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The Truth About Environmentalism in the 1970s

Believe nothing merely because you have been told it. Do not believe what your teacher tells you merely out of respect for the teacher, But whatever, after due examination and analysis, you find to be kind, conducive to the good, the benefit, the welfare of all beings – that doctrine believe, and clinch to, and take it as your guideThe Buddha

The 1970s was a decade when people woke up from the 1960s flower power, rock festivals music and the hippies’ culture started to fade slowly. People got into politics such as the War in Vietnam and a growing concern about the increased pollution, endless traffic jams and environmental issues. They did not only talk about it, but they also dared to stand up for their opinions and most important turned kind words into direct actions.

In 1975 with the help of the hippie’s movement ended Vietnam War in 1975, a brigade of grass rot environmentalist started organisation such as Earth Day and Greenpeace an action-oriented group were involved in direct actions against Nuclear testing at sea and civil obedience towards corporations and polluting industries negative environmental impact. Most people began to understand why and who caused harm to fragile ecosystems and biodiversity on local as well global level.

Earth Day, Greenpeace and the environmental battle

People living in the suburbs of America’s attended the triumphant and massive march organised by the Earth Day Celebration in San Francisco. The rally was held by John McConnell, although not a nationwide event, he and a group of supporters claim it was a grass root’s celebration. The first Earth Day was arranged 11th of September 1971. A few years later, environment protests, marches and activism grew larger. Media covered a dark side of the environmental battle in 1974. Karen Silkwood, an American chemical technician and labour union activist, died in a suspicious accident. Just before a meeting with the New York Times, with documents about safety problems at the Kerr-McGee nuclear weapon’s facility, Crescent, Oklahoma.

The social and ecological breakdown in the 70s was a global concern

Technological inventions and progress provided the basis for a new kind of collective evolution, beyond cultural, religious or spiritual boundaries. I was a ten years old boy in 1975, in the middle of the most political decade of last century I stood in the rain admiring my new, shiny and heavy wristwatch blinking with red digit’s. I could hardly wait to come home after school to play with my brother on a brand new Atari console playing a game of tennis on the telly. The same year I was ten an organisation named OPEC increased the prices on oil by 1o per cent. The Phyllis Cormack, now the Greenpeace managed to end the commercial whaling. The Banqiao Reservoir in the north of central China collapses after extreme rain from Typhoon Nina, the official numbers of deaths were 26.000 people. However, unofficial numbers were high 230.000 was a more realistic death toll. Afterwards, 145.000 people die of the epidemic subsequently after the dam most colossal failure. One good news was the return of salmon in the Connecticut River after a 100-year absence.

My dreams as a ten-year-old boy

We heard about supercomputers, we dreamt about them, games and spaceships taking us to the moon and back, train without pilots and robots doing the work. I thought the future of technology would make life easy and uncomplicated. I walked in the wet streets of the neighbourhood, I looked and thinking “the future did not look bright at all”. My illusionary dreams became a reality. Large factory pipes with a constant flow of grey dust darkened the skies. The acid rain, poisoned water, natural habitat, fish with high levels of chemicals and lakes became dead without life. My dad told me these things and told stories and adventures before Mr Sandman put me into dreamland every night. I remember he said I should not be afraid of the large animals that those who were so small you could not see them with your eyes. The story was one of many about his own battle for the environment and human challenges ahead in time.

Technological progress will make the situation worse

He said “you will find out the supercomputers and robots you dream of at night you will not make a better future considerably worse. Not long after just before he left us, dad made a trip I never forget, far away into the wilderness of Norway, up in the mountains we walked for hours carrying equipment and heavy sacks. We were a group of dads friends, scientist and work colleagues, after a few weeks of measuring, living in tents finally more people came. Journalists from newspaper and television stations with their heavy film-cameras taking images and filming. Even interviewed my dad, I was proud, happy and just a small kid.
My dad told stories, explained the measurement data, and visited dead lakes. He illustrated why, who and how modern production, chemicals and technology damaged lakes and killed fish. Other lakes the mountain fish was given chemically made nutrients so they could reproduce faster and grow more significant than average. The manipulation of the fish genes was a colossal failure as they got sick from it, a virus and after a dead fish was found in lakes and rivers around a large area. They showed research data on how factories in central Europe hundreds of miles away polluted rainwater. Acid rain killed life in lakes and caused substantial negative impacts on the local habitat. He spoke on behalf of a group of activists and biologist. He told the journalists and TV crew that owners, politicians and board members were responsible for the environmental damage He showed water samples containing acid rain.” The madness must stop, or we will go to civil obedience and actions if necessary” he told reporters.

Dad was inspired by Eastern Religion and Philosophy

Later I came to understand his symbols of Yin and Yang, the calm state of the Buddha with the smell of cents and candlelights decorating was his source of wisdom. He told us about Buddhas’great wisdom and things such as The Middle Way. Dad said killings of animal, humans, trees, plants were sacred, and nature with lakes and mountains was not to be owned by anyone, nor corporations or landowners. He said the sooner or later collapse of the environment will happen, my generation or the next will not be able to fix it before it is too late. Dad taught me three things;

  • The aspects of balance and respect for nature and everything around us are the most crucial factor
  • The progress of technology had caused the unbalance, and that technology will never solve any problem instead create bigger ones.
  • Dad said we should only harvest the food needed locally, keep the balance of nature and finally protect every living creatures included plants and trees.

My father was killed in 1977 in a direct action

7 days later, my father and two other activists fell down from a 100-meter high factory pipe. My dad was killed in 1977 during a direct action towards a corporation that was partly responsible for the acid rain falling in Northern Europe, the activists were probably killed by the CIA. The activists had barricaded themselves 100 meters above the ground, in no small factory pipe they claimed was one of the most polluting caused killings of people, animals around massive areas of land in Northern Europe. This impact was not long to be ignored.

Three activists fell down

One night after seven days staying 100-meters above ground, he and two other activists group had felt down from the pipe. The activist was found nearly a week later as their bodies were hidden from media that followed the action, the journalist’s writings stopped suddenly one day, and the story ended fast. I was twelve years in 1977, and the truth was unknown to me. Much later, I started investigating and soon found out some people put their money before human life. The fact was, the activists and my dad were killed because they wanted the world to know the truth. Besides, they stole secret documents that stated the use of dangerous chemicals in production. It did not matter, corruption and corporate money had politicians on their payroll. Investigations found bullet holes in their bodies after hospital autopsy. It was clear they did not just fall down from the pipe as they were experienced climbers.

Bullets, corruption and corporations

Bullets were later found nearby as their fellow eco-warriors broke into the site as it was closed off. Somebody had obviously tried to clean the place. The analysis showed that the bullets came from the same weapons carried by the CIA and alike governmental authorities. Similar actions happened elsewhere and were hidden from journalists and media by authorities. When the truth was told journalists that wanted to publish stories, some got threatened and disappeared. Nevertheless, these issues have never been verified and even dough I was only twelve in 1977 I cannot understand or find the truth of what really happened to my dad and his friends, the unknown factors still chase my mind

Everything in the world interconnected, political actions, environmental problems and big money

Who has the power to decide? Those who have the money are in control. Environmental organisations, underground resistance, activists know the truth of my story, and others happened in the 1970s. The reality could not be hidden everywhere. What happened in Chile with Allende who was removed by the CIA and replaced with a militant dictator Pinochet, trades of weapons and import of cocaine was planned, performed and organised by the CIA. The profit from cocaine sales in the US was used to build democracies in Latin-America and used for political actions around the world. The dirty work was paid indirectly by the cocaine-import-agency CIA, who used the income from drug trafficking in operations that indirectly gave American corporations contracts to operate in places such as the Amazon rainforest. CIA paid for the contras in Honduras, San Salvador, El Salvador and Nicaragua to fight against communism. These operations were costly. They were not on any governmental budgets, money used from drug trade hidden from media, journalists, and even one President of The United States Of America did not know about it. However, most of the profit was taken by the leaders themselves, the Panama banks became a place to hide billions of dollars privately

What do these actions have to do with the environment?

The contracts given global corporation to operate in the Amazon Rainforest was fixed by corruption and indirectly paid by the power of US organisations and The Cocaine Import Agency, also known as CIA. These corporations have since the 1970s stolen and exploited resources as much as 30 per cent of the Amazon rainforest has disappeared since the 1970s The CIA traded weapons in exchange for cocaine in South America, the significant earnings got used in military operations first in Latin-America, later all over the world. CIA uses the profit to control regulatory development, fix elections, the secure American economy, oil export, weapon sales, also, secure US Embassies abroad and keep records of potential enemies or critics of American foreign policies. The political climate in the 1970s was completely different because of the cold war. However, these days, the enemy is called terrorist constructed and false. The only thing that matters is getting their hands on the profit, actions to secure market capitalism. US capitalist trade contracts, pay and lobby political control and exploit cheap labour around the world, no different than slavery hundred years ago.

CIA operations in Oslo

In my hometown Oslo, CIA misused the power over a long-period until discovered by journalist between 2010 and 2011. Retired Norwegian policemen were on the CIA payroll to map unwanted persons in a surveillance-case near the American Embassy, they were hired to keep an eye on the area around the embassy, but also observe political demonstrations there and elsewhere in the city. They reported and delivered descriptions of participants directly to the American embassy. However, such actions are not allowed according to the Norwegian law, they should inform the Norwegian government, not hide it. Nevertheless, I have a deep respect for the causes in which the US have the right to prevent bombing and terror attacks on American targets in Norway and elsewhere.

Finally, who do you think has control over the Opium Markets in Afghanistan, the Al Qaeda organisation or the CIA? The cost of buying out one peasant that produce opium is about 500 US dollars; any nation on Earth understand that the economy of drug cartels such as CIA and others will not slip away such a business. The Russian journalist Arkadi Dubnov said “Afghan sources as saying that; “85 per cent of all drugs produced in southern and southeastern provinces are shipped abroad by US aviation.”


Humans are the most dangerous animal. We think technology will save us, but that is to ignore the facts as much as we may celebrate art, scientific knowledge, poems, paintings and music, we must not forget that our biggest enemy is ourselves. We cannot ignore the truth that we are also the most dangerous animal. Humans are opportunistic, as are all taller animals, and characteristically greedy. Our taller intelligence confers the capacity to manipulate others to accumulate power or resources. We are quite easily trained in violent forms of aggression. Now that we have accidentally acquired the ability to destroy the climate of this planet, what will we call upon to restrain ourselves in time?

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