Technical textiles

Technical textiles

Technical textile might not be based on an ecological framework, nevertheless, it’s important to highlight high-performance textile that is based on particular functionality. It’s a growing demand and development expanding due to industries innovations and needs for improved textiles, clothing performance and durability. Sectors such as clothing (sports), construction, health care, agriculture, transportation, packaging, environmental protection, protective wear is just a few.

Technical textiles different categories

  • Argo technical textiles: performance domain’s agriculture, landscaping, etc.
  • Building technical textiles: performance domain’s building construction
  • Clothing technical textiles: performance domain’s clothing and footwear
  • Geotechnical textiles: performance domain’s engineering industries, bridges, tunnels etc.
  • Industrial technical textiles: performance domain’s performance domain’s mechanical engineering,
  • Medical technical textiles: performance domain’s medical markets
  • Transport technical textiles: performance domain’s passengers and goods transportation, civil, military equipment etc.
  • Home Technical textiles: performance domain’s furniture manufacturing of furniture, carpets etc.
  • Environmental technical textiles: performance domain’s protection, recycling, waste etc.
  • Packing technical textiles: performance domain’s  storage and moving protection and durability etc.
  • Protective technical textiles: performance domain’s property, private protection etc.
  • Sports technical textiles: performance domain’s textile leisure and sport (see also clothing technical textiles for high performance clothing, footwear etc.


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