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Kenneth Lyngaas
I always try to be positive & have great energy to share. I try hard not to be affected by negative energy from others. I think that life is to short and that I do not have time to be grumpy, its only me that suffers from it and people around me. I believe that the whole universe is inter-connected, always in change and not everlasting. All people needs to develop positive karma, this will help us in the future. We all need to take care of this planet as we are only borrowing for a short time. So let us pass it on in a better condition than when we borrowed it. Remember next time we come around we might be able to borrow it again. I belive strongly that in a time like this we need strong visionary people that view the world as one. Enjoy
Kenneth Lyngaas
Kenneth Lyngaas
sustainableFASHION// dedicated the twenty-first century sustainable community and living. Every day, I deliver selected news on Eco design across the Internet. Most people appreciate an update without searching latest news themselves. Therefore, it’s already served. Don’t miss it, subscribe!

Blog Editor

Hi, and welcome. I am the founder of buddha Jeans Company, blog host and editor of sustainable fashion design by buddha Jeans. Buddha Jeans are a twenty-first century brand and community. We dig deep about jeans, philosophy, spirituality and sustainability.


The "Flowerthrower" Banksy

Handmade organic cotton tote bag. Each eco bag is printed by hand. Aerosol Acrylic stencil art two sides. Original artwork by Banksy. We discovered his work around 99, close to our flat in Bethnal Green (East-London). Flowerthrower is one of Banksy´s finest and iconic signature. Easy recognizable by the sharp and surprisingly fresh view on the world. His work makes dead places flourish like an festival.

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Balloon Girl Banksy

Handmade organic cotton tote bag. Each eco bag is printed by hand. Aerosol stencil art on both sides. Original artwork by Banksy. I discovered the genius artist around 1999. When we discovered the fresh stencils in my old neighborhood Bethnal Green (East-London). Balloon Girl is one of Banksy´s finest and famous signatures. Easy recognizable by the warm, sharp and intelligent world-view. He turns darkness into light even in the dullest places

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