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With strong visionary and creative fashion design background, my working career growing and running fashion competencies within large established brands as Levi Strauss Co as well as start-ups. Since 1999, my growing concerns for our planet’s health have allowed me to work on amazing projects within meta & sustainable design projects across industries, however, mostly within the fashion Industry. The long experience within sustainable development, extensive travels & wide education has given me unique insight for future innovation and sustainable business management.
Sustainability and environmental issues are complex and there are not simple answers. Often, there are many possible solutions or no obvious solution at all, only through listening to experts in different fields, sorting the frequently biased, emotional, and propagandized elements of environmental issues, weighing various sides of an issue using my long experience in order to make informed, balanced, and responsible decisions.


Ibelieve in originality, trustworthy and quality content rather than speed and quantity. Therefore all posts, dictionary, illustrations and diagrams etc. is original work by Kenneth at buddha jeans. People, including myself regard time as their most precious value. My mission is to enrich, surprise and enlighten the readers with a little more than expected. There are millions of fashion magazines, websites, and blogs out there with loads of money, good photographers, and super models, which I cannot match. Recommended; the brand new sustainable fashion library with free downloads of diagrams etc. for students, schools, teachers  and readers

Blogging is not delivering the latest news is about sharing your view on something you’re good at. I want the readers to stop and think twice, disagree or praise the view of any story, if you leave without I failed and wasted your time. However, it requires that you make a little more time reading than usual 500 word posts. If you’re still not satisfied let me know and fill out the contact form.


We are living in a time of transition. The twenty-first century is a time when people are becoming more concerned, however, conscious the everyday behavior, such as driving to the local supermarket or switching on a light. The daily choices we make create tomorrows reality, more people understand that everything is connected and what we chose to decide can directly or indirectly influence an enormous chain of events. We can make a choice that negative or positive impacts on our and future generation’s lives. This important time of transition decided whether humanity has a livable planet for the near future or not, and it happen faster than most people believe unless the choices we make are wiser.

We are limited but the space is ours, and we have the choice to act in a certain way or not. Our future is in our hands and what we do now will create it. Whatever, people believe the reasons for global warming. This is not the issue, but the fact that we are running out of important resources’ for survival. We can always survive without computers, cars or cell phones. However, we cannot survive when the groundwater is poisoned, when the rainforest disappears or fields are used for fuel or meat production. If this happens a series of connected events will lead to tragic sufferings; hunger, war, unemployment, mental and physical diseases.

The demands for existing and future products that are the sustainable increases among consumers, the market is moving towards what now is called nature capitalism orthe triple bottom line (people, profit, planet)  These pillars of sustainability are based looking at the planet as one connected family whereof all are included economically, socially and environmentally. It’s already proven that a society does better when we’re equal. In their book, The Spirit Level: Why Greater Equality Makes Societies Stronger, Professors Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett, present data taken from multiple credible sources that show.


Those new solutions are what the blog is about, how can we do things differently that makes the less negative impact on the environment with energy efficient, recyclable eco materials and processes of manufacture that reduce, cost not as much and are longer-lasting than the old ways of doing it?  Sustainability is complex and multiple skills across all fields of education, and branches are needed. How to design is merely an isolated process, what about transportation, wages, how are the raw materials made, monitoring of the life cycle, can it be easily recycled, reassembled, repaired or return of product service systems?

Thinking out of the box require more than one view, different approaches designing as biomimicry, cradle to cradle, product life cycle assessment, system design, meta design, etc. Sustainable design doesn’t mean to simplify, smaller or limiting; sustainability require that we add more to the world than we take away from it. Demand us to be bigger than ourselves. Recommended post Biomimicry as nature builds it

Designing sustainable starts reversed looking at the end of live first. Has it been a valuable product life? Productive, healthy, beneficial, repairable and finally made a positive impact on the services provided, improved lives of others. Can it easily donate the body, reusable for others, up cycled rather than recycled?

The final stop doesn’t end here. The importance of adding another abstract dimension for change is needed. I believe it’s impossible  developing a sustainable way of living without a replacement for our addiction for shopping. We are about to go shopping detox. Cravings are strong and abstinence inevitable. A much greater emphasis on spiritual values can help reduce our fixation on material wealth; finding a way out of matrix taking time for deeper reflection is important. Recommended post: Can Buddhism contribute ideas for a successful sustainable future?

The economic model whereof GNP (gross domestic product) indicates a nation’s wealth in money is a contradiction in a sustainable society. Hopefully next generation will benefit when GDP is replaced by GNH (Gross domestic happiness) The finest quote on environmental, personal responsibility and change is the well-known words of Gandhi “you must be the change you wish to see in the world”. In fact, nature as asked a question of help and rely on you. Different surveys around the world indicate that people are changing and becoming more responsible and aware of their role as passengers of Planet Earth. A new series of post on happiness have just been published,  check it out; Post one Happiness comes when we manage to escape our desire , post two: Happiness comes from harmony, not money or fame. And finally post three; Real happiness comes from within, don’t seek outside

Posts, denim, eco fashion dictionaries, look books and illustrations is original work by responsible blog host, fashion designer and founder



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Kenneth Lyngaas
I always try to be positive & have great energy to share. I try hard not to be affected by negative energy from others. I think that life is to short and that I do not have time to be grumpy, its only me that suffers from it and people around me. I believe that the whole universe is inter-connected, always in change and not everlasting. All people needs to develop positive karma, this will help us in the future. We all need to take care of this planet as we are only borrowing for a short time. So let us pass it on in a better condition than when we borrowed it. Remember next time we come around we might be able to borrow it again. I belive strongly that in a time like this we need strong visionary people that view the world as one. Enjoy
Kenneth Lyngaas
Kenneth Lyngaas
sustainableFASHION// dedicated the twenty-first century sustainable community and living. Every day, I deliver selected news on Eco design across the Internet. Most people appreciate an update without searching latest news themselves. Therefore, it’s already served. Don’t miss it, subscribe!

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Hi, and welcome. I am the founder of buddha Jeans Company, blog host and editor of sustainable fashion design by buddha Jeans. Buddha Jeans are a twenty-first century brand and community. We dig deep about jeans, philosophy, spirituality and sustainability.


The "Flowerthrower" Banksy

Handmade organic cotton tote bag. Each eco bag is printed by hand. Aerosol Acrylic stencil art two sides. Original artwork by Banksy. We discovered his work around 99, close to our flat in Bethnal Green (East-London). Flowerthrower is one of Banksy´s finest and iconic signature. Easy recognizable by the sharp and surprisingly fresh view on the world. His work makes dead places flourish like an festival.

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Balloon Girl Banksy

Handmade organic cotton tote bag. Each eco bag is printed by hand. Aerosol stencil art on both sides. Original artwork by Banksy. I discovered the genius artist around 1999. When we discovered the fresh stencils in my old neighborhood Bethnal Green (East-London). Balloon Girl is one of Banksy´s finest and famous signatures. Easy recognizable by the warm, sharp and intelligent world-view. He turns darkness into light even in the dullest places

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