3D Printing

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3D Printing

3D printers is a term used on a computer-based printer that can with high precision print 3 dimensional prints mostly by using different types of plastic that add on layers by layers of plastic, in one or two colours or even multi-colours (more advanced and expensive) The fast development of 3D technology makes it difficult to keep most people updated. Nevertheless, I will call this the next industrial revolution and making Internet step out of the cyber world (abstract) and into becoming specific reality. 3D-printer are capable of fabricating anything from toys, shoes, food decoration to body parts to entire houses. Personal fabrication devices make it possible to manufacture custom objects on-demand without expensive and environmental costly shipping around the world (Internet of things) See The Fab Home Project and  body scanning technology in the  Eco Fashion Dictionary.

Recommended reading:

  1. Fab the coming revolution on your desktop from personal computers to personal fabrication By Neil Gershenfeld.
  2. Smart things ubiquitous computing user experience design by Mike Kuniavsky published Morgan Kaufmann


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