Happiness Quotes Love And Compassion Dedicated to the people of Norway

“Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule” Buddha

The quote of the week dedicated to Norway on love and compassion

Only one truth inner peace

There is only one truth that can make peace to our inner mind. When you have inner peace, you can do true compassion and love for other people.

Give love and compassion to the people of Norway

I am Norwegian and just small voices which are connected with everything in the universe also with you. Today I ask you and everybody to share your love and compassion for the people of Norway.

To the victims

  • I give from my heart by breathing in their pain and blow out my deepest love and compassion to those who was killed on the island Utøya. I give from my heart by breathing in their pain and blow out my deepest love and compassion to the people who were killed by the bomb in the city. The bomb placed in one of the government buildings in the center of Oslo. Luckily, the bomb exploded just after working hours the city

To the families

  • I give my love and compassion to the families who are in the greatest sorrow and pain for the love ones that was left.

To the people of Oslo

  • From my inner mind, I give to the people of Oslo my eternal love and compassion in a time of deep sorrow.
  • To South
  • For all the people of the southern part of Norway I give you my deepest love and compassion for your losses in this dark time.

To West and East

  • For all people of the western and eastern part of Norway, I give you from my heart the deepest love and compassion to all of you who on this day of sorrow and darkness. To all people of the middle part of Norway I give you inner peace, love and compassion.

To the people of  Trondheim

  • To all the people living in Trondheim I give you my deepest love and compassion.

To the people of  Tromsø

  • To all people who live in Tromsø and in the north of Norway, I give you love and compassion.

The World

  • For people living all over the world I give you my inner true love and compassion

To the universe

  • To the universe and far away galaxies, I give you from the deepest of my heart eternal love and compassion.

By sharing these words for you, I might be able to create favorable Karma.  We are all connected in this world so if you pass on these words or feel that you were touch by them. You also have created some positive Karma.

Create Karma

When a lot of people start’s reflection upon this, we create more happiness, give a little compassion and love from your mind and heart then we develop a great amount of positive Karma. This Karma can help us all on a difficult day as today. However, if we all start by give and share our love and compassion, then we can reach out and finally see a light in the end of a dark tunnel, one day the lights become stronger., ,We will see the lights in the end of the tunnel Darkness in the tunnel will become less visible and radiant. Hopefully, this word based on the Philosophy of The Buddha. we can gain Karma and true love and compassion. And bring peace to all the families and their close friends one day

Global citizens have local responsibilities

Today, we are truly a global family. What happens in one part of the world may affect us all. This, of course, is not only true of the negative things that happen, but is equally valid for the positive developments. Stop The destruction of nature and protection of nature are still in a great conflict.   We tell one story but in fact do the opposite. People all over the world seem to wake up. Inner peace is the only way able to solve global problems. Because without having inner peace we cannot do important values as freedom and happiness




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