Let me tell you my story

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The green trend is not only a green trend but also the star for a new sustainable product order, in one a few years this will common for all industries

Let me tell you my story

Hi, I am Kenneth Lyngaas and I am simply the founder of buddha jeans.  Our idea of design and creativity based on a philosophy that everything is dynamic, inter-connected, free, re-workable and organic.  I work on principles that the designer is not just a part of the process and leave the product over into the marketing department or hand it over and leave it to the sales force and then say good luck. To create truly sustainable wheel everybody must know each other in a new way.

The designer is a part in all the processes of making a product

A totally new world order of sustainable product design is just a few years ahead. Quality will be consumer driver number one, not price

The designer is a part of all the processes to see that a design is merely a product made the designer alone, but by many. This also means that the marketing Manager or general manager as well is a part of the design from the day the idea of a new product is born and until it becomes recycled, remade, re used or faced out of the product life cycle.

And the General Manager as well

Think of it, when you’re sitting together and having dinner someone usually held a short thank you god for bringing me food on this table and people says god bless or I do not know since I am not a  Christian. But What about the farmer on the field, the people who made the machinery to pick up the vegetables or the people working in the cargo, shipping the food?

We must learn to appreciate life

The stores that every morning are going to the large market and make sure they check the quality before they sell it. And finally a boy or a girl behind the cash register that make you pay for it. Before I usually sat down before having a meal together and said a Buddhist prayer that include thanking everyone involved, but I just got to much shit thrown at me.  If I was working and nobody ever said anything. I think I would have lasted for a few months and then I would just die inside and

Give people credit and love and they will grow

I have stopped doing this kind of prayers in my family. Mum usually starts talking loud about who the hell was paying for it and so on. To pay for your food or your clothes is just a small part of it And she right she paid for it but if not the sun is shining and he farmers work hard and all those others did not do it would not be dinner or? all those people had not done their job she would not have anything else to eat that a few notes of money .That is why all are inter-connected in the design process it’s not only any design god that does the job

classics on sustainable philosophy and practical ideas

Always hire people better than yourself

Most often there is someone hungrier and more creative now that does the job. Why do you think artist as Madonna or U2 , pay good  money just the talent that knows the sound of the time for their work?  Hey they would not have been so shiny without them; their sound would be old and out of time. . What do you think a DJ as Tiëstö could do to lift someone up into the heaven again if he could hold the mix on an album two for some falling old artist?

A modern company must also have employees with great social responsibilities today and strong opinions

The word re-workable is just another term or word for sustainable.  Buddha jeans have purely positive values and a set of characters that makes them work together from inside the organization to the outside of the organization . Eastern philosophy and wisdom as they have a more spiritual approach to life than us westerners. Most of those popular “how I became a winner” type of book or this is how you can simplify your life are just wisdom written in classic eastern philosophy books and most of them from Buddhism. We have a lot to learn from their spiritual wisdom as they have to learn from our wisdom in technology and production of things that makes life easier. That is balance. I think that buddha jeans are probably have a set of values that makes our sustainable product design philosophy work on all levels and they work also as our guidance for everyone else we work with.

This are our brand values and  simple guidance 

inner peace – happiness – love – truth – awareness – love – wisdom – freedom – compassion

We will see a totally new sustainable world order

A lot of critics usually attacks people who can not in terms of numbers, weight, length and so on measure if a product meets certain standards or not. And that is ok. But for now we have a durable fight between what is wrong or good. What can I get away with or how can we make it possible to get away with something that should been solved long time ago..It will take time, when the water starts dripping into our boots when we are out working we might leave the car home

The world is actually going under as you read this it just takes more than a year or ten.

water is a very important source of life and already now a major problem with

We are simply not ready to scared and think that it will repair itself.  When we need to have rain boots on and the water is rising and some water starts to drip into them but I am sure not more than maybe 60-70% would take the necessary steps. Its lies in our nature to be like this, we clinch to things and then to our own ego to the bitter end. I do exactly the same but have seen too much all ready and warned all ready in the end of 90’s that the jeans industry must take a giant step into a more  environmental way of producing.

We need to produce products differently, but most of all we must cut and cut our shopping even more

But most of all we need to cut shopping itself as well and how we learn to use our natural resources, do you really need a 100% clean jean all the time. It feels more comfortable when its unwashed for a year. Just turn it inside out let it hang out to dry a bit after you just use a cloth to just take of a stain or two. And I you desperately need to wash them when you take a shower and let them dry on you as well. If you are willing to follow some simple rules when my first pairs comes out next spring you will have jeans that last three times longer than any other brand I know of.

Yes, there will  be work to everybody if we can change the way we produce, use, reuse and creating local work by reuse  elements used

We must also change our shopping madness

The brand values we live and work by in buddha jeans are the same as to find back to a less materialistic approach to life and what we really need.  To find a good solution to our work and not to pay attention to the problems but the solutions, and there is always more than one solution that work.I dislike listening to people complaining about everything but never dare to do something about it. I have learned to concentrate and use my energy and avoid others negative.

In general people are more negative than positive to new ways of thinking and very often do not appreciate people work or take time to read it properly before they comment

I try to be totally open to critics but dislike people making comment on work that they just been looking at for a few seconds. People who maybe been working for days in a row or been writing on novel or whatever. And the feedback is maybe about a simple thing as a spelling mistake and they have usually not even read it. But if people take their time and really get into it I find those kinds of people the best to work with because then I can grow and learn from it, and most of all they take it seriously because they have taken their valuable time to do so.

Be here now every second, every day, every night.

I live here and now, every second is an opportunities and every second is different.  Simply when I eat Breakfast, I eat breakfast. I do not clean up while eating breakfast or when I clean up my mind  is already at work. Now is life, yesterday are only memories and tomorrow are none existing and nothing to get worry about. This is meditation trough the day. Everything floating.

I learned the hard way

It’s not easy I know and had to learn the hard way. It took me almost 40 years before I found a solution and trusts me its only luck that I am alive to write this today. Because my highest wishes at that time in my life was to commit suicide as I felt unhappy and miserable.  I felt as I was not dead or alive, I just existed. That is how bad I felt about myself.   But I manage to turn me around and start over again. And that is our greatest gift of all, you can fall into the deepest darkest hole and from nothing flourish into the most powerful and beautiful person.

Why the name buddha jeans? Simply buddha nature

Everybody have buddha nature – we can all change our direction to something positive

As you might have noticed I always write buddha with the small letter. This come from a word in Eastern culture named buddha nature, who shall be written with the small letter, because its meanings is to have a nature that follows simple guidelines to become a better person or simply if you lost your tracks in life to find back to the one you was when you was born. Buddha was a great thinker and he said that we were all born with good intentions in life.

You grow into a trouble because you see so much trouble

But as you grew older you get to see things as violence, crime, envy, hate, love, anger and so on. All this emotions of he mind is not always good ones, so if you been in too much trouble you have probably been poisoned by some of these bad things you have seen while growing up.

We have a planet in trouble

We apply this to our own planet. Our planet have buddha nature too, but we have over the last 100 years been poisoned our own home because of greed, exploitation of common global resources, careless and violently taken land and nature as it was our own property , but there is a way back and that is buddha nature.

buddha jeans is cleaning our house, taking care of the garden

 buddha jeans simply mean that our mission is to clean our home so we all can live there again and for our new family members that are born every second. Simple?

buddha jeans mission is to harm as little or nothing while producing totally up to date jeans with the best quality possible. Last longer and feel better. We are becoming probably too many people living on this planet, but I believe personally that a lot of these issues will be by nature regulated naturally. But nature moves in a much slower paste than us. We otherwise move so fast that nature can’t absorb it and as a result get as a sick child stating to get fever, red pricks and we need drugs to cure it. We have the cure, but we must take the medicine to get well.

buddha jeans means find back to the true nature of earth

Our home been diagnosed with high fever

We can call the illness global warming? But it might not have anything to do with the issue; anyhow we must in any case change lifestyle. But this does not mean we will live a less valuable life, definitely not. We need balance.

We need balance to become happy

happiness can only be achieved if one have balance in life. Buddha named it the middle  way

When we have balance we can become happy people. But not today our focus been taken hand over by technology, hardware, software and things and we lost focus on the spiritual side. This does not mean you have to be a believer in good, our Christian, Hindu, Muslim or Buddhist?  It’s simply means in one word for me, develop compassion. And true compassion can only be developed by reducing your own big ego. So if we are smart we use all this fine technologies together to find new ways of doing old things in a better way. We must cut so instead of buying three pairs of jeans we buy two. In you mind thinking, how boring?  Common, where is your creativity? Think what you can do by adding stuff, removing stuff customize your own things.

Follow a vision than makes your more fashionable ever.

Why not swap clothes with you best friend, why not make swapping parties, why not renting you your wardrobe? Why not remake old clothes, get it free from neighborhoods, and start on the market. If it works out open a small shop. Why not do 2nd hand. There are endless possibilities. In although why different from the one you are, why not stay with the true you, stay faithful to your own style then you become an icon, a style setter . You have integrity; you do to need so much time to waste all your positive energy of fashion alone. There are so many other good things in life to think about than fashion.

buddha jeans always communicate by slogans and the following wo will we always refer to and use has chosen

buddha jeans

you must be the change you wish to see in the world,   Gandhi


buddha jeans

I am everything but the environment,  Albert Einstein

We are looking for investors

We are looking for investors, people who have knowledge in the business is of course an advantage.  If you are serious and truly interested can we give access to a digital room where we can share the essence and philosophy, guidelines, CV s, innovation strategy, product and design philosophy. We have it all ready for you. Meetings appointed digitally with me or my finance advice Per Board. Because I am just a creative head that does what I can do best.  Then others can do what their best at.

You can always contact me day, 365 days a year. I might not reply straight away as I am only human but I promise you will get an answer, but if I do not have an answer I will try to see if I know somebody that have a better answer to your question

Live life to the fullest.

And remember live life to the fullest, do the things that you want to do, not your parents or any other. If you do drugs, if you love to dance or whatever do so but do not intent to harm nature or any form of life around you. Ia m sure you will be fine if you just seek balance in life and all the things you doing. Everybody have a unique possibility in life.

Everybody deserve a second chance in life 

I believe what-ever you might have done in your life nothing is as bad as it does not deserve a second change. If one can truly regret and be sorry no forgiveness are necessary. People you have hurt are in their fullest right to never forgive you. But they are never in their rights to judge you. When your time has come to leave, lean back a think.  Have I lived my life at the fullest? Have I been helpful to people around me? If  the answer to this  is yes you do not need to be curious of what is coming next.  If people like you do the same we will be able to once again return back  and live on this beautiful planet.

With humble respect,

Kenneth Lyngaas. Author of this article

Thanks for rework of image water and for letting me use them. You know.

Blog Editor

Hi, and welcome. I am the founder of buddha Jeans Company, blog host and editor of sustainable fashion design by buddha Jeans. Buddha Jeans are a twenty-first century brand and community. We dig deep about jeans, philosophy, spirituality and sustainability.


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