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Pop Culture Most Iconic Symbol from The 1950s and still

T-shirts are a visual history of pop culture from military underwear and a blank canvas, self-exploring art and political, humorous, sarcastic and brand messages. The T-shirt has become the icon of pop cultures of all decades. T-shirts are denim jeans mirror the upper part of the body. Besides, it is a part of any costume, everything as suits, weddings, punks, artists, political events and rock concerts. From military action to smart brand awareness marketing. The totality of ideas, perspectives, attitudes, images, philosophy, music, design, art and creativity gain popularity across the world in a faster way than ever before. Things and ideas become the standard of mass consumption in real-time. If there is a unique universal icon of pop culture is the t-shirt. The history of the t-shirts is vast. It is impossible to do within without research. The study of books gives plenty of information, as well as a few of my favourite tees.

Tee’s fundamental genius advantage

A plain white t-shirt works on any occasion. From weddings, in funerals, when invited to formal dinners. In nearly every working environment to the most alternative what-so-ever-festivals. For example, drop the typical suit precise idea – why not wear a suit with new or perfect navy blue Converse and drop the uncomfortable formal shoes. Under the jacket a brand new or very well ironed without or small as possible logo. However, remember to keep the coat on at all times if its’ formal dinner or family, because I am sure that you got a few tattoos you’re not so proud of today.

Hand-printed tees

Over the years, I have from time to time a stall open at some market somewhere. Amongst them some hand-printed and exclusive tees made by Malcolm McLaren cash from chaos. Others signed tees, The who from the early 70s — the unique political messages from The Clash, Bauhaus, and Kraftwerk. And, of course, Dead Kennedys first San Francisco concert tee. The most valuable TeeTee I got still today is an original Run-DMC official Adidas Tee, a few years ago valued by Forbes Magazine €13.000. 

The universal message is that a tee-shirt has become my closest friend together with a worn-out Levi’s 501 jeans. My favourite is the essential white Two Pack Tees from Levi’s. I used to wash and wear them as long as possible until small holes started to appear. Then later I made spray painted one-off as Sonic Youth and the finest for a Fugazi concert in the early 90s. A stencil and black car paint did the job them.

How to make a ripped punk t-shirt

If you buy a few two hands or find some old ones in the closet. Your neighbour, the metal head or an old punk friend might give you some worn out if you promise they get one later on. You can over-print almost anything. I like the dirty white ones my self. You can beat them up first handed by using warm water and primp stones in a sac or put them in a washing machine use three or four bags of small rocks and wash them together with 10 – 15 t-shirts. Please do not add to much washing powder as it harms the environment. Make sure to use a little water and temperature as low as possible and control the float of water. Be careful with the situation. The water from making the t-shirts can be used the flush down the toilets or other activities that must water who does not need to be as clean. A motor engine or a dirty old car wash. That should do it.

Cheers and happy Saturday, enjoy and make sure nothing as good as a positive vibe on your voyage tonight crate an everyday positive Karma and will make wherever you go in life a party. Share your different personalities and enjoy

Recommended books on t-shirts and punk DIY

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  • Vintage T-Shirts ISBN 978-1-84442-001-8
  • Tees The Art Of The T-shirt ISBN 978-1-85669-615-9
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  • Punk ISBN 1-56025 – 369 – X

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