Welcome to the brand new store department. Nearly all my life my love for fashion as an extension of the skin, sending out signals telling the environment around us who you are and what you like. For 100 years ago fashion did not exist as ID or DNA because it was expensive to dress-up. In 1900 Almost 20% of a person income was used for clothing. Therefore fashion was only for the elite. Today Americans spend 2.5% of their income on fashion while Europeans spend a bit more 4.5%.  An average income works five minutes a day to keep warm, therefore fashion is a symbolic language. Unfortunately, capitalism model of economics with minimize cost in all parts of manufacturing and maximize profit. In addition growth, did you know that H&M with their conscious fashion profile have a very aggressive growth model not mentioning in their sustainability reports? However, read what H&M promise their investors and shareholders; 10-15% yearly growth rate per.year, means, in reality, they add close to 400 new stores per year. By 2020 they will have 7000 stores. A few years ago H&M promised in their sustainability Reports to use 100% more sustainable fabrics and fibres,k now in their latest sustainability report they PR company promote use 100% more sustainable fibre and fabrics by 2030. Adding 10 more years of promising telling how seriously they act on sustainability (see post The great H&M conscious fashion swindle?)

Is greed good or God?

Capitalism is great for innovation and progress, nevertheless, it creates a mental illness that kills more people on the planet hunger and war. 250.000 Indians commit suicide every year because of the chemicals used in agriculture alone. It’s called GREED.Just because of greed. Therefore capitalism and money as a measurement tool for human well/being must be changed. If not the human race as species will be wiped out in less than 100 years from today.  Earth or Gaia (Greek means mother) is a physical and chemical condition that is self-regulating; oceans and atmosphere regulate by life itself. Gaia evolves according to Darwinian laws of self-selection, a fine-tuned, interrelated to create conditions conducive to the life of the planet. Even if human life on Gaia is extinguished, the planet will self-regulate to maintain its own life, and possibly other forms of life within it. So greed is simply suicide, therefore with words or hopefully not weapons be replaced with values that can measure human well-being. Happiness is a great measurement tool for human well-being. See Gross Happiness Points (GNH) in Eco Fashion Dictionary or the diagram below.

If you love fashion you should care about the environment

Therefore in my opinion when you love fashion you must care for the environment. Spending most of my working life within the textile industry. More than 7 years in Levi Strauss Europe, Middle East, and Africa. In various position within design and highest position as Trend Specialist in CDT *creative development team only reporting to two persons with a higher grade within the system, above me my eminent creative director Caroline Parent and President of the European part of Levi Strauss another great and with extremely high grade of getting things to happen, Robert Hanson. I am very proud that I was a central person that in the end of 90s managed to turn a downward spiral economically and trend-wise and close to bankruptcy. In three years we managed to turn 30.000 employee company seen from the consumer view as old and dusty to setting the next Blueprint in denim. We created LVC, RED, Levi Industrial Clothing Division, Levi Engineered jeans and was the most innovative fashion brand globally from 1998-2001. In 2000 I was awarded for my work personally and as a team member the highest AWARD in the company Levi Strauss Excellence award 1999 for outstanding performance. Only given once a year to a handful of employees of 30.000 with a very formal dinner at the most exclusive hotel in Brussels. See also about me.

Since our collection of vintage and rare clothes is mare than we need, we have decided to sell out and add rarities from the collection on a regular basis. Visit us in a few weeks and I promise we will have clothes from RED, STA-PREST and other jeans related collectibles.


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