Happiness quotes For Sustainable Living

“Thousands of candles can be lit from one single, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared” The Buddha

The quotes related to an Eco lifestyle, sustainable design and green thinking

Used as a daily break from everyday routines and five minutes’ reflection upon the quote said by great people around the world, some famous others not. These quotes might be inspirational, reflecting, about inner peace or happiness. Happiness quotes were my first real understanding that they cause a change.   We can feel the constant stress as media and visual expressions giving us far more worries than happiness. Quotes can remind us to cherish what we have instead of something that we do not. It might sound childish but in fact, we need to start creating great energy by use simple words. We live through a time that everything around be explained, measured and proven. Call me when you know how the size, weight and high of happiness? How much is a kilo and how long does it last? The first quote book I got was on happiness quotes. I still got a copy; it’s not only with quotes from the Far East but everywhere else in the world.

What will bring you happiness?

We think we are wealthy, but wealth comes from harmony, not power and money taken from a quote by Lao Tzu. We believe we can buy us out of depression with shopping and entertainment but so far, I never met any who had managed. Instead, the thing buys us. We have an escape button. However, do we use it? We can stop it, and start by doing just a few things to make it better for us self and others around us. Personally, quotes have been to great help for me on a spiritual journey and philosophical path in life and with work with development of sustainable product design. 15 years ago, my biggest problem emotionally was the inability to be satisfied and happy and in general; I thought that most things I supposed to do would have a negative outcome. Actually, I spent more time in the future than the present and if my head got in the past, I only remember the bad things happened. Spiritual awakening. My personal spiritual awakening happened after spending a lot of time in the Far East; everywhere people looked at me with smiling eyes, laughed, and looked happy. After been a few times in Thailand, Railey Beach nearby the small-town  Krabi where a gang of Norwegian climbers stayed during the winter I decided to investigate; the happiness. I was looking at guide books, read about the culture, and then it suddenly stroked me to do a bit research on their religion and spiritual life. I had never in my life felt spiritual or a urgent need to meet Jesus. With some skepticism, I made an effort talking to Thai people about it, but with no great success, as they did not speak to good English and most of the times they only smiled at me.


Visited a local Buddhist temple in Krabi Thailand

A boatman I know changed this. One day he took me from Krabi to Railey, he asked me if I wanted to come with him the next day to visit a local Buddhist temple outside of Krabi. I was so lucky the day after to talk to a few monks and a lama as they just had done their meditation practice. The happiness they shared with me gave me something that I wanted, but as most people know when you get home very soon the travel, and the good things happened become a daily life routine again. However, not this time as usual I started to buy and read easy books with quotes from Buddhism, Taoism and many other related religions and philosophy, mostly from the Far East.

The books with happiness quote more quotes on happiness; love and positive thinking were something my hunger for spirituality needed. In the beginning of June, over ten years ago, I stopped to look like a street poster outside a small bookstore close to my house. The poster advertised for a weekend summer course in Buddhism. A master from Tibet would arrive on her yearly travels to this local community, where she has practitioners. One week after I visited my mom and dad, and I told them briefly about a course in Buddhism. I wanted to do. Nevertheless, one week before I still had not booked any ticket or signed up. I decided to drop it, but as I have, a birthday in June without me knowing it, my Mom bought  me this course as a present.

On the course, I meet suddenly many positive, happy and easy-going people who I never could imagine existed in my hometown Oslo. Where most people look like they are in a funeral going to work during the morning with the tram. However, the real reason for my transformation from a negative person with a happy positive one was Khandro Rinponche, a Tibetan master. I recommend her book “This precious life by,  a fantastic text about the enormous potential we have been borne as a human for self-development and true compassion for others. She gave us during the long weekend something I wanted; with her clear mind and strong presence, she lectured text from Buddhism masters, a lot very unclear and difficult. Whatever message she gave or not, for me a message of happiness, joy and awakening, since then I have tried to follow the path.  If you like to see where she had lectured to the world follow my link. It started with happiness quotes and still today. One of my favorites is the quote by Buddha.

Happiness is a key word for buddha jeans

Can freedom, inner peace or happiness quotes help us with sustainable product design? I believe so, we have based the company Buddha jeans on classical values both internally and towards partners and the people we do business with. Happiness is one of our core values, and we use a happiness quote to illustrate it. Global citizens have local responsibilities. Today, we are truly a global family. What happens to one part to the world may affect us all. This, of course, is not only true for the negative things that happen, but is equally valid for the positive developments.


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