed and his drug use escalated: Kurt Cobain self-medicated his clinical depression with heroin, alcohol and other pain-killers. Kurt Cobain committed suicide on April 5th, 1994 with a gunshot to his head, he was only 27 years old

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