The campaign wash-less-jeans donate and download denim dictionary a-z

We have a wash -less jeans campaign where we fundraising charity:water

Information about the buddha jean’s campaign Wash Less Jeans is on the download page in the denim dictionary. Download and donate $2 to help us fundraising our project and support Charity Water. We work with the organization charity water on our wash-less-jeans campaign  you will find additional information about the campaign and other important charity water projects.  The importance of educating the consumers to change the way they wash jeans and wear jeans is essential.

Energy consumption Levi Strauss 501 jean

Help us fundraising charity:water with wash less jeans campaign

Donate $2 and download the denim dictionary. We all know when washing less the jeans will last longer and age better. When measuring the carbon footprints in the product life cycle the general rule is; 60% – 70% when the consumers consume and 30 – 40 % in production, transport and marketing.  To educate the consumers is where the savings are highest therefore this is the most important work fashion business can do. I would be happy if you shared this campaign with other people in your network. To save the environment is to take personal responsibility.

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