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Weekly Novel clicks

Room Magazine #14

Hand-picked inspiration

The totality of ideas, perspectives, attitudes, images, philosophy, music, design, art and creativity gain popularity across the world in a faster way than ever before. Things and ideas become the standard of mass consumption in real-time. Electric age. We live in the electronic age where the simple numbers of ”zeros and ones” makes the pattern of a spider web so fine-tuned that I can present my hand-picked stuff globally in no-time.

Never seen so many talented people

I have never in my life of the wildest dreams could imagine so many people with such talents and skills that I have met on the net. A small blog to giants gives me every day something new to learn. And if somebody out there wants to help me build where it is a creative one, please do not hesitate with sharing your world out there. I world alone on this blog, and the strength of two is stronger than one.

Longboard Girls Crew from Juan Rayos on Vimeo.

Buddha Nature

buddha jeans wrote with the small letter as in respect of the greatest man ever walked on earth. However, for us, the name reflects Buddha nature; we can always return to the state of life. It is a pure and positive intention. It does not matter if you have fallen off the tracks; every human has the possibilities for doing the right thing. This metaphor we think of as Earth or Gaia before humans with their greed started exploiting natural resources, steal and possess the land. We want to give people wisdom that it’s always possible to reverse and transform Gaia into its buddha nature state. Simple as that. Our microscopic contribution is as vital because it makes a difference. One jeans at the time. Imagine that we all together used this enormous power to do the cause of good things to happen. If we all collectively started by helping another one, by sharing, by telling the truth instead of lying to prove our actions or business goals

London Elektricity – Elektricity Will Keep Me Warm from Hospital Records on Vimeo.

People demand better and longer-lasting quality products

Quality, in every sense, will replace price as the main parameter for sale in a nearby future. Our business vision is to design and sell jeans that do less environmental harm, lower carbon footprint and using less energy than any other competitor and at the same time give the consumer better quality than they expect. To do it, research and taking a new and different approach to innovation is critical. We cannot follow trends simply because we have to make them We cannot follow for example a worn-out look simply because it is trendy, because the process to make them look old and worn demands processes that harm our environment. In the case, it might be better to sell jeans already worn out, repair and resell. Wear In, not out! We will make sure you wear them in and trade or sell your jeans as second-hand when the time comes.

SOLIPSIST from Andrew Thomas Huang on Vimeo.

The digital pulse

Taking the digital pulse a pulse on life outside my blogging home and dive into deep of the internet think tank and surfing on waves of pop culture to find treasures of eye candies. Novel clicks idea is to present editorials from another less commercial angle than most others do, is better to have a few fans than people not caring at all.

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