Anorexia and bulimia, when the mouth has become a dangerous tool of control

Vogue To Fight Eating Disorders

Vogue Italia’s Editor-in-Chief Franca Sozzani, during her Harvard speech, underlined how we all have the responsibility to fight eating disorders. All of us, especially young people needs to become a point of reference for those who do not have the strength to face the terrible eating disorders. An appeal Vogue decided to turn into a reality starting with their readers. After the petition against pro-Ana and pro-mia websites, we decided to ask readers to help. The image manipulated to make the model look skinnier than reality (Jennifer-Aniston). Nevertheless, celebrities should take into consideration how big impact they have on young girls, especially teenagers who can be very sensitive and not comfortable with their bodies yet.

The ghosts of magic hunger

We all have personal responsibility as Gandhi so well point out in his great quote “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” We support strongly Vogues editor action against brands, campaigns, designers, magazines, fashion-shows, stylist, and digital fashion media that supports a culture where models are showing a misleading image of the reality, no fashion models need to die because of anorexia or bulimia. All bloggers who read the post please show your support by add messages to the discussion. If you like the post, feel free to copy and post it in your blog, website or elsewhere as long as the post author credited.

One of the most well-known cases of voluntary starvation is the hunger strike of Mahatma Gandhi; starve for political reasons is very different from the type of starving young models perform. During his protest, Gandhi ate absolutely no food and only took sips of water for 21 days; he risked his life for a political case. What extraordinary about this case that Gandhi was very lean when he started the protest hunger strike, thus not having much energy reserve from the outset. In addition, during his lifetime Gandhi reported having performed fourteen hunger strikes totally against The British Empire. The religious or physiological hunger strike is something that almost only belongs to man through the history of time.

Hunger used as a tool against unfair governments boycotts and political protests most to get media attention. Gandhi against the Brits in the liberation of India, the IRA prisoners in the Maze Prison used hunger strike between October 1980 and October 1981 to be treated as ‘special category’ political prisoners rather than criminals. The first who starved to death was the IRA leader Bobby Sands after 66 days, ten other IRA prisoners died before the hunger strike ended.

The mouth has become a tool of control

Today the mouth has become a tool of control, a tool dangerous, to know how to master the instrument it easily becomes a deadly addiction. This addiction goes from the control of the body, to become psychological, perceiving the body as fat or always overweight. People as looking into a circus mirror, always fat. Many girls misinterpret or are not capable to see once healthy living become unhealthy living. The thin line between healthy bodies was you feel comfortable and satisfied turns into a body of despise. The danger that the body becoming your worst enemy? The fashion magazines advertising and editorials twist the reality of life seeking a false perfection of the impossible.

It is not images of models in glossy magazines alone; also, athletes give the wrong view. A body that is supposed to be healthy is, in fact, an unhealthy, the thin line balancing between a healthy body and a dangerous skinny. Finding a cure healing the body is not easy; cure the mind is even harder. Photography: Skinny models backstage at a fashion show. There is no exact border between a healthy looking skinny body and a sick skinny body. It is not only to cure the body but the mind as well, and the mind is always more difficult. The anorexic will always view the body as fat, unable to admit or feel skinny. Like drug addictions, it becomes hard admitting such problems, even sometimes harder finding the real reason behind.

Buddha tried to become happy and enlighten by starvation

Happiness lies in a balanced body, not thin or not fat (read the post-Buddha the greatest environmentalist) Buddha himself while he was seeking for happiness and enlighten starved for years. He believed that the final solution was to forsaken everything, even food. He believed to become happy and reach Nirvana by this action. He became so thin that he was almost dead when he realized he would never achieve happiness or enlightened by starvation. Buddha had also experienced the situation when he was very rich and lived in decadence; he lived, enjoyed with his harem, and ate a life in luxury without any worries. However, he did not feel complete.

The Buddha symbolized one of the three stages of his life according to The Middle Way. Buddha was not really a fat man, but a regular young man who was living with his father the king in the castle. There are many Buddhas and this fat Buddha was probably Budai who lived later Liang Dynasty, 9o7- 923 CE. This Buddha symbolizes the opposite of the hungry or nihilism direction. Buddha wondered then how to become happy, without misery and as he already had tried both ways he felt lost.

One day Buddha sat by the river and touched the water he felt, as he became the river. He floated as one with the stream and did not any longer fight against it, but his hand floated with the stream naturally. He understood the vision that by eating too much or too little could not make him happy, it was only one when in balance finding happiness, with the potential of becoming the enlighten without sufferings. Buddha refers to it as the Middle Way. Buddha talked about body and mind, the work-out not only the body but also mind as important. A realization the world of supermodels equally dangerous as being a top athlete, for example, pro-cycling such as Tour de France a game were almost every performer involved in and many caught doping. Is it only people working within the fashion industry to change and resist the temptation of creating misery or is money the only driver? Young girls deserve a better future and we can take action personally help to prevent the wrong ideas to become reality.

  • An ascetic is a person who dedicates his or her life to a pursuit of contemplative ideals and practices extreme self-denial or self-mortification for religious reasons, it was very common in northern India around 500 BC
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  • Existentialism is a philosophical movement that views human existence as having a set of underlying themes and characteristics, such as anxiety, dread, freedom etc.
  • Nihilism is a philosophical view with the extreme form of scepticism that denies all existence, it is very misunderstood, for example, as there is no point or people can do whatever they want and justify it by non-existence

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