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To all bloggers who has visited me over the last week

Thanks to all you bloggers and people out there who make the sun shine a little brighter. I want to thank all of you that have visited my blog and given me so many positive words and reactions in writing and style. The reason why I am writing a common post here for everyone instead to each and one of you is due to heavy traffic my server host was down because of traffic and they needed to move me on a larger scale database a few days until its coming back to normal blog traffic.  All you bloggers that visit my blog caused the database to break down

Heavy traffic to my blog caused host server breakdown  I will of course try to look at the comments for each and all of you including those spammers who past my body-guard Akismet. To those of you Spammers get a life and hit someone else’s in your age. Let bloggers who are unexperienced have fun and maybe if they are good at what they are doing and find a blog niche  can earn or learn something special from it. Thanks to Akismet, my guardian spam angle

I can nothing about everything

My juxtapose of education and skills make it  difficult to fit into a special job. First I managed to get a bachelor degree in marketing economics with simultaneously running a very busy pub as the manager. Then later on I took 2 years becoming a fashion designer and for 6 years I studied Indian –religions and philosophies at the nearly highest level PhD (however I never finished my final papers) and in addition worked as a trend specialist setting up monitoring systems for Levi Strauss Co when we managed to turn the company back on the top list after a troubled 5 years between 1995 -2000.   In other words I am not a specialist but a thinker across social mindset, cultures and interrelated business therefore I can tell about the future without  having a crystal bowl I know nothing about everything, not everything about nothing. I label it; I can nothing about everything, as specialists can everything about nothing. In January as I started working on my fashion label buddha jeans  my idea of learning wordpress blogging was to see if its possible to start . All I had been a plan, my skills and ideas. I got about 10 US and a broken HP laptop where the screen was black and I needed to use a TV as computer screen

What is Word press? In addition to that I never heard about Word press before, had a Facebook and Twitter account but did not understand why people used twitter. Ok I am a designer but not on computers I barely understand the Windows office package, got yahoo mail and a Gmail account. In addition to this English is not my mother tongue. Bad odds for successful blogging Bad odds for making a blog, but what I did have been the Word press community, a lot of positive energy and passion to learn, fail and learn. I have one friend who has a master in social media who lend me a few tricks and I had worked on a trend fashion magazine but not as a pro-writer.

Content is king

But I knew why people were reading and bought the magazine, because they had something people wanted to read or visuals to look at and also I knew a bit about fashion, our environment and people What a wonderful blogging can be. As I blogged I started to get in contact with other more skilled bloggers than I was and I dared to ask a few questions about different things who was not clear to me. I have not been expecting any answers as if you ask somebody on the streets or in a library for help they just look strange at you and maybe with as low voice say “jerk”. I heard about You Tube, but Evernote what the hell? But to my surprise not only one fellow blogger but two or three gave me tips and blog addresses and tools I ever heard about as Evernote, Vodpod, You Tube and Gravatars (what the hell was that). I still do not know anything about blogging but I know one thing is great fun and I learn something new out there every day. My English skills are getting so much better than before. I am amazed so many skilled and talented people have I never seen before in my life, everything from poetry to cake recipes. I started my blogging in January’s this year and my knowledge limited, but I want to share as a gift to you who took time writing comments to me.

This is a top ten list for blogging, made by a newbie for a newbie

  1. Start blogging because you want it and like etc.
  2. Be patient. Rome wasn’t built-in one day.
  3. Write about what you find easy and fun to write about. If you have a special skill let others know, because you are the expert!
  4. Content is king and be not afraid to be a bit provocative. After all it’s your blog and your opinion and makes the blog – sphere exiting. It also trigs a discussion
  5. Think about your digital reputation. Do not put up anything that might harm you in the future as you cannot remove it by use of delete button. There might be somebody else who does not  have the same intentions.  It’s better count to one hundred before sending that mail or comment.
  6. Do not be afraid to ask for help from other bloggers or communities.
  7. Find blogs you like and can learn from and most off all inspire you. Same kind of kids play best together.
  8. Try a few blog platforms and find out what you like best
  9. Think about why you are blogging, is there anything I would like to make or a purpose to post
  10. Do not get tempted to take shortcuts or use expensive tools that promise you everything but deliver nothing

Thanks again for taking your time to visit my blog and if you like what you read please subscribe by mail or feeds. It helps me help the environment.

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