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“You must be the change you wish to see in the world” Gandhi

A change in the world starts from within

The labour or International Workers’ Day, it is a big day to make a difference, nevertheless, fine speeches without actions are pointless. Mostly on such days, great leaders around the world are out with the masses making their fine-tuned speeches constantly written full of promises absolutely written by some PR or advertising copywriter. The most powerful man on earth the American President Obama is no exception, hearing a strong voice surely prepared and guided by PR agencies or political advisers. A good speech requires a difficult yet powerful point, to inspire the audience. I could not make a great speech, English is a complicated language even for Brits, Americans, and not my mother tongue, and however, reaching a larger audience is something that forces my trying. Anyhow, “the most important thing is not to be right but to do the right thing,” said the Norwegian play writer Henrik Ibsen, always defending those suffering.

Another remarkable man is Gandhi, who changed the world, not only India with his view on non-violence or his Gandhian view; he never spoke a word without action. He believed that a person can make a difference; Gandhi did not care about laws that interfered with humanity and unfairness. The first day Gandhi arrived in South Africa was being arrested when taking the train, a sign said “only for white people” without doubt Gandhi provoked and took a seat. Gandhi was not physically a big man, nevertheless, his strength was doing the right thing, never afraid having a different opinion than the compact majority. Gandhi is the master, as few men already walked the path before us; we only need to follow as humble students. A thousand speeches are pointless unless actions made upon words spoken. Read as many books as you like, without actions just a waste of time. I think I made my point clear are you ready for action president Obama?

Are you willing to sacrifice everything doing the right thing?

Honestly, Obama is you sure the message delivered and take your promises into actions because with great powers comes great responsibilities, dare to act despite fear of failing or hope for success makes the difference. I have no respect for those failed rather than never dared. Because we are, living in a difficult time, being great is risking not being popular, humanity needs action as corporate greed, corruption, and a few wealthy families are in fact turning Earth into a hell when it could be paradise. Human’s intelligence surpasses animals, why do we commit suicide when we know it and do nothing about it. A predator such as a lion never manages to eat all the food in the natural habitat because the lions would starve to death. Humans are using all resources leaving nothing to the next generation, do we have a story to tell the future generations that will suffer tremendously because we put desire before needs. We are unable to prevent global warming, its already too late, we have to learn to live with it, Earth will survive and restore systems after all Gaia is a grand old lady, lived 4.5 billion years and have 500 million more years to live before the radiation from the sun becomes significantly warmer not possible to sustain life. Are you ready to scarify a good life to benefit others? Because every change starts from within, only you are the change you wish to see in the world.


2500 years ago prince Siddhartha should find a way to escape his desire and become known as Buddha the enlightened one. Buddha found a way to live peacefully and in harmony with nature and regarded himself sharing the same right as any living being, neither superior nor weaker, only when we manage to escape our desire and self-centeredness can cycle of life continue. We do not need to save the environment, however humanity. Therefore, we are here for nature, nature is not here for us alone. Living a simple life does not mean living a poor life, less in fact more. Everything is interconnected with what we choose to do now is the result of tomorrow. A new ecological order living a life for others is as Einstein stated the only life worth living. “Moving away from self-centeredness, sharing the wealth, responsible for ourselves, agree upon a simple lifestyle reduce human sufferingsBuddhist Statement on Ecology 1996

We are from the beginning humans are dreamers, the difference is making dreams come true, we are all interconnected in time and space, share the same DNA and never need to feel alone. A man is not an island, start making the bridges for change, OK is never a great result, try harder, longer and differently, cherish absurd ideas and never stop asking the silly questions or give up. Gandhi reminds never give up his quote on change one of the finest ever spoken.

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