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“We can never sustain peace in the outer world unless we make peace with ourselves” Dalai Lama

Quote of the week is Inner Peace

Quotes are a new regular post on this blog. The quotes related to our environment and sustainable product design, have  intention to wake us up every day, start doing small things. Help change the world to a better place for us all and especially does who come after us. Inner peace creates a culture of sustainable fashion design. With inner peace people work better together and that is the reason we use it as our buddha jeans brand value.

Doing old things in a new way

We are heading towards a change in the world, our inspiration to do old things in a new and different way is essential. One must start with passion and openness not only figures made on a spreadsheet. Inner peace is the most valuable thing that we can cultivate. Nobody can give us inner peace; at the same time it is only our own thoughts that can rob us of our inner peace. To experience inner peace we don’t have to retreat to a Himalayan cave; we can experience inner peace now, exactly where we are. The most important criteria are to value importance of inner peace. If we value happiness. If we really value inner peace, we will work hard to make it a reality. True happiness comes from a sense of inner peace and contentment, which in turn achieved through cultivation of altruism, love and compassion and elimination of ignorance, selfishness and greed. This is the only way we can change a world that is in great danger of a breakdown. Hopefully every week you will find quotes that might lead to new insight written and told by great thinkers.

Our spiritual approach to design thinking

We use some of the values that been shared by millions around the world for more than 2500 years. So why do we have to invent a set of values that have worked as guidelines to solve problems in hundreds of years. We see clearly that people in the west are starting to do yoga and hesitation as a part of mental hygiene instead of chemical treatment. Religion and Culture are our greatest inspiration. To develop inner peace are so important for us, and part of why we have chosen our brand name buddha jeans. Written with the small letter b in respect of Shakyamuni The Buddha.  In Eastern culture and religion they have greater focus on mental health and are deeply involved in a close relationship with the environment and deep respect for all of all living being.

We must take responsibility for our actions

We are inspired by eastern culture.  Eastern philosophy and religion have solutions and experience on how we can create healthy and positive ways of solving a global problem. buddha jeans are just a small brand and try to do our best. Responsibility does not lie within the leaders it lays within each and one of us and that is the reason for us to take this seriously with a positive attitude. Why is inner peace so important when it comes to sustainable fashion design. Without inner peace one cannot be-able to solve anything else. If we do not have inner peace how can we then be able to help others, to see clearly or even have freedom in life? We share this small planet, and we are getting more and more members of this big family so we have to learn to live in harmony and peace with each other and with nature. We must learn to cherish the things around us that are imperfect as well, the most beautiful jeans are often with holes or wrong stitches

How can we develop compassion?

With inner peace we might be-able making environment breathable again. If we do not have inner peace we can simply not develop important values as compassion or happiness.  Fashion, fad or short trends are something this industry does to make more profit.  That is why this industry goes faster and faster. Like a dog chasing its own tail. But we can change it. Buy less, look for quality get two pair of jeans instead of three, look for brands that increase quality and the life-cycle of the product, rather than low price jeans  poorly made. They last less than half the time and do more harm to the environment. It might cost a bit more. However, in a longer perspective you actually save money

Global citizens have local responsibilities

Today , we are truly a global family. What happens in one part of the world may affect us all. This, of course, is not only true of the negative things that happen, but is equally valid for the positive developments. Destruction of nature and protection of nature is still in a great conflict. We tell one story but in fact do the opposite But people all over the world seems to wake With Inner peace can we  be able to solve global problems. Without having inner peace we do not have true freedom, happiness or compassion. Save the world one jean at the time


The Nobel Peace Prize 1989 By his Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony


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