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Sustainable fashion design

If you want to know how it all started for buddha jeans, please read the megatrend presentation for Levi Strauss & Co in 2000. I held this presentation as the trend specialist for Levi Strauss Europe, Middle East, and Africa in the year 2000. You will find the first part here in this blog under the title denim revolution for Levi Strauss & Co 2000

The Denim Revolution

The presentation was the first input on the “new denim” revolution for Levi Strauss & Co. Part of it is released here in this blog. Part two and the critical findings posted the beginning of May. The release of The Future Is Now In June I will issue a little taste of my book entitled “The Future Is Now” that will be published late 2011 or early 2012. You can read a preview of June Chapters on “The New Body Culture” Digitalization of Senses, The Twenty Century Hippies, Global Tribe Workforce, Product Design, the sustainable era, Fear, and Technomania will be posted as a sneak preview. Downloaded the e-book The Future is now, with visuals at the end of 2011 or early 2012. Buddha jeans are just making a small contribution to help our planet to be a better place to live. Please subscribe so we can further develop our brand and create positive karma Buddha jean comes from the term Buddha nature which means the natural nature when you’re born, without any attachments negative or positive mindset, other than dislike of pain, therefore, we do not want to hurt others.

What is Buddha nature?

Every new-born child is by nature a kind human, according to Buddha, but as we grow up, influenced by older people around us, our parents, friends and others and their acts sometimes change us and poison one’s mind. This poison includes negative emotions such as envy, jealousy, hate, anger, bitterness & greed. To find one’s way back to the nature of goodness that we were born with is Buddha-nature. We always use the word Buddha with the small letter b as we have the most profound and most humble respect for Siddhartha Gautama known as the Buddha.

Buddha nature is a very important word

For us, Buddha-nature is considerable today because we have not taken it seriously, listened to people who are wise and even life itself has poisoned our planet. We are now in great need to solve the problems if humanity is to survive. Buddha jeans mean finding the way back to earth’s Mother Nature. In our fashion design philosophy of sustainability is the essence. We believe that quality will replace price as the main factor regarding future consumption patterns. Sustainable fashion design is our approach to this.

As a denim brand designers to make the lowest carbon footprint in every action we take. By using the lowest energy possible, we try to create jeans with the highest quality that is possible. We must provide consumers with longer-lasting jeans, but more beautiful and comfortable jeans.

The general rule regarding product life-cycle management. It takes approximatively 20 per cent energy to make the product and 80 per cent added when the consumer consumes the product. The consumers stand for nearly 80 per cent of the energy used, so the consumer is the primary source for the biggest gain in energy saving. We think we know a few steps to reduce power and we will share it with our friends as soon as Buddha jeans are in your retail environment.

The need for creativity

Your creativity and knowledge are a highly appreciated value for us so let us know your opinion. If you would like to post something of your understanding of product design in the sustainable era, we would appreciate your input. Or if you have a question, ask us. There is always somebody out there who has an answer to your question. Create positive Karma Remember we are only here for a short time so if we leave the planet in better shape than when-when we borrowed it, and we might be able to borrow it again next time we come around.

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