The sustainable jeans revolution started in 2000 for jeans giant. Part One

Levi Strauss Co Megatrends 2000 Part One

Our brand buddha jeans idea was born when we first presented mega trend research Levi Strauss Europe, Middle East Africa in the year 2000. As the Trend specializes in the creative development team for Levi Strauss Co.


  • Reality check
  • Megatrends keywords
  • Introduction
  • Body culture
  • Megatrends 2000
  • Soul safari
  • D.I.Y
  • Positive anarchy
  • SPDG
  • Sources

Reality check

“A friend has said the future is the present. If you really are curious about the future, just study the present”. Only those who have learned to perceive the present can predict the future. They need only predict what has already happened by being the first to see through pattern recognition. For the future of the future is the present”.Marshall Mc Luhan

  • Easy access
  • Innovation culture
  • Millennium breakdown
  • Global citizen
  • Sustainability
  • Environmental problems
  • Global warming
  • The increase of local business

Souls Safari Keywords

  • Spirituality
  • Where are you now? Where are we?
  • Return to nature
  • From materialism to spirituality
  • Seek and find
  • The reaction of materialism
  • It must be ways to do thing better

D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) Keywords

  • Single soldier
  • Individuality
  • Art scene
  • Escape from mainstream
  • Consumer take part in the production and design (prosumer)

Positive Anarchy

  • Symbols and codes
  • Sports
  • Networking


  • Comfort
  • Details in life
  • The rise of intuition

Salvador Dali’s Garden Party (escapism)

  • Game culture
  • Tattoo and body implants
  • Techno-mania

Electric information = information overload

We are now moving towards the next century, and there is time for some thoughts about the way we chase to understand the youth culture, in this rapidly changing world of trends and behavior forever We are living in a world of excess. Access to everything and anything has caused this excess. This world of information overload has created a youth editing culture. The networks, cable TV, magazines, fanzines, newspapers, Internet Communicating to people 24 hours a day 365 days

One of the many effects of living in with electric information is that we live habitually in a state of information overload. There is always more than you can cope with. Now the young have devised a strategy for dealing with this quite apart from inattention. They devised a much more potent strategy of myth-making” Marshall McLuhan

We are constant media, not only is the communication one way but the interaction on the Internet is starting a two-way dialog. Blown away is the traditional mass communication, today the Net will be used more and more as a 1:1 relationship tool with the consumer. This technology has liberated everything, with portable digital video cameras and satellites links, teenagers in London knows what New York is doing and visa verse. The Global Citizen Marshall McLuhan’s vision of the global village is a truth. Network beyond cultural barriers connecting cultures and cities in a way we never thought would happen.

“But in fact the, Tokyo, isn’t much further away than the suburbs in point of time. So the patterns of human association vary enormously with the amount of acceleration possible. So, I think of how the city as the planet itself, the urban village. And in fact, you could say that with the satellite, the global village has become a global theater, witch everybody on the planet simultaneous participant as actors. So that the student around the globe feels an entire unity among themselves, they feel homogeneity of interest. They live in an information environment created by electricity. They share the same information or electric environment of information and they share the same outlook on the world” Marshall McLuhan

The word innovation is starting to erode

The multiple choices around us, have changed the society way of looking at products and services. The society today is celebrating the rapid changes of ideas, newness, and improvement. In fact, owning new and improved products, whether soft goods or hard goods have been equated with “hipness” a reaction against corporation America Innovation is an important word as we moving into the next millennium. We can see the word in a lot of ads (Hugo Boss, Audi) and slogans the words are starting to erode as so many other words used by clever advertising companies around the world (extreme, trends, urban etc)

Innovation world is all about going to to a new place, mentally or physically develop a climate and a way of working minimize the real risk so that you can play, have fun, “If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for itAlbert Einstein. It’s actually so much over-ovation of innovation that products that have security, integrity plus experience may break through the clutter. Product innovation is key to survive and keep creative souls in shape.

The competition in the future will base more of their effort in product innovation, in other words, more of the recourses will be in invested in the creative heads and in processes driving innovation; it requires an organizational culture that constantly guides members to strive for innovation and a climate that is conducive to creativity. The mix of technologies gives us new and less environmentally damaging products We will experience more companies using each other’s different technology to create a hybrid-products with different properties and brand new functions. A much higher demand from environmental organizations to reduce the use of non-renewable sources of energy and increased consumer awareness about environment-friendly products.

New fabric development

We will experience fashion clothes with new fabrics, with technology that makes them more durable, build in CD players to play music, earplugs for mobile telephones etc. The car industry has already developed a lot of new material to be used in the fashion industry. So what does this challenge means for us in the next millennium? We will start to see an increase in bio & nanotechnology soon in fabrics what will the next years bring? There is no Bible on what is right, definite, exact or precise about tomorrow. But I will remind you of Marshall McLuhan’s words about The Future is the present

“A friend has said the future is the present. If you really are curious about the future, just study the present”. Only those who have learned to perceive the present can predict the future. They need only predict what has already happened by being the first to see through pattern recognition. For the future of the future is the present” Marshall McLuhan

What will we see and how can we translate it into a new business strategy? There will be many different directions, however, there will always be a unifying theme, a consistent point of view that spreads throughout youth culture. If we are able to listen, and we be able to filter and let the youth show us where to look and how to look only then will we get beyond the unknown and surf into this thing called tomorrow?

What is the state of our planet? What kind of reaction will come out of anti-consumerism movements, environmentalists and consumer change patterns and demands? We should be very conscious about this!

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